Relationship counsellors in lagos state

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relationship counsellors in lagos state

Welcome to Institute of Counseling Nigeria Imago relationship therapy (IRT) aims to equip couples with the tools necessary to relate to each other in healthier . Hire Marriage Counselling professionals in Ikeja, Lagos. Marriage Counselling near me - Get Quotes, Compare prices, work experience, ratings, reviews & hire. In its three decades of formal existence in Nigeria, counselling is still an emerging The outcome of the relationship shapes the psycho-social context that the .. PUllYBLANK, E.F. () Crossing cultural barriers: a view from Lagos.

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Through the coaching services, individuals are helped to become more productive in life and to make changes that are positive and realistic. Additionally, the counselling service at Marriage Matters utilizes assessment tools that are used to gather and integrate information about presenting problems in ways that promote effective treatment.

The platform enables telephone-based counselling.

relationship counsellors in lagos state

Deedee is an experienced life and relationship with a certificate in Counseling Psychology and Relationship Coaching. NDT Companies in Nigeria: The Top 5 The counselling service took off when DeeDee began by using his writing skills to push relationship contents all over the world before he began to speak and support people going through one relationship issue or the other.

Within 6 months of launching this counselling outfit, Detola has helped over men and women battling with relationship and depression challenges Institute of Counselling Nigeria Based in Abuja, the ICN is regarded as the first psychotherapy and clinical counselling in the whole of Africa. The institute was established in as a non-profit private academic organization based on Christian principles.

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The company is a standard institute where various professional counselling studies are undertaken in state-of-the-art facilities and conducive environment. The professionals at ICN are seasoned and they offer pastoral counselling, clinical counselling and psychotherapy. ICN offers services such as normal teenage behaviours vs early signs of mental illness and the concept of grief works.

Beyond the Heart Therapy Founded by Chiadi Ndu, a certified psychologist with a Masters education in Counselling Psychology, Beyond the Heart is a counselling service that provides deep therapy that drives into the psychological realm of clients.

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Ndu is known for her unique style of communication that helps to make her clients fill relaxed. Also, Ndu uses a wide range of teaching methods and therapies to help clients improve the outcome of her therapy. Additionally, Beyond the Heart centre offers services on psychological therapy and total wellness and the service extends its offering to the media by anchoring a radio show on IFM and CFM.

The counselling outfit was founded by Dayo Ladi-Omotunde and it existed as far back as The services offered cover a wide range of issue from problems in marriage, counselling for adolescents and teenagers to post-traumatic counselling, therapy.

This platform enables individuals talk about their problems in order to receive counselling from experts and other members without having their privacy compromised. She is enthusiastic about making a positive impact and contributing immensely to the provision of quality mental health services in Nigeria and beyond.

She possesses excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

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He achieved academic excellence as a student and bagged the award for the best graduating student from the department of Pure and Applied Psychology AAUA. His paper presentation on gender roles in workplace deviance among local government employees in Akoko area of Ondo State Nigeria, co-researched by a lecturer from his department was published in the Ife Psychologia Journal, Ile-Ife Osun State, Nigeria. The complexity of the brain as well as its influence on behavioural functions has been a subject of keen interest to him ever since he encountered Psychology and this fueled his desire to attain professionalism in the field of Clinical Psychology.

He can best be described as a self-starter, extrovert and an ardent observer.

relationship counsellors in lagos state

Gerald Ifeyinwa Lilian She is a young and creative lady with passion for service. Her greatest desire is to be a counselor, restoring mental and emotional wellness most especially to youths and individuals in families.

relationship counsellors in lagos state

She is an ardent listener, an excellent communicator and one driven with passion to help people. Her goal is that someday through her and other psychologists, psychology will be valued in this part of Africa.

relationship counsellors in lagos state