Tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

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tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

my favourite damon and elena fanfiction I've devided my reading list into two updating this list, since the tvd fandom is pretty active right now and good. What happens when need presents itself and they meet? He compelled her to fall in love, to forget their first meeting, and to forget his first 'I love you. TV ShowsVampire Diaries On the night that Elena meets Damon, her cell phone dies before Ever since I got to the S3 finale and saw the infamous " Elena meets Damon first" scene, I've been obsessed with the . He squinted at her, as if he'd be able to see the answer if he just looked close enough. A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction. On the night of the party when Elena's parents were supposed to die driving off the bridge she met Damon before she could call th.

You wouldn't like him. We had kind of a falling out. Haven't seen him in a while. Now he sounded amused. She got the impression that he didn't believe she could actually care about his relationship with his brother.

We don't spend as much time together as when we were little kids, but still…. There was definitely a wistful edge to his tone now.

tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

She glanced over at him in time to see a rueful smirk slide over his features. We fell for the same girl. How could anyone do that? Especially to a pair of brothers? He stopped walking and looked down at the fingers brushing the sleeve of his jacket. She let them fall back to her side and watched his face closely. His eyes met hers, and she perceived in him once again a disbelief that she could care so much about the troubles of someone she had only just met. It was obvious to her that whatever this girl had done to him and his brother, he had been very much in love with her.

He stuck his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans and started walking again. Elena followed suit, trying to think of a more neutral topic to discuss. But then she looked around at Damon sharply as something clicked together in her brain. She was surprised that he wanted to keep talking about anything Katherine-related.

What if Damon meets Elena before an car accident [AU]

Maybe he'd just never had a chance to before. I'd never met anyone like her before. If I had another chance to be with her, I'd take it in a heartbeat. He looked around at her with an eyebrow raised. If you keep saying stuff like that, I might start to believe that you actually care. Is it really such a crazy thought? People are usually too wrapped up in themselves to give a crap about anyone else.

She let her mouth fall open in mock indignation. She was rapidly losing her ability to treat this conversation like a joke. I've known me a lot longer than you have.

Give me a chance to prove it to you. His voice dropped to something that was nearly a growl. Dangers you never thought were possible. She was visited by the fleeting thought that maybe the secrets those eyes promised were frightening, dark, and disturbing things that ought to remain secret, but she immediately dismissed the idea as ridiculous.

Whatever he'd expected from her, it obviously hadn't been that. He goggled at her for a few seconds before starting to laugh—a real laugh that set his eyes alight and changed the shape of his face to make him even more gorgeous than he already was. Despite the funny things that was doing to her insides, Elena beamed in triumph. You already agreed to the deal. I think it's a toss-up between Mr.

Bingley and Colonel Fitzwilliam. I'm not settling for anything less than Darcy or Wickham. Damon definitely had a bad boy vibe, so she could see why he'd like the idea of being Wickham, but she didn't want to cast him as the villain.

And as much as the idea of him as Darcy made her heartbeat speed up, she reminded herself forcefully that under all the jokes and banter, he was still mourning his girlfriend—a situation made even more complicated by the fact that said girlfriend happened to look just like her. She would not let herself go there. He needed a friend, not a rebound girl. After a few more minutes, they arrived at the Salvatore boarding house.

Elena had seen the place a few times—there wasn't much in Mystic Falls she hadn't seen—but she'd forgotten how huge and old it was. He was back before she had a chance to feel nervous about where she was, driving a light blue convertible, some kind of classic, around to where she stood waiting on the front drive.

She was about to get in on her own when he hopped out and quickly walked around to open her door for her. The old-fashioned gesture made her smile. Matt did stuff like that all the time, too, as did her dad, and her mom was currently attempting to drill it into Jeremy. For some reason, the ride felt more awkward than the walk had been. Elena suddenly became aware of the possibility that she might have inconvenienced him with this little adventure, and was determined to make up for it.

Think I could return the favor by buying you dinner sometime? I won't check my phone until I'm back home. It was a photo of his car. It was extremely short, not even taking up the entire screen. She had barely finished putting her number in when Damon pulled up in front of her house. Once again, he managed to get out and around the car to open her door before she could so much as reach for the handle. He then proceeded to hand her out as though it was a carriage rather than a car, and she giggled when he used his grip on her hand to spin her around.

I started to, but then I ran into this guy—did you know Zach Salvatore has nephews? We ended up walking to the Salvatore boarding house because it was closer, and then he drove me home. Miranda's face was white as a sheet, but she didn't seem to have heard the question. There's just something I'm going to need to discuss with your dad, is all. Elena laughed, hopped down, kissed her mom on the cheek, and went to join the game.

X The last few years had been fairly uneventful for Zach Salvatore—almost uneventful enough for him to relax and pursue as normal of a life as he could.

There was still and would always be the threat of his uncles, which was why he had severed any social connections outside the Founders' Council, why he was secretly growing a crop of vervain in the cellar of the boarding house, and why even the slightest sound was always enough to rouse him from sleep at night.

Consequently, when the sound of the front door opening reached his ears where he stood making dinner in the kitchen, he was immediately on high alert. When the intruder revealed himself a second later to be his uncle Stefan, he did not relax. I wasn't sure you'd be here. His gaze was drawn to the small, dark stain on the collar of Stefan's shirt. He was relieved to hear that his uncle didn't plan to stay long. I haven't exactly been keeping track.

