Signs of relationship growing apart

Signs you and your partner are growing apart

signs of relationship growing apart

Here are 14 signs that your relationship is in big trouble. about the days when your relationship used to thrill you, but now it's like you're watching grass grow. The top reasons for divorce were growing apart (55 percent), not So what are the signs that a relationship has passed the point of no return?. Whether this comes two years or two months into a relationship, it can Here are some signs to help you figure out whether you and your partner are When you and your partner are growing apart, one or both of you will feel.

Do you look at your partner and think you both no longer have anything in common except your children? You both may be growing apart.

signs of relationship growing apart

Relationships have a natural ebb and flow, but if you feel like you are growing further apart from your partner and nothing they do makes you happy, your relationship may need some work. Knowing the signs you and your partner are becoming distant can help you take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship. You just need to work through your relationship challenges together. It can be heartbreaking when a relationship stops being all rainbows and butterflies. You no longer do the things you enjoy with each other in the past.

Relationships require work and efforts from both partners. This is why I get angry when women are hounded in this part of the world to keep their marriages no matter what and build their homes even when their husbands are doing nothing to build the homes with them.

Men and women should build their homes.

signs of relationship growing apart

When you stop having sex with your partner, something is wrong. If there is no sex, no affection, no nurturing, and no intimacy, your relationship is headed for the rocks. You are growing apart from your partner if you spend more time apart than together. If you notice you are spending more and more time in separate corners of the house rather than together, this can be a signal that you may be at an impasse with each other.

I pity men who are always leaving their wives alone; they are just setting themselves up for heartbreaks later on. If you prefer to spend time away from your wife all in the name of making money and spending time with friends, have you asked yourself who is filling her emotional tank? If all you do is come home, watch TV, go to sleep, and repeat, your relationship might be stuck in a rut.

You can go to your favourite restaurant and enjoy a good meal. You can register at the gym together and sweat it out as a couple. You can also go for date nights just to spice things up. Who says marriage should be boring? The honeymoon phase of a relationship generally goes smoothly, but couples who make it in the long run have healthy communication skills.

Fighting all the time is a sure sign that something in the relationship has changed.

6 signs you and your partner are growing apart

This may be a sign of overall dissatisfaction in one partner with the other or it can be mutual discontentedness. You need to sit down with your partner and have a honest talk about your relationship. If you think fighting is bad, well indifference is worse. If a relationship is going to be successful, then each person has to be able to take responsibility for individual actions and to be able to communicate openly about shortcomings.

When defensiveness takes a stronghold in relationships, then communication is hindered. If you feel yourself losing trust for your partner, it may be that you are drifting apart. Do you trust your partner?

signs of relationship growing apart

What is the level of trust in your relationship? In many struggling relationships, there is manipulation, and jealousy. If either of you is having difficulty with trusting the other person, your chances of having a healthy relationship are lowered. You are growing apart if you care more about your friends than your partner. Having friends is important, but if you care about spending time with them more than your partner, this could be a sign that you and your partner have drifted.

Now nobody is making the move. A dull patch in the bedroom doesn't necessarily mean you are growing apart - if in fact a dull patch is all it is. Yet if you aren't interested in each other sexually it could be a symptom of a bigger problem. While this is a big red flag, be careful not to read too much into it on its own.

But if you are seeing some of the other signs on this list as well then perhaps it is worth seriously thinking about. You Are Fighting More Everyone fights from time to time.

But when a relationship is happy both partners try to mitigate the damage. They make up afterwards and reduce the likelihood of conflict in the future. When you are growing apart fighting becomes a way of scoring points. Instead of letting the little things go you both pick up on them and turn them into big issues. This drives the wedge even further into what can become a downward spiral. Even the strongest, long lasting romance needs energy and focus.

If both of you are prepared to put in some effort, things can be turned around. You have to nurture the space between you.

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Yet if you find yourself growing apart from lack of effort, things are looking shaky. If neither of you can be bothered to improve the situation, it is likely you will continue to drift apart.

It requires a conscious change of course when you get to that point. But if you aren't interested in turning around then perhaps there is no hope.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Over - He Doesn't Love You Anymore

If I felt there was potential for the relationship to develop and grow then I would stick around. This way I could see where the potential might lead me. As soon as I felt there was no potential for the future I quickly lost interest.

At that point the relationship soon withered and died. One way you will quickly drift apart is if neither of you feels like there is any hope or potential. If there seems like no way for the relationship to keep moving forward, motivation will dry up.

signs of relationship growing apart

So you just go through the motions day to day, leading separate lives in a relationship with no future. You Feel Helpless Helplessness and despair will set in if you feel there is no way to change the direction of the relationship.

You might be over it but not yet ready to leave.

signs of relationship growing apart

This will speed up a relationship drifting apart. Sometimes it's not always straight forward to just immediately break it off with someone. This is particularly so if you are intertwined financially, have kids or share a home.