Living single overton proposes a relationship

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living single overton proposes a relationship

Overton is mortified when he sees Melody, the woman who once shattered him by rejecting his marriage proposal, at the hardware store. He sneaks out, but she . - Living Single - Living Kringle Overton and Synclaire face problems in their new relationship after receiving bad advice from their friends; while. 20 questions and answers about 'Living Single' in our 'Television L-P' category. Did you know these fun 7 Where did Overton propose to Synclair? Question.

Overton catches them kissing in the hallway and throws a bucket of water on Kyle, ruining his suit. Meanwhile, Regine decides to become a vegetarian, and forces her beliefs on her roommates by throwing out all the meat.

Khadijah plots to convert her back to meat-eating by holding a barbecue and giving her nothing to eat but celery. Regine does not give in, but she and her friends agree to respect each other's values.

living single overton proposes a relationship

After a pep talk from Synclaire, Olivia finally musters the courage to ask her brother to stop treating her like a kid. Kyle douses Overton with water, then puts out fire with one drop. John Henton waves and says good night to audience. But it's at those moments that I know how deep my love for him runs. But don't tell us how to live. Besides, if I can't change the way you people dress, I'll never change the way y'all eat.

Scooter When Khadijah drops by Scooter's house on an errand before the Halogen Records Halloween party, Regine discovers a fax from a woman telling Scooter how much she had enjoyed the previous night. Khadijah finds a bottle of perfume under the sink, and grows increasingly suspicious. Khadijah, Regine and Scooter are embarrassed when they are the only ones in costume at the party because everyone else donated their costume money to charity.

Khadijah gets upset when several women are surprised to learn that Scooter has a girlfriend, and orders him to introduce her to every woman at the party. He finally asks about her territorial behavior, and she tells him about the fax and perfume.

He says that he had a business dinner with one of the company's artists, and that the perfume is a promotional item. He tells Khadijah that she needs to trust him, and points out that she is so devoted to her work that she has been neglecting him. Khadijah vows to correct this problem.

Overton, Synclaire and Kyle hope to get a cynical Max into the Halloween spirit by scaring the "bejesus" out of her. She proves unflappable, until Overton fakes a fall down the stairs and serious injury. Max walks through wall after prank left her "scared to death. I didn't know they had polyester on the Nile. But I just want you to know this is the last time I dress up like Cleopatra and sniff strangers for you.

Arthur Harris and Edward C. They encourage her to take the next step, but Synclaire is uncertain. She and Overton finally agree to have a romantic evening at his apartment the following night, as Kyle is out of town. After they experience a series of mishaps including Overton's allergy to Synclaire's perfumeSynclaire admits that she is paralyzed with fear. She tells him that she is just not ready, and that she is feeling too much pressure from her friends.

They decide to wait. Khadijah refuses to consider that her string of bad luck may have been caused by a broken chain letter. Khadijah ecstatic over accidents, unaware that chain letter was returned. I got it the time that Overton first said those three special words: That dance is dead, Kyle. Even Michael's moved on. She is arrested while talking on the phone with Khadijah. Meanwhile, Overton sets up surveillance and begins recording all the girls' phone calls in the hopes of catching a prank caller.

When the public defender assigned to represent Max proves to be woefully incompetent, she decides to represent herself. She points out that the boss was the only person to run, and cites this as evidence that the employees didn't realize they were committing a crime.

She adds that she was making a personal call at the time that the police raided the building, and proves this through Overton's tape. The judge dismisses the case, and all the other employees ask Max to represent them. The judge recommends Max to the public defender's office, which hires her immediately. Identity of prank caller revealed. Hell, it's like Batman. No, he gets off his bat behind and kicks some arch-villain boo-tay. I'm not going out like that.

I'm not going out without a fight. Your bat speech really fired her up. Like when I was a kid, I used to like Fat Albert. Jones, please tell the court what is on this tape.

Further along on the tape is The Best of Bootsy Collins, but I don't see how that figures into this case. Uh, Bootsy's a bass player. You're gonna work for the people. I got a job! Elayne Boosler [ Dr. After the surgery, Regine loses her self-esteem and begins throwing herself at men. Kyle assures her that she doesn't look any different, and states that her confidence and personality are what make her attractive to men. Kevon and the other neighborhood children blame Overton when a greedy ice cream man who had been operating in the middle of winter suffers a heart attack while reaching in the back of the truck for the Nutty Buddy that Overton had ordered.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: After a particularly bad date in Mystery Date, Khadijah actually turns towards the camera and blames the audience for it. I thought y'alls were my peoples! That particular episode was in fact the subject of an audience voting event. Can Not Tell A Lie: While she is usually a master of deception, by the end of the series Regine is struck honest by the man who ends up being her true love.

