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Our Miracle 01 has 85 ratings and 9 reviews. Katie said: see full review @ Katie's CornerToday is a usual manga review day and I have a very interestin. Finally, the infamous chapter 55 and end of volume Sorry for the delay we were waiting to see if Fancelli would appear and surprise us but. I loved how I was confused until the very end. Minami is adorable

Many of the characters would take on the personality of their past life and allow themselves to be consumed by the dominate personality, which can make understanding who matches with what past easier. Besides that, the manga was hard to put down after starting.

He is forced to hide his true past while acting as someone in charge, even while being attacked by a separate group who want everyone to remember their past. Many people have secrets important enough to change the perceived reality.

Within the formed groups, some of which contain people of the different sections secretly working together, students are almost entirely truthful with each other about their mistakes and their past lives. At one point, a priest openly questioned his loyalties in the past world, warning Minami that the church might have been fighting against the princess.

Our Miracle 01 (Bokura no Kiseki, #1) by Kumeta Natsuo

Deeply regretting failing to protect Veronica as Rida, she becomes even more determined to protect Harusumi in the present, rarely letting him out of her sight. A form of Theurgy, as the spirits of the world grant magic to those who make the proper pacts. However, only clergy and those of noble blood may make the pacts, leaving commoners out in the cold unless they join the clergy.

As well, specific kinds of pacts are only available to specific people - most any noble can learn the basic attack spell and knights learn more powerful combat magic, but royals can also learn special spells exclusive to them such as Veronica's reflection magic, and priests also know the rite to grant others magic.

Priests can also learn healing magic, but can only use it on other priests or else they'll lose all magic. A pact is said to be "engraved on the soul," but is also supposed to be wiped clean upon death - which has obviously left most everyone confused about why they still have magic in their new lives in the present day.

Harusumi, the male protagonist, is the reincarnation of Princess Veronica. Though given this premise, the series contains little to no gender-bending antics.

Hiroki turns out to be the reincarnation of Bart Verbania, Glenn's younger brother. All of the reincarnated characters note they have extremely vague memories of how the war they died in started, and many of them can't seem to remember how it was they died. Especially prominent in the priests, who should have been evacuating the area, and thus would've been nowhere near the castle when it fell.

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Harusumi assumes that he's remembered all of Veronica's memories over the years, but with Teshimano's revelation that he remembers seeing Veronica fighting with Lucas, Harusumi realizes that Veronica must have lived beyond the memory that he had always assumed detailed her final moments.

Something keeps haunting Harusumi at random moments when he's alone in his bedroom reflecting on the situation. The Voice challenges and contradicts most of his hopeful thoughts, suggesting he should or secretly does want vengeance instead of peace, and hearing it leaves Harusumi bent over in pain.

Zeze has some general memories about living in the castle in Zerestria, but he's not really sure who he was. And he seems to feel he's probably better off that way. Harusumi pretends to have this in order to protect himself from Veronica's potential enemies. Knight in Shining Armor: Meguro embraces this mindset after remembering his previous life as a squire of Zerestria.

An interesting example occurs when Hiroki claims to be the reincarnation of Veronica. All the characters know Veronica, but because of the reincarnations, no one knows what she looks like in the present time. It turns out Hiroki is really the reincarnation of Bart, and that she was pretending to be Veronica in order to serve as a Body Double until the real Veronica chose to reveal herself. Loads and Loads of Characters: Nearly every member of Class 4 becomes important to the plot at one point or another.

And then there are the past lives for each of them.

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Essentially, you need to remember two names, faces, and personalities for every single character. And that's not even counting the characters in the present and past that haven't yet been linked by reincarnation So they must be remembered as separate characters who could actually be the same person. Significant in that all confessions that have appeared so far have been spur-of-the-moment, very public confessions. First there's Harusumi's confession to Takao in chapter 1. He just randomly tells her he likes her in the middle of a crowded hallway.

And, after a Beat and a shocked, "Whoa", she replies the same way. Then there's Moto's confession to Hiroki in chapter 6. When she tries to leave to deal with a dangerous situation on her own, he loudly declares his love for her and insists on going with her to protect her.

In the middle of the classroom. Much later, when the chaos finally dies down, she turns him down. Past-life society has strong elements of this. Only those born to noble parents plural; bastards of one noble and a commoner don't count could learn magic.

It seems to be a purposeful demand of the spirits, with whom contracts must be made to learn different kinds of magic. As a result, most nobles learned magic and wielded it to maintain power over others. The clergy are the big exception, commoners can become priests and learn magic as the spirits' representatives in the world.

His presence pervades the story, as he was Veronica's husband and possibly one of the only people in the castle who knew why Moswick was attacking its ally Zerestria, yet readers know almost nothing about him beyond that he was the Third Prince of Moswick. Magic seems able to inflict this by some kind of low-grade Trauma-Induced Amnesia.

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Kamioka talks about remembering the attack upon her as if she watched it on TV, and a lot of the characters have huge gaps in their memories from the attack on the castle that seem to correspond with heavy magic use.

Those bullies in chapter 0 were this close to being blown to pieces via magic before Harusumi stopped himself. That being said, they were still knocked out with a weaker spell. Harusumi says this to Yanuma. He thinks Yanuma's desire to force everyone to respect him with his rank in the past and his superior magic is similar to Harusumi's desire to attack his bullies with dangerous magic back in chapter 0.

Most likely, Veronica and Glenn. Once in a while, black Speech Bubbles with white text are used to represent someone speaking in the past-life language in the present day, usually when it's important to distinguish them from speaking in modern Japanese.

Otherwise it's left up in the air which language they're speaking at any given moment. Harusumi has slowly recalled memories of his previous life as Veronica since he was young.

Different from the other princesses who always act kind and weak. She's different in a way. I mean, she knows she's a princess and she's proud of it. She doesn't mind to command someone to follow her orders thou at the end she realize she's wrong and that she needs to show respect so others will show her respect too.

What I'm saying is she knows how to be humble without forgetting her pride. And that's why I got impress. Meanwhile, Veronica's reincarnation, a male is hmm. Honestly, I still can't grasp him. I can't still say that I love him. Because you know that feeling when you read something and when you like the characters, you're confident to say you love them.

Right now, for the protagonist Minami, I still can't say that even thou I'm on Volume 5 right now. Anyway, this manga is great. I'm having high hopes and hoping for more. I'm excited to know how they will unravel the mystery and to know who is who.