Long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

Long Distance Relationship Quotes and Love Messages

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

Romantic long distance relationship messages for wife, husband, girlfriend, As long as you're in my heart and I am in yours, there is no distance great enough. Love messages and quotes for long distance relationships When the wind blows, listen for my whisper telling you I love you! ♥ Thinking of time we have spent. I'd like you to come back, that'd be my choice! Quotes for Long Distance Relationships. Distance Messages From Girlfriends to Boyfriends.

Love letters work wonders for couples who are staying apart for a long time and love to listen to words of affection now and then. Here's a collection of Long Distance Love Letters that will help you convey to your beloved that she's always on your mind. Sweetheart, Even though we are miles apart, distance cannot make the hearts apart. I smile each time I think of you. Even though you are away from me, your love always makes me feel that you are beside me. I am missing you a lot dear and waiting for you to return soon.

Meanwhile, I am living with your memories and they never make me feel alone. I think the same is happening with you.

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

Yours truly My Love, I have loved you since the moment I laid my eyes on you and when we finally came together as one, I knew that I had found the one person whom I would like to spend an eternity with. I hate to spend my days without you, it's something that makes me enormously sad, but I do understand your reasons. I love you with every fiber of my being and I will not hesitate to do anything to make this last. Beloved, Another day has passed without me seeing your beautiful smile in the mornings it is painful to think that the person I love so much is away from me and if I could do anything about it, believe me I would.

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

I know that there is a great amount of distance in proximity between us now, but I also do know that we are capable of making it work.

I love you much more than you will ever know and the fact that you are mine is something that delights me each day. Are you going to leave me rotting like this or will you fill the void in my life again sometime soon? I have been surviving on comfort food and comfort clothes since the day you flew out and I am hating it.

I miss you so much.

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

I miss the warm hugs, the tender cuddles, your breath down my neck, the passionate bedroom encounters, and every single moment spent with you in person. Why don't you just come and put an end to all my drooling? I have an awesome idea to help you cut down on all your cell phone bills. You are hot, sexy, funny, cool, smart and handsome. How many compliments will it take to convince you to return? You are my heartbeat.

I am living with the hope that the day you said goodbye to me at the airport didn't mean goodbye forever. I will wait for you to come back. I know life can be unfair but staying away from me is so cruel. Come rescue me, won't you? I have started hating Facebook, Twitter, Skype and everything else on the Internet that couples use to stay in touch. Can't I just download the latest version of your touch and kiss?

Meet Me in Arkansas I miss you. The solution's as clear as can be. We'll meet in the middle of Arkansas, and see all there is to saw. Then, we'll fly back to our respective states, until one of our willpowers up and breaks. Messages from Boyfriends to Girlfriends Every mile separating us increases my love for you. I wish I could use Pinterest to pin my heart and show you how broken it is. I wish I could turn back time and never have let you go. My heart bleeds, cries, and screams in pain that only you can soothe.

Come back baby, I need your tender touch. I miss the fun dates. I miss being getting goose bumps watching you smile. I miss running my fingers over your hot body. I miss looking at your beautiful face. I miss playing with your sexy hair. I miss feeling your fingers all over me. I miss gazing in your eyes. I miss your cuddles, I miss the long drives and I miss every second, every hour and every day spent with you.

Long distance relationships are romantic only in the movies. I hate that we are apart. This is a message from your lonely boyfriend to let you know that you broke his heart when you moved away. Don't reply because that will make him miss you even more. I need you here, in my arms. I am living my worst nightmare since you have moved away. Come back and make my life a sweet dream once again. The best day of my life was when I asked you out and you said yes.

The worst day of my life was when you boarded that plane to fly away to a foreign land. Please come back baby, I miss you. Beautiful, hot, sexy, stunning, gorgeous and pretty — These are the words that have been missing from my life since the day you went away.

Best Friends and Lovers One minute, two minute, three minute four. With every passing moment I love you more. I cannot wait to see you again, and remember all of the reasons we are best friends and lovers. My colleagues hate me for being grumpy at work all the time.

My mates hate me for not hanging out with them. I hate myself for being sad all the time. I hate you for going so far away. Will you put an end to all this hate and come back?

I am a warrior but my heart cries out for your company, princess. Come back and be mine forever. You are one gal who knows how to play hard to get, don't you? Now come back my lady. I don't want to win a race. I don't want to win a cool gadget. I don't want to win a bet with my friends. I don't want to win a gift basket. All I want to win is a flight that will bring me to your doorstep.

I have fallen ill since the day you left. The doctor said that the only medicine is you. I miss you and I feel sick to the core without you. Did you know that I have become hotter, sexier, and smarter after you left?

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

Stop missing out on the best years of my life and come back soon. I want you, I need you, and I crave you every day, every minute, and every second.

long distance relationship message for my girlfriend

How amazing would it be if we dropped the word distance before our relationship and came closer? Let's live together darling. If I could send my heart to you in a gift-wrapped box, I would have died a million deaths by now. I love you, apple pie. My resolution for this year is going to be to permanently delete the word long-distance relationship from my vocabulary. Do you want to help me achieve this? I'm doing just fine without you, all my friends can tell.

Long Distance Relationship Love Messages for Him

They're like, "You look so good when you never shave, and your body odor is so pungent now that your girlfriend's away. You've lost so much weight because you're not eating. And your bedroom's better now that you've stopped cleaning. I'm just fine alone, and that's the truth. Just kidding I hate this please come back soon I promise I'll clean my room.

Funny Messages for Your Long-Distance Lover The longer you stay away from me, the more expensive a gift you will have to buy for me. I'm just saying it's your choice. Falling in love with you was a clear case of hit and run. Cupid hit my heart with an arrow while you ran away to some strange and distant land. Get back so that I can punish you properly. If you don't, I will drive to you and kick your butt. Come back soon my pretty lady.

You can be one hell of an annoying girlfriend but I still miss you to bits.

Long Distance Relationship Love Messages for Her

This message comes with one big sloppy kiss. I am sick and tired of trying to make things work. Come back now or lose me forever. Of course I am kidding. I love you forever. Word has it that everyone in class thinks that I am single again now that you are away. Better come back and quell those rumors. This email is to let you know that your girlfriend is having a hard time coping up with your absence. Maybe a gift will cheer her up. Just because I am so nice to you every day does not mean that I am not angry about you moving away.

A cheap gift will not make up for the 12 months we have been away from each other. I miss you so much, that I can't stop thinking about you no matter what I am doing. As proof, I wrote this message while thinking about you on the toilet. Same Moon Fingers touching, a gentle kiss. All the things I really miss.

Don't worry your head, I'll be with you soon. Until then, remember we gaze on the same moon. You will get chocolates, romantic dates, and a passionate time in the bedroom if you come back soon. If not, you will be given a warm welcome with a nice big slap.

Come back you idiot, I miss you.