Milton The Baker from a Different World, showed up. It had a couple: Aww sookie sookie now! Khadijah has a Queen Latifah poster on her bedroom wall. The show features an unusual amount of celebrity guest stars, typically sports stars, singers and actors either As Himself or as relatives and friends of the main cast.

living single overton proposes a relationship

Khadijah and Scooter Chivalrous Pervert: Russel will do anything to put a smile on Regine's face. Synclaire, though Overton isn't far behind. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Played with in the episode where Max fights the garbagemen on strike. Let me clarify the situation. Regine and me living with garbage is like you being barefoot and pregnant - and liking it. Khadijah's grandmother, Grammy James. I haven't had this much fun since Grammy James's 80th birthday, okay.

living single overton proposes a relationship

Grammy was kicking wasn't she? During an episode when they are settling down to watch a porn video featuring Overton's cousin Synclaire is truly enthusiastic about it. Kyle and Max, especially toward each other. Khadijah's father left her and her mother when she was young, although they seem to have reconciled at some point before the show's timeline somewhat. Max wants to borrow a dress Regine is working on for her Soap Opera Palo Alto for a function at the mayor's house, and Regine won't let her have it.

Turns out the dress is actually a tear-away dress for a cat-fight on the soap, but when Regine discovers Max stole the dress anyway, she decides not to try and warn her and let Max be publicly humiliated instead. If that wasn't enough, after Max discovers Regine knew the dress was a prop and didn't try to warn her after she stole it, Max completes a long list of things to get back at her, including: The episode in which the girls install a complex security system after being robbed, although for a moment is about to end with Khadijah refusing to live scared, ends with a police siren in the background and all the girls unable to sleep due to fear of their safety.

Plus, not only was the robber not caught, but probably never will be. At the end of "Talk Showdown", after being embarrassed on the talk show by Khadijah, Regine announces that she is moving out. Even as she is serious about it and packs her bags, Khadijah still makes fun of her.

Also, when she is leaving out the door, she mentions to her, "oh, yeah, there's one thing that I forgot to say. You gonna be okay? Yeah, I'm gonna be fine. During one episode where the girls go out, Regine, who thinks she's wearing a one of a kind dress, is shown throughout the rest of that setting running after women in the same dress to mess theirs up. Maxine has her own apartment, but is rarely seen there.

Lampshaded the first time the cast is there in person. Max seems very unwilling to divulge her middle name. What's your middle name? You will never know. Regine does not like being called her childhood nickname of Nay-Nay. Kyle has the childhood nickname of "Lumpy". He also used to be known as "Meatball" to Overton's "Spaghetti". Even the Girls Want Her: An inversion of Experimented in CollegeMax's college roommate harbored a rather large crush on her, which was a large part of the reason said roommate never came out to her although she did come out to Khadijah, who agreed in keeping it from Max for her own good.

Averted, if you can believe it. Max may be aggressive and ruthless, but even Kyle comments that as much as they bicker, he respects her as a professional and competent lawyer. To Regine's annoyance everyone seems know she is wearing a wig. But they all agree it's a great one.

The Engagement: Part 1

Fate Worse than Death: We learn Max's idea of this trope in the aforementioned Cool and Unusual Punishment. Its so bad, she wouldn't even wish it on Regine!

Foot Popping Formerly Fat: Kyle, though it's only mentioned once or twice in passing, as well as by Overton's uncle Smoke Eye who still calls him by his childhood nickname 'Lumpy'. Notably, he never had issues with this nor did it make him insecure though it was something he didn't mention often. The reactions to him at his high school reunion implies that he was teased about it.

It's more likely something that he's managed to put behind it rather than never having issues in the first place. For Your Own Good: The reason Khadijah doesn't tell Max about her one-night stand with the college professor that Max had a crush on, or that Max's college roommate was a lesbian and had a crush on Max. With the exception of Khadijah her best friendeveryone else can see and often point out how cold and harsh Max can be, how insulting she is towards everyone and antagonistic she can be towards men in particular, and, of course, how she just invites herself over and eats all of the other girls' food and never pays them back for any of it.

For a while Regine is involved with an organzation called E. Russel loves to ask Regine to "shimmy" for him. Khadijah also gives the watchers a pretty heavy bounce when complaining about what her half-sister Stephanie wrote on her wall when they were kids, " Khadijah's got big jugs ".

Maxine, though it is not a huge part of her character she has been shown to pass her time with the game boy and import from Japan. Khadija has a milder but still mentioned interest in video games. The girls go to one when they get sick of being hit on in straight bars. Remember this was the mid's when homosexuality was still something of a taboo subject on network tv.

The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Different in that they grew up in different households and Stephanie had the benefit of their father being around while she grew up. One of the prerequisites to being Regine's "Chocolate Ken" is having a lot of extra money to spend on her.

She goes back and forth with this but instead settles on only wanting to date men with a purpose or motivation in life. She eventually settles down with A millionaire anyway, however. Regine is the biggest hen of them all, not even court-ordained community service with monks under a vow of silence could keep her mouth shut.

