Scarlet letter relationship between hester and dimmesdale

The Distinguishing between Hester and Dimmesdale in Nathaniel Both Hester and Dimmesdale, are characters in the Scarlet Letter. . fictional characters their lives are good examples of what could happen between human relationships. The Reflective Relationship between Hester and Dimmesdale and the Effects of Their Sins in The Scarlet Letter, a Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. PAGES 2. and find homework help for other The Scarlet Letter questions at eNotes. that the "love" or relationship that was presented between Hester and Chillingworth.

The story of the puritanically interpreted liaison between Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale is the story of love. It is a love story because Hester did not reveal the name of her loves when she was torturously interrogated to pinpoint her lover's name.

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She was punished to stay on the scaffold in public. Time and again she was harassed and interrogated so that she tells about her lover's name despite this torturous public punishment, Hester Prynne remained silent, remained undefeated and remained superbly dauntless.

The puritan public charges her for adultery. In accordance with the puritan code of law the sexual liaison of which Hester is guilty is an act of adultery. It is, to those Boston puritans, a violation of their rigorous ethics and moral rectitude.

Even amidst this public punishment Hester remained unashamed and undaunted. It appears she was untouched by the punishment given by the 18th century puritanically strict Boston. This undaunted, undefeated and triumphant stance of Hester Prynne at the moment of punishment in public is equivalent to the affirmation of love.

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From this affirmation of Hester Prynne's love we come to know that Hester Prynne considered as he love that which the 18th century puritan community in Boston considered as an act of adultery. When Hester Prynne was in prison with her infant Pearl, her husband Roger Chillingworth went to this prison under the guise of a physician. Hester knew about this dark motive of her deformed husband Rogerchillingworth.

Hester was devoted to preserving her lover. Throughout her life if there is anything Hester Prynne cared most that is her lover Arthur.

scarlet letter relationship between hester and dimmesdale

She was ready to sacrifice her husband, her public reputation, her public image and her dignity for the sake for her lover Arthur Dimmesdale. In chapter sixteen, we come across one crucial element to prove that The Scarlet Letter is a love story.

The Scarlet Letter as a Love Story

When Hester knew that Arthur Dimmesdale was on his journey through a forest to the Apostle of Eliot, she went to meet him in the forest. Her real purpose of meeting with Arthur Dimmesdale is to know about his sufferings.

scarlet letter relationship between hester and dimmesdale

She had also a sound advice for him. All Chillingworth can think of is to having his revenge upon both of them, so the relationship has gotten very cold. The reason that I use the word exclusive is because Reverned Arthur Dimmesdale is a pastor within the village who has committed a sin by impregnating Hester Prynne.

Reverned Arthur Dimmesdale trys to keep the wrong that he committed hidden from others,hince the exclusive relationship.

scarlet letter relationship between hester and dimmesdale

He was supposed to be this amazing man of God and he committed a very high sin with what he did to Hester. The fact that Hester doesn't name him when asked show that there relationship must mean something.

scarlet letter relationship between hester and dimmesdale

In the beginning Pearl is a living version of Hester's scarlet letter. As the novel progresses Pearl realizes how out of place her and her mother really are. Hester and Pearl really love each other for they are really all each other have. I say this because Pearl acts as a symbol of Hester's adultery throughout her entire life. She is a constant reminder for Hester and acts to point out the truths of the adult world, which is not always appreciated by her mother.

Chillingsworth feels very betrayed by Hester, so he is out for revenge against Hester's lover, causing more conflict between them. Their relationship is very unloving, and cold now, rather than the romantic, exciting relationship they had before. Pearl will always be a reminder to Hester of her mistake with Dimmesdale.

Due to Hester's mistake, Pearl was given life and Pearl will always be the "outcast" because of the townspeople.