Colorado springs bike show and swap meet

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colorado springs bike show and swap meet

Motorcycle Show - Colorado Springs, COLORADO - Saturday, March 10, - Hot Rods & Cool Bikes! The 28th annual Super Show is. 10 March, AM - Altered Reality Event Center - Colorado Springs - United States - The 28th annual Super Show goes OLD SCHOOL as the. indian indian motorcycle bike show colorado springs motorcycle show and swap meet motorcycle. 18 notes. Loading Show more notes. Reblog. 2. Big tire.

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Dave and his girlfriend Colleen, who I met the next day, were renting a room at Angela's condo, and after meeting them we all rode and hung out together quite a bit during the rest of the week. We've already talked about maybe hooking back up for Biketoberfest, or possibly meeting up in Key West to check out Fantasyfest and do some diving.

colorado springs bike show and swap meet

What great people and life-long friends you can make by simply being in the right place at the right time! While making my way up Main Street among all the freakin' cars and trucks they allowed to clog up the strip for some stupid reason, I was lucky enough to find a spot directly in front of Wise Guys Watering Hole, which was just wide enough to back the Fat Boy into. Since Wise Guys was the closest bar to where I parked I decided to have a cold one on their balcony and take a few shots of the continuous parade of bikes that make their way up and down the street day and night.

When attending rallies of this size I don't even think about trying to cover everything that's going on. Like any large event of this nature, you have to pick and choose what you want to do each day because there's no way in hell you're going to be able to see everything.

One thing I never miss though is the Cabbage Patch's ever popular coleslaw wrestling that takes place on hump day each year. This place is always a blast and a great place to party, meet people, and do some major people watching…as if watching intoxicated scantily-clad girls wrestling around in slimy coleslaw isn't enough to keep your attention for a while.

He was there with his significant other, as was Roger Shores and his wife.

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I met several other really nice people while standing around baking in the sun waiting for the coleslaw to be shredded Therefore, unless you gave me a business card or sent me an e-mail, your names may have unfortunately slipped from my memory due to the sun and each beverage I consumed. I hate walking around looking like a news reporter writing down everyone's names I take a photo of, so if you see your photo below and I didn't include your name, please forgive me.

I also have a bad memory, plus I grew up in the 70s, so it's really nothing personal The weather was great all week until the last couple days when it rained on and off all day and night.

We were headed down to Gilly's Pub 44 in New Smyrna Beach one evening, but unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans for us that night.

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No sooner had we headed down S Atlantic Avenue when the rain began pounding us. We decided to pull into the parking lot of a little bar, which is where we met Brian LaBair and his wife from Columbus, Ohio. I found out that Brian is the operations manager for Vega Helmet and knows several of the same people I know in the KC area. After hanging out in the bar for an hour or so, it was apparent the rain wasn't going to be letting up anytime soon so we opted for getting back on our bikes and heading to Dave's condo where Angela and her crew were partying and staying dry.

We had a blast there and ended up spending the night. On Saturday morning, March 8, I said thanks and goodbye to Doug, loaded the Fat Boy back on the trailer and headed home. It was really hard to keep from heading on down to the keys, but since I had to get back and do some actual work on the magazine I made the long trek along the coast to New Orleans and headed north back to KC.

Motorcycle & Car Show & Swap Meet

If you get nothing else out of this story and all these photos, I hope you walk away realizing that one of the best way to enjoy any motorcycle event is to socialize and just walk up to someone you don't know and say hi. I don't mean getting drunk and hitting on someone's girlfriend or wife, which will likely get your ass kicked, but get out there and mingle. Nothing drives me more crazy than when a group of people attend a rally and stick to themselves, never meeting new people.

Please note that the event begins on Sunday, July 15 and ends on. Tuesday, July 10th- Noon to 7pm. Patty grew up riding motorcycles; her dad owned Leo's Yamaha in southern.

colorado springs bike show and swap meet

Where to buy Campagna Motorcycles. New listing Consignments are now being accepted for the Oct.

Motorcycle Show & Swap

Scenic Byway by motorcycle is a great way to see downtown Minneapolis. Mayberry helped organize a new rally at the Harley Davidson dealership in Parker.

colorado springs bike show and swap meet

The event was created to bring a swap meet to those. August 16, — August 19, Nice turnout last night for bike night at the cabooze in Minneapolis. Drumming Class, 9 to Canton Cruise-in and Motorcycle Show, downtown Canton.

colorado springs bike show and swap meet

Debbie teams up with her motorcycle-riding partner-in-crime Lou Cate Blanchett. We meet her family, the Grahams — daughter Annie Toni. All Day Event Thursday, June 14, 7: Alex Marvez can be heard from.

Tejon Street Bike Fest in Colorado Springs, Colorado. "Iron Man" Black Sabbath.

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We are truly grateful for all of the support we have received and we are looking. The bike season is filling up fast with all sorts of events, rides, tours, Little Bellas-L. Sunday, June 17, All Day Event.