Relationship between hera and athena

Zeus and Hera Compare/Contrast Essay

relationship between hera and athena

with the creation of Athena, goddess of wisdom and Hephaestus, god of craftsmanship. Throughout classical mythology, the mother-and-son bond between Hera their relationship becomes friendly" (Slater, 1 Juno in the House of Olympus. For example, Zeus and Hera their relationship was very complicated in Therefore this quality clearly states another difference between Zeus and Hera. Case File: Hera vs. Athena vs. Aphrodite. Basically, when Peleus and Thetis got married, all the gods and goddesses of Olympus were invited except Eris, the goddess of strife. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all started arguing over who was the most beautiful goddess.

Athena’s Relationship with Other Gods and Goddesses

In conclusion, Hera and Aphrodite are similar because they a related to Zeus making them Olympians. Hera and Aphrodite differentiate from each other because of their contrasting personalities about love affairs. Hera proves that she is jealous and very concerned about Zeus when she misuses her powers to stop women from loving Zeus.

She has a very vengeance type of nature to keep an eye on her husband. Like when Zeus went down to the Normal world and fell in love with Io, Hera turned her into a cow. Hera was always strayed and faithful to her husband, she never had any affairs but Zeus had several. Hera persecuted the famous hero from before the time he could walk for the simple reason that Zeus was his father, but another woman -Alcmene- was his mother.

On the other hand, Aphrodite is very weak, frightful, and uses her powers to get whatever she wants. Aphrodite was known for her beauty and was married to smith god Hephaestus. She despised Hephaestus, and had many affairs, notably known with Ares the god of war.

The love goddess was married to the homely craftsman-god Hephaestus.

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She was unfaithful to him with Ares MythWeb. This clearly depicts that Aphrodite is not trustworthy, and had many affairs.

A Study of Hera

Each offered a gift to the city, Poseidon offered a body of water and Athena planted the first olive tree. Athena was awarded the city. In anger, Poseidon flooded the plains 7. In another version of this myth, Poseidon offered the horse instead of the sea. He still lost to Athena 8.

relationship between hera and athena

She could brew up storms upon command; she destroyed ships returning from Troy after they had committed sacrilege in her temple Relationship with Hephaistos Athena was a goddess who weaved her own clothing. As the patron of women who worked at the loom, she aided women in domestic chores in their homes or those who sold their woven crafts at the market Hephaistos on the other hand was a god of the forge, metal working and smiths.

relationship between hera and athena

They share a festival the Chalkeia where they are honored together as Holy Powers associated with blacksmiths and artisans Relationship with Hestia Athene was associated with the work women did in the home. Hestia is the goddess of the home and hearth itself.

These two have over-lapping influence here. Both Goddesses had fires associated with them.

relationship between hera and athena

Relationship to Erichthonois After being rejected by Aphrodite, Hephaistos tried to have sex with Athena. His sperm ended up on her leg. In disgust, she wiped it off with some wool and threw it to the ground.

In some versions of the story, the goddess Gaia came up from the earth and gave the baby Erichthonois to Athena. They are both higher than others in mythology. Zeus was the king of all the gods.

Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom

Hera was the Queen of all goddesses. Zeus and Hera were married, and with this bond it made them both more powerful than they were.

While reading the Treasury of Greek Mythology Napoli pg. Therefore, because Zeus and Hera are higher than all others it states clearly that this is one of the similarities that they have. They take action as soon as they can.

relationship between hera and athena

Therefore because of this she would do something back in return to all of those women in return, warning them not to ever come near Zeus again. Also Zeus would get very angry, for example at Hera when she does something bad to all the women that he loves or likes.