Tiger meet 2014 jagiellonian university

tiger meet 2014 jagiellonian university

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Jagiellonian University with the title .. 5 synthesia, 25 satellite symposia, 2 electronic interactive sessions, 6 meet the New Version () History of the Universe Poster Download: JPEG version .. These examples illustrate how the TIGER technology can be applied to. The meeting is organized by the Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Professor G. W. Kolodko's book „Truth, Errors, and Lies: Politics and Working Group, IWG, takes place at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The event takes place at the premises of the University in Krakow, 30, Mickiewicza . During the meeting Professor Kolodko argued on the implications and.

What has gone well and what has gone wrong? What still needs to be done? Should EU enlargement continue and why? Kolodko, there will be three other panelists: September 10,7: The pictures can be seen between July 15 - August 31, And again the time to wander has come. This time Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko goes for a lonely travel to South America and the Carribean - from the mountains of Columbia and Orinoco river on Venezuela through the islands of Trinidad and Tobago to the rain forest of Guyana and Suriname.

We are looking to hear about the trip. And to see the pictures! How to Respond to It? Kolodko photographs, "The world as it is June The paper on "Structural Change without Trust: April 7 - June 28, And this is the real marathon! In just about two months over 70 special lectures in 25 cities, at all Polish universities, not only the economic ones, and at major technical universities and some other colleges!

Kolodko makes his Tour de Pologne - a series of author's meetings promoting his fascinating new book on " World on the Move ". On this map you may find the exact information where and when you can meet the TIGER Director and ask him the questions about the world economy and our future.

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For sure he'll be happy to answer all of the them. June 28, June 27,2: Everything comes to an end, so does the current academic year. Kolodko presents a lecture on "World on the Move". The graduates receive not just their well deserved diploma, but also the newest book by Director of TIGER with his personal dedication and signature!

JuneIt's been already the third marathon this year to be precise, during last four months done by Professor Grzegorz W. June 20, This is just great opportunity to collect the newest book by Director of TIGER with a personal dedication and original signature of the author!

Core Themes in Global Economics". During that period of time the major book on "From Shock to Therapy. The Political Economy of Postsocialist Transformation" was drafted and later, inpublished by the Oxford University Press, and, subsequently, in five other languages. June 11,1: Professor Chen conducts a series of consultations on the issues of Polish transition from a planned to a market economy and presents a lecture on "Economic Policy in China".

JuneProfessor Grzegorz W. Kolodko participates in the international conference on "Poland's Long-term Perspectives". The TIGER Director presents his views on the conditions and perspectives of long-term socio-economic development in Poland on the first day of meetiong, during the panel on "General and Macroeconomic Considerations" 3: Kolodko's paper on "Uspiekh na dvye trety.

Sistemnaya transformaciya w Polshe y urokhy na budushche" "Success in Two Third. Poland's Systemic Transformation and Lessons for the Future". Kolodkoon the issues of systemic transformation and economic development, and has visited us recently in December with the lecture on " Lessons of China's Transition from a Planned Economy to a Market Economy ", presented within our series of Distinguished Lectures. May 29,5: Kolodko on "The World on the Move" " Wedrujacy swiat ". You are welcome to join the discussion which opens with speech by the author.

May 28,4: The opening of the exhibition, with the participation of author, takes place on Monday, May 12th, at 5: May 17,2: This is just great opportunity to collect the book with a personal dedication and original signature of the author! You're welcome to join! The great road show of Professor Grzegorz W. Over 8 thousand people have participated in the meetings organized thus far. And ahead there is still another 20 lectures, discussions and events to which all of you are welcome!

This time we have the honor to host Professor Robert J. Professor Aumann has been awarded - jointly with Professor Thomas C. Schelling - with the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in for "having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis".

Nobel Award Lecture May 8, Dr. The opening of the exhibition, with the participation of author, takes place on Wednesday, April 23rd, at 6: April 7 - 21, The exhibition of Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko photographs - "The world as it is The opening of the exhibition, with the participation of author, takes place on Monday, April 7th, at 7: Neoliberalizm, New Nationalism or New Pragmatism?

November 26,7: Kolodko delivered a lecture called "Will China Save the World?

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November 5, Professor Kolodko again in Shanghai. An Open China and the Development of the World.

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More than business media executives, think tank experts and entrepreneurs attend this event, bringing in their thoughts and exploring together new ideas, concepts, and practices on the global economic governance in the new era.

Kolodko gives a series of lectures on "Leadership at the New Era of Globalization". The lecture is addressed to a group of several dozen postgraduate students from 33 countries. October 25, Is China doomed to a crisis? To what extent will the economic confrontation between China and the US influence international economic relations?

These topics and many others will be discussed by Professor G.

Kolodko and our distinguished guests during three discussion panels: October 18, The moderator puts the following questions to the panelists: What kind of responsibility can we borrow from the countries? What should countries do to achieve sustainable cities?

How can cities have world's leading positions? October 8,3: Prescott receives doctorate Honoris Causa. The laudation, presenting his scientific achievements, is given by Professor Grzegorz W.

tiger meet 2014 jagiellonian university

Kolodko, at whose invitation Professor Prescott has visited Kozminski University in the past. He was awarded the Nobel Prize, together with Finn E. This is one of the largest conference in this part of the continent dedicated to global trends, new ideas and the future of Europe. Tauris-Bloomsbury in early September 26,9: Kolodko discusses in the panel with Esko Aho, the former Finland's Prime Minister, about the innovation and cultural changes.

Z laureatami Nagrody Nobla, prof. Edmundem Phelpsem i prof. Kolodko presents special lecture on "Whither the World: Neoliberalism, New Nationalism or New Pragmatism? June The books publishing by Professor Grzegorz W. May 29,6: His newest book, "Will China Save the World?

tiger meet 2014 jagiellonian university

May 20,2: Kolodko signs his latest book called "Will China Save the World? At the stand of Proszynski Publishing House you can get a personal dedication in other books of the author too. May 18,9: MayProfessor Grzegorz W. April 17, Kolodko and Andrzej K. Kozminski discuss the subject of "New pragmatism versus new nationalism". This is also the title of their joint book published recently by Proszynski Publishing House.

April 16, April 3,9: Kolodko participates in inaugurating the debate plenary session with the speech on the future course of globalization. March 24,5: The event for registered participants only takes place at the Station of Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris. February 28, January 19, During his stay in Budapest, Professor Grzegorz W.

It is worth mentioning that a few years ago his book entitled "Megatrendek" was published in Hungarian. January 18,2: We congratulate him warmly! Corvinus University of Budapest, Fovam Sq.

Kolodko begins his this year's global scientific activity with a special seminar for an international group of doctoral students of the Corvinus University in Budapest. The title of the seminar is "Globalization, Crisis and What Next? This is another work of professor Grzegorz W.

tiger meet 2014 jagiellonian university

Kolodkohis time prepared together with Professor Andrzej K. November 21, While paying a short working visit to Beijing Professor Kolodko delivers two lectures. Economics and Development Strategy for the Future" and at 6: NovemberProfessor Grzegorz W. Kolodko again in China. November 15, We are going to discuss about the future.

The inevitable future and possible future, the one we desire and the one we are scared of. We invite you to participate and join the discussion!

NovemberAt the invitation of Professor James K. At a conference, held at the Lyndon B. November 1, At the invitation of University of Texas at Dallas prof. Kolodko and Dr Grzegorz M. Malinowski take part in the international conference "The Future of Poland's Economy". The Conference will be focused on opportunities and threats of Poland's economic development. OctoberProfessor Kolodko again visits Beijing.

The Political Economy for the Future". October 27, As in the previous year prof.