Hale nochi guu ending relationship

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hale nochi guu ending relationship

YamiiDenryuu:DDD from You know, that place Relationship Status: Chocolate! I suspect they ended it like that just in case they got clearance for another. Read reviews on the anime Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu (Haré+Guu) on of Hare's sentences end with a variation of tsukkomu (most subbers translate. Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, refered to as And then Came Guu, Ending! There are also 4 OVAs out, called Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe and Deluxe Extra. And Hale and Guu's relationship is much of the funny.

Daisuke Kishio Japanese ; Yuri Lowenthal English An obnoxious barefoot student who always combines his speech with laughter, and tries to encourage Guu to do the same, to questionable results. He is sometimes found weeping in the forest for unknown reasons.

Jungle wa itsumo Hare nochi Guu Deluxe ending - Vidéo dailymotion

Some theorize it is because his father beats him. At the end of the series, he finds work in the city. She is a bit air-headed and unsure of herself.

Completely lost in her own world as she fails to pay attention or care about events going on around her when she runs errands for her mom. She is in a relationship with Gupta, but when he went to the city and Guu made him a woman, it is still unsure whether or not Guu made her a man so the relationship stays the same. At the end of the series, she becomes a nurse. Chet and Addie Addie Voiced by: Emi Uwagawa Japanese ; Michelle Ruff English Dubbed the "stupid couple" by the village, they are a barefoot couple that have been madly in love with each other for the past few years.

Chet claims to have come from England on a research trip only to stay in the jungle when he laid eyes on Addie. A running joke later in the series is that whenever Chet and Addie are together on screen, they're usually doing something that needs to be blurred out.

The true story behind them is that Chet, ever since he was a child, wanted to go to the jungle. He got good grades in school and excelled all for the sake of being able to go there. When he got there, he was given a guide so he could find his way around.

The guide was Addie. After touring around for a bit, she got very mad at him for hitting on her so much and she yelled at him and said she doesn't like him that way. But later to be nice, Chet goes to find his way in the jungle without help, where he gets sick and lost.

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Addie goes to find him and does, where seeing how far he would go for her happiness, she returned his feelings. While Hare and friends are in the city, Guu sometimes pulls the couple out of nowhere when they are needed. It is unsure whether or not this is because she currently holds them in her stomach.

Ironic since she absolutely hates children and has never had a boyfriend. She exhibited a 1-way attraction to Hare after Hare was so nice and understanding towards her plight, and eventually breaks it off in the end to be with Toposte. In the end, her and Toposte end up becoming a couple.

Unfortunately, she mistakes Dr. Clive for her dead husband and even spins an elaborate fantasy life explaining why he doesn't know her. After spending most of the series stalking Clive, she is eventually told to live for new love and starts training her body to be in top shape.

Dama later meets, fights, and marries the bank robber only to get seduced by an assassin later. After realizing she was only being used by the assassin, she resumes her happily married life with the bank robber.

She is found by Hare in Guu's stomach on their most recent trip to the city. Dama's sister is Tama, whom she used to get along with but now they fight. The two merged once while fighting and Hare and Guu had to stop her.

She was able to separate from the merged self and stop her sister.

hale nochi guu ending relationship

They now get along once again and work as a pair of singer and pianist at the bar her husband runs. Dama has a habit of acting and thinking her thoughts are often narrated to Hare as a common break-the-fourth-wall comedy trick very girlishly usually seductivelywhich is strongly inappropriate for her old age and often exasperates Hare.

Tama Dama's twin sister who looks exactly like Dama, but with white skin. The two were close as children. But as they grew, Dama became more popular especially with their teacher as the two were teenagers. Tama and Dama were eaten by Guu and spent some time within her stomach in the RPG simulated world she created. She plays piano as her sister sings in the bar.

Like her sister, Tama also exhibits very inappropriately to Hare, sickeningly girlish behaviors and it's shown she thinks like one, as welland harbors feelings for her brother-in-law, although her feelings is resolved after a talk with her sister. Hare eventually finds himself unable to stand their presences and soon quits his part-time job at their bar.

Guu's Stomach World inhabitants[ edit ] Tomoyo Voiced by: A kind and friendly office lady, she does not seem to mind living inside of Guu.

hale nochi guu ending relationship

Dama ends up winning and the two eventually get married. Final[ edit ] Bel misses Weda and sends out a video letter to the jungle. Weda agrees to come back to the city to visit Bel and her mom. She is only looking out for her own self interests. The village elder, who is basically a hairball now, is found while Hare gets help with Ame thanks to Adult Guu and the three residents in Guu's stomach. Dama returns as one of the assassins hired to kill Weda, but Robert manages to talk her into going back to life with her husband.

After seven attempts onher life, Weda resolves to go to the city to bring the fight to her siblings.

hale nochi guu ending relationship

Everyone's Trip to the City[ edit ] Weda goes to the city to settle things, and she brings all the kids from the jungle with her. They first run into trouble when two more assassins, Alex and Shirly, cause their plane to crash on an island.

The two beg for their lives in front of Robert. On the island, they meet a muscle man named QP who becomes a rival to Robert and a bodyguard for Weda. When they get off the island they return to Weda's family's mansion where everyone makes plans to go to school.


Toposte takes over his class and becomes almost a god to the other students. He was just being controlled by his chest hair and is saved when Hare removes it. She also ate Dama's sister Tama who tells them the whole story behind her and her sister. They had already merged and become a giant monster, seeking to destroy the world.

The story arc ends with everyone returning to the jungle.

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This time, Wigle stays in the city and Alva goes with everyone. Back to the Jungle[ edit ] Weda returns everyone to the jungle.

After some heartfelt goodbyes with their classmates, the kids of the jungle return home except for Wigle who stays to attend college. At first returning, Yumi-sensei is there waiting to have a passionate reunion with Toposte, who hides from her. The only one who is different is Guu, and I absolutely loved how she went from cute girl to Guu in the blink of an eye. The scenery is nice on the whole but, again, is pretty standard fare.

Jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu final - ending - Vidéo dailymotion

The strength of this series isn't in the quality of it's art and animation though, but in how they're used to make the jokes more understandable.

Guu has some memorable parodies and jokes that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and they work far better here than they do in other shows.

As far as characters go, this series has a lot I mentioned some of them at the start. I can't think of any other character who goes through as much anxiety, disbelief, depression, rage, hate, terror, worry, etc, as him, and that's just from dealing with Guu. Guu, on the other hand, is very mysterious. The series never actually explains what she is, but she that she has supernatural powers is evident from the start of the series superhuman strength, underwater breathing, becoming a Godzilla type monster complete with sound effectshaving several stomach "worlds" in one of which live three people and a lot of wierd animals, whilst another is occupied by her "adult" version last seen wrestling a bear, practicing medicine without a license, and generally making a nuisance of herselftime travel, body switching, and others.

The thing I love most about her is the fact that, aside from the very beginning of the series, she never actually pretends to be anything other than herself, and her laugh with either make your ears bleed or have you in stitches.