Vendor client relationship funny meme

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vendor client relationship funny meme

I gave up swearing for Lent, but thought this meme was too funny not to ago, I posted the link to The Vendor-Client Relationship, in Real-world Situations. The truth is funny RSS Icon. Don't miss a drop! Subscribe now via RSS or email . Comments. 2 Responses to “The Vendor Client Relationship (In Real World. Discover how to close stalled sales with meme selling, and get started today with of the tools at your disposal is to insert a funny meme or image and click send. to get a response from a client that you have an established relationship with, you know that the prospect has made up their mind on their vendor of choice.

A meme is a curated image or video that is meant to get a laugh.

vendor client relationship funny meme

It tends to spread rapidly over the internet, often through social media. Now that you have that background, let me dive into your next question, which is, What is meme selling? Meme selling is the rip cord of sales strategies; when all other options have been exhausted, one of the tools at your disposal is to insert a funny meme or image and click send. At that point, you can appeal to a prospect by showing that you are a human, not just a robot on the other end.

Here is an example of what a meme email looks like. Let me know what best fits you… No interest Being chased by a hippo and need you to call Animal Control Benefits of incorporating humor into your sales cycle 1. Getting through to prospects that have gone dark: After investing any significant amount of time with a prospect, there is nothing worse than never hearing from them again.

vendor client relationship funny meme

As a sales person riding the eternal rollercoaster of emotion that a career in sales will take you on, being left wondering what happened, what changed, what you might have done wrong, is just additional wear and tear on your psyche. The following response, which I have actually received after sending the hippo email, is a lot better than the nagging curiosity that complete radio silence leaves you with: Sorry for the slow response.

Our Core Values

Priorities have shifted internally. Humanizing yourself to your prospect: When your prospects think of you as just another sales person, they have no sense of responsibility to pick up your phone call or reply to your email. Think about it, how likely are you to feel any responsibility to respond to or follow up with a telemarketer? In fact there is evidence to prove that inserting humor can lead to a larger commission check.

Cialdini, and Steven J. Your relationship will be fortified from this simple approach. If you have built a strong relationship with your prospect, they will be more candid with you, will be willing to refer business your way, and will be more likely to respond to your communications.

As a Marketo account exec, I have been in many long negotiation sessions working out all of the fine print.

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After a particularly drawn out and grueling call with a professional contract negotiator, we finally sealed the deal. With every decision, we ask "what's best for the bride? Our clients' success is our success.

vendor client relationship funny meme

When our clients are booking weddings, whether through Here Comes The Guide or not, that's success—and that's all we care about. So not only do we root for that success, we offer real advice to help our clients achieve it, whether that means an investment with us or not. Sometimes all a co-worker or client or bride needs is to be heard. We always think it's a good idea to be in "listener mode", and we're committed to making things better where we can.

We're also huge believers in Random Acts of Kindness. Laugh often and wear yoga pants anytime you feel like it. Being happy—and comfortable—makes us our best selves. So we share our funny memes and dance to gangsta rap together and wear yoga pants every damn day.

Whatever makes us smile wins. Don't meet goals, exceed them. Our team is incredibly goal-driven.

vendor client relationship funny meme

We know how to set goals and we know how to meet them. But what we really love to do is exceed them. Like, blow them away. THAT makes us smile. Our team is teensy-tiny compared to our competitors and that's a good thing.

It means we're always pushing ourselves to learn new things. Sometimes those things seem daunting, but we've found that everything can be figured out with smarts, teamwork, and a willingness to ask questions.

We believe our employees will be better at work if they spend plenty of time away from it. For that reason, we keep hours reasonable and flexible and we always, always encourage fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and showing up for your kids' school performances. Being a woman is about wearing a lot of hats and we've created a culture at Here Comes The Guide that allows us to wear all of them. Ok, that's a strange visual, but you get our meaning.

You don't need to be under one roof to be together. We don't have a real "office".