Eu belarus relationship

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eu belarus relationship

The diplomatic relations between Belarus and the EU were established in August In March , a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement was signed. Belarus Moves Slowly Toward More Positive Relationship With Europe Minister from the EU and the Belarusian Central Bank meet to. In recent years, relations between the European Union and Belarus have gone through a number of stages. The Belarusian authorities'.

The relative isolation of Belarus on the European stage What about Belarus? Its relationship with the European Community goes back to the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Aprilwhen the radioactive fallout contaminated Belarusian RSS territory.

Belarus and the EU: a troubled relationship

Although a partnership and cooperation agreement was signed init was never ratified because of the deterioration of the bilateral relationship. During a long time, Belarus was almost entirely excluded from European organizations; it is the only European country not to be a member of the Council of Europe and it was only included into the ENP in as part of the Eastern Partnership. The relationship remains limited due to sizeable differences of views regarding democracy and human rights.

Common interests and objectives are therefore few and mutual mistrust persists as between the EU and Russia.

eu belarus relationship

Is Belarus getting closer from the European Union? Despite its very strong ties with Russia, it seems that Belarus is seeking to become closer to the European Union so as to assert its independence from Moscow.

Lukashenka Hails 'Friendly' Belarus-EU Ties

It thus showed to the international community but above all to Vladimir Putin that Belarus was not a Russian province. The sticking points between the two governments have multiplied in the past ten years. Henceforth, Alexander Lukashenko has had no choice but to tone down his anti-Western rhetoric. The first step in that direction was taken with the integration of Belarus in the Eastern Partnership alongside Ukraine and Moldova, two countries with a significantly more Europhile approach.

According to Brussels however, the situation regarding democracy and human rights remains very concerning.

eu belarus relationship

The relationship between the EU and Belarus is both too superficial and too new for conclusions to be drawn. The European Neighbourhood Policy has one major shortcoming: Supplies to Belarus of a number of categories of specific goods and services were embargoed.

At the end ofhigh-level official contacts resumed between Belarus, the EU and its Member States.

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In — the EU partially reduced the list of the sanctioned Belarusian citizens and enterprises. In Belarus — EU relations made a big stride ahead.

eu belarus relationship

The EU dropped all of its restrictions against the Belarusian companies and minimized the visa ban list. A joint Coordination Group was launched as a new framework for a structured comprehensive dialogue on the entire Belarus — EU political and sectoral agenda.

It first met in Brussels on 6 — 7 Aprilfollowed by meetings in Minsk on 16 — 17 November and 3 — 4 April and again in Brussels on 19 — 20 December Belarus and the EU negotiate bilateral Partnership Priorities for — covering four thematic strands: In September the EU supported a new — EBRD country strategy for Belarus empowering the Bank to fully extend its activities to the public sector before they had been restricted to private projects.

As of annual country allocations for Belarus under the European Neighbourhood Instrument doubled and reached 27 million euro. The funds are used to modernize border and customs infrastructure, exchange experience and implement pilot projects in energy, transport, agricultural, environmental, educational, cultural and other areas for more information on EU technical assistance please consult the website of the EU ITA Centre in Belarus.

Negotiations on a Belarus — EU visa facilitation and readmission agreements are at a final stage. A human rights dialogue is under way. The cooperation on border management and energy matters is governed by the Memorandum on launching practical cooperation between the State Border Committee of Belarus and the FRONTEX agency for cooperation at external EU borders and the Declaration on cooperation between the Government of Belarus and the European Commission in the energy field.