Stefan finally seemed to realize what was bothering him. I've just been out hunting in the woods. It's been decades since I fed from a human. Don't hesitate to contact me if something comes up. It was the same number Zach already had. Perhaps Stefan assumed Zach had lost it after five years without a word from him, but the silence had been very deliberate. X Damon returned his car to the spot where he'd parked it around the back of the boarding house, just deep enough into the woods that Zach wouldn't be able to spot it from inside.

tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

Then, forgoing the use of a door, he simply jumped directly through his open bedroom window. Zach must've finished those errands in the last fifteen minutes; Damon could hear him moving around somewhere downstairs. However, he quickly tuned out the sound.

So long as his great-great-great-great-great half-nephew's activities didn't intersect or interfere with his own, he couldn't care less about them. Particularly not when there was something much more intriguing to occupy his thoughts.

my favourite damon and elena fanfiction

How could someone look and sound so much like Katherine and yet be completely different? If she'd looked like anyone else, she'd be wandering around in a daze right about now, lightheaded from blood loss and none the wiser. Well, that or she'd be dead, her body buried in the woods. The thought of drinking from her had still occurred to him on and off as they walked to the boarding house, but for the first time in years—maybe even decades—, he'd sincerely been enjoying a conversation with another person, and he hadn't wanted it to end.

Sure, there had been the lighter moments of flirtatious banter, and he'd heard the spike in her vital signs in response to him at multiple points, but she'd been so…genuine the whole time.

That had been particularly surprising, considering who she resembled. At one point, it had almost been too much. A few minutes walking side-by-side and she'd already been trying to pry into feelings he hadn't allowed to surface in a lifetime, and there had been a moment when he'd wanted to kill her for it.

He'd wanted to show her what he was, terrify that well-meaning sympathy out of her, and drain her dry. Matt Donovan really was an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. She just hoped that someday he met a girl who deserved him. That girl was just not her, as much as it pained her to say it.

tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

I'm going to call my parents and get them to come pick me up. I shouldn't have ditched out on family game night. She walked away from the party onto the road, while she walked she talked to Bonnie on the phone.

As much as she wished she was able to, she couldn't break up with Matt tonight. She felt a cool breeze and turned her head to see an amazingly handsome man standing across from her. She was sure that he hadn't been standing there moments ago. You just really remind me of someone.

You're out here all by yourself. He's got it all mapped out. You want what everybody wants. Mysterious stranger that has all the answers.

I've learned a few things. What is it that I want? You want passion and adventure and even a little danger. She smiled impressed with his perceptiveness, he knew exactly what she wanted.

He seemed to be at a loss for words when Elena heard the horn honk and the car come around the corner.

tvd what if elena meet damon first fanfic

He locked his gaze on her and kept her captivated. For right now I want you to forget this happened. Cant have people knowing I'm in town yet. Elena glanced around her feeling confused before shaking her head and climbing into the backseat of her mom and dads car.

I know what I want and its not him. Just make sure you let him down easy. The next couple minutes went by in a blur. One second her parents were talking in the front seat and the next the car was careening off the bridge into the cold water below. The next thing Elena remembered was waking up in the hospital bed with memories of intensely blue eyes pulling her out of the water. Jenna leaped up and leaned over Elena's bedside. I'm so glad you're alright. Elena felt numb from the inside out.

She saw Jeremy asleep on chair on the other side of her bed and she reached over to take his hand. He woke up immediately and rushed over to her side. I couldn't lose you too. When she woke up again a few hours later Caroline, Bonnie and Matt were at her side. Caroline was crying while Bonnie was rubbing her shoulder and Matt was holding her hand.

Caroline leaped at her hugging her tightly. She had so many people around her that cared for her. But she didn't have her parents. And despite what the doctors and everyone else told her, Elena knew that a blue eyed mad saved her life. She seen him when he pulled her out of the water, seen his eyes shining at her as he breathed life back into her.

They say her father must have managed to get her free and she swam to the top. But she knew it was wrong, she knew a gorgeous blue eyed man saved her life. Three months later, Elena rolled over in bed when her alarm went off. She sighed knowing it was the first day back to school after everything that happened. First day of classes, first day of cheer leading. First time being out since the accident. Even after three months she still hadn't found her saviour.

He was still as elusive as ever. She threw the covers back and walked into her bathroom to get ready for the day. For the first time in three months she worked on her appearance before changing into a pair of jeans and a red shirt. She pulled on her leather jacket with that and walked downstairs.

It wont be the same this year though. I'm an orphan now. Besides you have Bonnie and Caroline in case you aren't fine. Jenna was really coming into her own as their guardian. She was doing her best and she was succeeding. Although Jeremy was recovering in his own way it seemed.

I have cheer leading after school, Caroline would never let me miss it even after missing all the practices through the summer. Elena waved and walked out to her car. Shouldn't you be off tormenting Zack or something? Why the hell did you even come back? I can only torment Zack for so long. And I am back because I have a master plan.

I want to know what it is. You only wish you were as diabolical as I am.

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But right now I'm more interested in why you've been stalking the poor girl since I pulled her out of the water because you were too entranced by her appearance to do anything productive.

Good God the bunny diet is really affecting your senses. Why don't you do everyone a favour and just leave. You should really be nicer to me. I am back in this god-forsaken town for the first time in eons to kill the coldhearted bitch. The bitch fucked with me and used me while she clearly preferred you, therefore You know abstinence is key, I think that's what they teach you there.

I'll see you at home Stef. Stefan sighed and shook his head before going down to the school. When the school day was over Elena ran into the hard body of a man. She looked up to find some sparkling green eyes and she smiled up at him. I should have been watching where I was going better I guess.