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Below is a complete Masters of Horror episode list that spans the show's 1 Imprint is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Full List of Masters Of During there incarceration in the basement the two children develop a special relationship and try more . ago, a prank by a gang of kids known as the West End Bunch went wrong. When Showtime announced their lineup for their Masters of Horror anthology series With the exception of Takashi Miike's “Imprint” in season 1 and Norio giving in to temptation and beginning a sexual relationship with Jenifer. credit that appears at the end or the excellent score by Claudio Simonetti. A page for describing YMMV: Masters of Horror. Alternate Character Interpretation: Harold in "Family". Interpretations of the ending can vary wildly .

When the Madam's jade ring was stolen, Komomo was tortured to confess. After suffering hideously — underarms burned, needles driven under fingernails and into gums — she hanged herself in torment and tired of waiting for her love. Christopher refuses to believe the girl's story, and he pleads for the whole truth. The girl starts again, in the second telling, her family is no longer happy nor loving; her father was an alcoholic, her mother an abortionist.

She was taken in by a Buddhist priest, who, presumably, molested her and inspired an obsession with hell.

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Her father never died of lung disease — she beat him to death for raping her. Again she tells of being sold into prostitutionbut gives a new version of the dark fate of Christopher's beloved Komomo. Despite the kindness of Komomo, who befriended her, the disfigured girl stole the jade ring and planted Komomo's hairpin to frame her — and after Komomo was torturedkilled her.

She explains to Christopher that she intended to save Komomo from hell: Christopher, losing control, is desperately convinced something has been left out.

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He begs for the whole truth. The woman then reveals a horrifying secret: Her mother and father had been brother and sister, "Little Sis" was the fruit of their incest. It was "Little Sis" who commanded her to kill her father, and to steal the ring.

As the hand begins to talk like Komomo in a high-pitched voice, Christopher is overcome by madness and threatens to shoot her and send her to hell. She informs him that wherever he goes, he will be in hell - a flashback implies that he was responsible for his sister's death.

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He shoots the girl in the heart and then the head. Before dying, the girl's body turns into Komomo. The epilogue finds Christopher in a Japanese prison serving time for the murder of the girl. It originally aired in North America on December 2, It is loosely based on the short story It originally aired in North America on October 28, Police officer Frank unfortunately saves this young It originally aired in North America on January 20, It was based on the short story by David Schow.

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Fair Haired Child Jan 06 - A 13 year old is kidnapped and locked in a basement by a scary couple with their younger son. While studying interdimensional string theory at college he is haunted by nightmares of a 17th The director is Dario Argento, and it based on a short story by F. The film is a It originally aired in North America on November 10, The episode is based on the short story written by Bentley Little.

Beautiful, naked and mysterious, Valerie might be the muse that Rob has always searched for - or the manifestation of a much darker force. It is based upon the science fiction short story of the same name by Alice Sheldon under the alias