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This is done by repeating the analysis outlined in Lambeck et al. Model Results The conversion of the radiocarbon timescale is based on a combination of dendrology data and uranium-series data using the CALIB The dendrology data provide a good calibration throughout the Holocene oxygen isotope stage 1whereas the U—Th data of Bard et al.

The relationship between the two timescales for these latter periods is less precise than that for the Holocene and more work is appropriate in defining this relationship. No reservoir correction has been applied in the conversion, since any C ages for which such a correction would have been appropriate have already been so corrected.

In the rebound model, the ice sheets for the glacial cycles for the past years are assumed known. These are the same as discussed in Lambeck et al. Hence the results for the predictions of sea-level change for the British sites will differ from those previously published, but only in a minor way.

In the previous work the radiocarbon timescale was used out to the time of the last glacial maximum, whereas the earlier cycles were related to calendar years through the eustatic sea-level curve inferred from the orbitally tuned oxygen isotope record. This has the consequence that the duration of the last glacial maximum in these calculations is too long by about years, and this could lead to an overestimation of maximum sea levels at the time of the last glacial maximum because the isostatic response to the actual glacial load is of shorter duration than assumed in the model.

Since few observations are available for this time, or for late glacial times for that matter, this can also be expected to have little impact on the inferences of mantle viscosity.

Rebound (dating)

The mathematical model and parameter estimation procedure used to infer the viscosity structure from the sea-level data have been previously discussed Lambeck ; Lambeck et al.

The ice models and coastlines were defined with high resolution and the spherical-harmonic expansions of the various functions were carried out to degree Coastlines were functions of time and the contributions from the water loads were rigorously evaluated using an iterative procedure. Other parameters varied continuously within the mantle according to seismic estimates and the mantle was considered to be compressible.

The analysis was first conducted with all observational data—sea level and ice sheet limits—related to the radiocarbon timescale. It was then repeated with all data referenced to the calendar timescale.

All other aspects of the two series of calculations were identical. The variable plotted is the weighted least-squares measure of fit of each model in the parameter space defined by the axes to the observational database for the British Isles discussed by Lambeck These particular solutions include a scale parameter for the ice heights as unknowns but do not include a correction term for the eustatic sea-level function as an additional unknown. The corrections were estimated in a subsequent iteration, in which the sea-level predictions based on the optimum earth-model parameters were compared with the observations Lambeck This latter result is consistent with the expected difference between the viscosities expressed in terms of either calendar seconds or radiocarbon seconds.

In a and b all observations and ice sheet definitions are referred to the radiocarbon timescale. In c and d the observational data refer to the calendar timescale. Table 1 Estimates of mantle rheology parameters for the solutions referred to the two different timescales.

Conclusions The above comparisons illustrate that in so far as solutions for the mantle viscosity are concerned, the choice of timescale is not important provided that the same timescale is used throughout and that the viscosity is appropriately defined.

Other aspects of the complete solution also remain essentially unchanged. The estimate of the correction term to the eustatic sea-level function, for example, remains unchanged, except in the timescale, as is illustrated in Fig. The classical hammers suffer from the following insufficiencies: The rebound value is dependent on the impact direction. The rebound value is affected by internal friction.

Limited tightness of sealing causes premature loss of accuracy. The unique design and high quality construction of the Silver Schmidt address all of these issues and makes Schmidt hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.

To obtain a reading in units of compressive strength select: Desired unit Length of series and averaging mode Carbonation depth if applicable Conversion curve for concrete mixture Form factor Perform a test series of specified length.

Manual cancellation of obvious outliers is possible. At the end of the series, the instrument will display the average converted to the desired unit. Low Strength Concrete Type L hammers strike with a lower impact energy and are suitable for testing of thin concrete sections and where the hammer is to be used primarily for low strength concretes down to 10mpa.

If concrete is softer than this the Mushroom Head accessory spreads the impact over a wider area and is suitable for testing concrete strengths as low as 5mpa.