Relationship importance of communication

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relationship importance of communication

Communication advice: Open communication between husband and wife is essential to have healthy relationship in the long run. This article explains the. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons why couples break up and friends disconnect even after years together. Communication. Free Essay: A major components of a relationship requires positive communication between couples who are involved in the bond. If communication lacks in the.

relationship importance of communication

That's what we're going to explore today, and we hope that it is able to help you find a way to communicate better in your relationships than you ever have before. Communication is the Number One Reason for Relationship Problems If you look at all of the people in today's world that get in arguments or get divorced, you will see one big thing that comes up - "they didn't talk to me about their issues.

Communication breakdown is an unhealthy and, honestly, scary thing to go through. Even the couples that are like "we don't love each other anymore" say that the problem came down to communication. Whether it was the fact that they were arguing all of the time, or that one or both spouses did not pay attention to the needs of the other, or whatever, it usually has to do with the fact that they weren't talking and telling each other how they felt without it devolving into an argument.

That's frustrating and difficult for a lot of people to work through, so it's no wonder these sorts of things happen. So yes, it is incredibly important to communicate. Without communication, you don't know how the other person is feeling or thinking. Are they having a hard time at work?

The Importance of Communication in Relationships

Are they feeling overwhelmed by being a parent? Do they need something, but they haven't told you? Opening up the door to communication plays a vital role in holding a relationship together, so by taking the time to do that, you could be preventing a host of problems that may come up if they aren't taken care of quickly. How to Communicate Better with Your Partner or Spouse Okay, so now that we know that relationship problems play a significant role in this whole thing, what are we supposed to do about it?

How can we make it so that our communication is better than it had ever been before? Here are some things that can help you to communicate better with your partner or spouse and to help repair some of the damage that may have been done as a result of hurtful words and miscommunication in the past.

Use these to help you out, and you'll find that you make progress.

relationship importance of communication

Practice active listening as a regular part of your conversations. This is hard to get into if you aren't used to it, but it can play an incredibly significant role in helping you and your spouse to feel like you're being validated. Ask questions about what people say to you.

Take time to sit there and listen without making judgments. Look at them, nod, and repeat what they've said back to them in order to make sure that you fully understand what they are trying to say. By doing this, you can reduce the number of misunderstandings and you can make your partner feel as if you truly care about what they are saying.

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Use "I" statements instead of "you" statements. This is huge, and it takes a lot of time for you to get into. But once you get into the habit of making "I" statements, you'll find that your communication goes much more smoothly. For example, if your spouse said something that hurt your feelings, don't just say "you hurt my feelings when you said insert whatever they said here. It's hard to change the way we talk, but if we take the time to do so, we'll be better off.

relationship importance of communication

Try to look at things from their point of view before reacting in a particular way. It's hard to see the big picture sometimes, and that's okay - it's a struggle, and it takes time for us to get into the habit of doing so. But, that being said, it's a very important part of opening communication. Many times, we will make a snap decision and look at it from just our angle - how it hurts us, how it affects us - but if we do that, we can become much more angry and communication breaks down quickly.

By taking the time to look through their eyes, you may see something that you didn't consider. Do not interrupt them while they are talking; this may cause them to become frustrated or defensive.

This is part of active listening, but I felt like it deserved its own section about it. For some reason, in our society, we like to interrupt people while they're talking because we think we know what we're going to say.

Communication Is The KEY To A Happy & Healthy Relationship

When talking to people and working out differences, we have to make sure that we actually listen to what they're saying instead of what we think that they are saying. That means being quiet until they have said everything that is on their minds and that they want to say to you before making a reply or asking questions to clarify. It's hard, especially if you are used to stopping people in the middle of what they're saying before they're actually done talking.

Communication is the Number One Reason for Relationship Problems

This can be really hard, but even if your partner isn't offering you the active listening and the use of "I" statements, you need to bite your tongue and try to not get overexcited about what is going on. Being able to tell your spouse how wonderful they are will make them feel loved, appreciated, and in touch with how you feel. Letting it out is necessary and healthy for your relationship. Us humans say a lot more with our bodies than we give ourselves credit for.

Be aware of how your body language is communicating to your partner. Face your husband or wife and keep your body language open when having difficult conversations. Your body should show your spouse that you are open to hearing what they have to say and are willing to work through it. There are plenty of nonverbal cues similar to a closed off posture that are communicating either negatively or positively to your partner without any words being exchanged.

Be more conscious and thoughtful about how your body expresses your feelings. Physical acts Making dinner. Going to the grocery store. Taking out the garbage. Going on an ice cream run for your pregnant wife.

The Importance of Healthy Communication in Relationships

In doing these small and thoughtful acts, you are communicating your love for them without saying much at all. It will take a good balance of the trio to show your spouse how much they mean to you as time passes.

That open and honest verbal communication will become an investment with a vast return as the years go by. Show your spouse, through your body language, that you are being honest and open with them.

relationship importance of communication

Closing yourself off, covering your mouth when you speak, and making negative facial expressions are red flags to the observant eye. Use your actions to communicate your love, trust, and honesty with your partner.

Buy them a thoughtful gift, give them a massage, or help them with a troubling task. Communicate early and often in your marriage.