Maintaining trust in a long distance relationship

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maintaining trust in a long distance relationship

LDR is not easy and not everyone can keep up with it so you have to be mature and tough ALSO READ: 10 Ways to Build and Maintain Trust in a Relationship . Since a long-distance relationship is more difficult than a local one, focus on your partner's positive traits in order to maintain trust and intimacy. While it is not. Trust – Trust is essential for both parties in order for a LDR to survive. a gap; Feelings of loneliness heightens need for security; Difficulty maintaining intimacy .

Long distance relationships LDRs are hard -- this isn't anything new. However, there are three very important things you need in order to have any hope of making an LDR work while also keeping your sanity. Having been in a long distance relationship with someone on the opposite side of the world for over a year -- 11, miles apart to be exact -- I think it is safe to say I'm qualified to give some insight into LDRs.

You're going to need: Communication is a must, and if you have a problem Skyping then you shouldn't be reading this post. Talking to your significant other SO on a regular basis is a no-brainer. However, it's way more important to make sure that you are talking to your significant other on a healthy basis.

You can't forget you have friends because they are the ones that will keep you sane during those long weeks or months apart from your SO. Besides, they'll get pretty fed up if you "hang out" with them and end up spending the whole night on your phone. So don't be that person. Also, it's just rude.

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So don't be that person even if you're not in an LDR. If you want to make your LDR work, you're going to have to be one heck of a multi-tasker.

maintaining trust in a long distance relationship

Keep up with your SO but make sure that you're also living your life. If you do not trust the other person, you will spend your time doubting the relationship or second-guessing your partner or yourself instead of relaxing, enjoying, connecting, and investing in your relationship. Knowing that the other person has your back and will support you—trusting that they care for you, that they will behave decently, and that they have your best interests at heart—builds a positive climate within a relationship.

And how do you do that over distance?

How to Establish Trust & Intimacy in a Long Distance Relationship | Our Everyday Life

Keep a Healthy Level of Conversation Going Most partners in a long distance relationship expect some form of daily contact or communication if their circumstances allow for it.

In fact, sending text messages can make you come across as more annoying and needy than affectionate. What a healthy level of conversation is will vary across couples.

It will help you find your long distance rhythm if you talk together about when and for how long you can generally connect. What times of day suit you best to talk?

maintaining trust in a long distance relationship

How long do you generally like talking for? How do you like connecting?

maintaining trust in a long distance relationship

The more you both understand where each other is coming from in your communication preferences, the better you understand what is realistic and sustainable in your long distance communication.

That can make connecting easier.

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What does this look like? It can mean responding as soon as reasonably possible when your partner reaches out to you. He talks about the future Another sign that you can trust your long-distance relationship love is when your significant other talks about future with you. Talking about the future can be as simple as planning your next meeting to as serious as how you are going to spend the rest of your lives together.

Though we have not talked about anything more than closing the distance, I know that I can trust the relationship because my man includes me in his future plans. There are tons of other reasons why I can trust my long-distance relationship, but most importantly, I can see it in his eyes, and I can feel it from his actions.

5 Steps to a Better Long Distance Relationship

All my instincts direct me to trust him, so I do. When you find yourself in doubt, take a deep breathand spend some time to reflect on your relationship. You can try to look at the signs I mentioned above, but it is more important that you are able to see and feel it yourself. About the Author Christa Christa is in a long-distance relationship with an amazing man she met during an extraordinary holiday.

Unlike many holiday flings, this one gets better each day, and they are now preparing to close the distance. She lives in Indonesia, miles apart from his man. Read her stories about life including some LDR stories at her website, christabercerita.