Ahead of going to a costume party, Regine gets Khadijah paranoid about Scooter cheating on her. Meanwhile, with Max being dismissive of Halloween, Overton and Synclaire try to get her in the right spirit by scaring her. Kyle and Overton up until the 5th season. Max's old college roommate tells her that she's a lesbian and about to marry a woman. She then reveals that her crush on Max was when she realized she was a lesbian. I Have No Daughter: Printed word for word on a pillow sent to Synclaire from her mother, due to her breaking the family tradition of getting her great aunt Ada's "okey-dokey" to get married before her engagement to Overton.

Up to Eleven with Regine's mother. Regine, to the point the characters jokingly suggest her voice is punishment from God for Khadijah missing church.

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My God, why hast thou forsaken me?! I guess that's what happens when you don't go to church for two years. Regine's mother loves to dress like this and encourage Regine to do the sameRegine once worked for a boutique that specialized in selling extremely tacky clothing.

And her mother shows up to shop while she is working. From the episode Great Expectations. The club scene is tired. There's nothin' but a bunch of brothers there with beepers and gold teeth talkin' about "Baby, I'd like to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit.

The cop forgot to read me my rights, ok? So here I am ready to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit! Happens with Overton's Mother's Day gift of less than pleasant smelling perfume. Who got some nachos?

Who Was Living Single's Overton? - #LivingSingle25

Khadijah's old basketball rival, Denise Hatcher. Not only does she, a professional woman's basketball player, challenge Khadijah, who hasn't played in years, to an unfair basketball game because she claims Khadijah cheated to win an MVP trophy years ago, but then after admits she lied the whole time about Khadijah cheating, and takes the trophy anyway. What a Jerk Ass. Jerkass Has a Point: While Max can come across as a Straw Feminist she does have her moments, such as when she lampshades the fatal flaw in wanting a big, strong man around to protect a woman from an armed attacker, pointing out that the only thing a man has that woman does not would not stop a bullet.

The end of the series, Overton and Synclaire are Happily MarriedMax and Kyle end up together, Regine finds her "Chocolate Ken", Tripp hooks up with the upstairs neighbor, and Khadijah runs off with Scooter in the final scene of the series, the show literally ends when all of the main cast are no longer "Living Single". Max's campaign slogan when running for Alderwoman, when she says "Ride the Maverick. Most of the cast has a chance to ham it up from time to time, but Kim Fields gets to do it at the end of every one of the revamped opening credits.

After her credits pop up, she starts pantomiming with trumpet before dramatically lipsyncing with the last note of the song. Last Minute Hook Up: Kyle and Max, Khadijah and her boyfriend, Scooter. Regine gets one in She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother, when complaining about her mother just before she realizes the company she's keeping.

Yeah, she was a riot upstairs, rifling through my underwear drawer. Man, thank god I hid my. Russel is pretty much constantly asking Regine to make her boobs bounce for him.

One episode had the two in a literal Masochism Tangocomplete with insults and ending with Kyle leaving Max on the floor and walking away without helping her back up again. It's no coincedence that "Regine" is French for "Queen", given her diva-like personality.

When Regine becomes a vegetarianshe attempts to force her roommates to be the same by throwing out all the meat in the apartment. Her roommates counter this by throwing out all her veggies and having a huge meat-only BBQ in the backyard.

This backfires on everyone, however when Regine snaps and demands everyone's meat products for herself. In "Grumpy Old Man," Khadijah says she is looking forward to turning 30 "because of year-old men, looking for Mrs. My Biological Clock Is Ticking: After Max delves into her Past-Life Memoriesshe realizes after numerous lifetimes of being a man, this is the first time she's ever been a woman.

As such, she realizes her purpose in life is to be a mother, and thus, needs to have a baby. My Sister Is Off-Limits! Overton is less than pleased when he discovers that Kyle is dating his sister, Olivia. Averted with Khadijah's half-sister, Stephanie, to whom she practically begs Ivan to take out to get her off her hands for the night.

Never Lend to a Friend: Khadijah is against borrowing money from friends. Unlike the usual examples of the trope, this is because Khadijah cannot handle being in debt to a friend and will go crazy trying to pay them back, even if said friend is perfectly content in waiting.

Never Live It Down: In-Universe Regine, who was caught having sex with one of her boyfriends on the roof by her mother still gets razzed a bit over it once in a later season. Man, when are you going to let that go!? Oh god - when it stops being so funny! Maxine, when Khadijah says she is just like Regine because of her flirting. Max says she only does it for fun while Regine is in it for the money.

For several episodes Khadijah was dating anesthesiologist Charles, but after some time he just disappears from the show altogether. Khadijah explains that Charles was so busy working at the hospital, the two just ended up growing apart.