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meet wali allah

One of the Names of Allah that should inspire us is Al-Wali, The Ally. But to truly earn the status of Allah's Wali, to be at that elevated level, we have .. I hope we will meet in jannah and lived with our love ones here in dunya. Question: Bismillah. ssalamu alaikum shaykh. I had a dream I met Shaykh Nazim Haqqani may Allah raise his degree. I asked him about tay al. Awliya Allah, therefore, means Friends of Allah almighty. afraid of their creator to have appetite, and too eager for their meeting with HIM (swt) and paradise.

The reply that she gave to my question about whether waliullah exist today, opened my eyes and makes me reflect to this day on what she said then: She said that in today's world of corruption and materialism, a person who is careful enough to earn his living only through halaal means is a "waliullah".

On my question where to find such people, she said that you do not have to look far. Often these people may be around you and you would not notice them.

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And, then she pointed out to me some people in my family who worked in positions where there often is a great temptation but made sure that they only adopt the halaal means. She pointed out that my uncle Osman Hyder taya was in an influential position in engineering department, Rasheeduddin Hyder phuppa was in Customs, and Ahsan Hyder my father was in finance and budget.

They try their best to help others and not be a source of inconvenience or harm to those with whom they come in contact. Reflecting on the lives of these people, I now see the significance of this verse from Iqbal and relate it at the end to a teaching of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

Seeking Help From The Spirits of Awliya Allah

With partition and migration whatever their family had in India was gone. They started in Pakistan from scratch and built what they have now from scratch; with hard work, toil and tremendous thrift while keeping all their social and religious responsibilities. Is a child like a clean slate? The first thing one would notice is their simplicity and regularity. Between the first time I saw them in the sixties and the time when they died around thirty to forty years later, I didn't see much of a change in their life style.

Their dressing was simple, clean, elegant and functional. Dressing was not done to impress the others with brands and fashion statements.

I don't think they would replace their clothes unless they were worn out or torn or unwearable. They would wear white Aligarh cut pyjama and kurta and would don sherwani on formal occasions. They would always make sure that their shoes would be shining and also of those around them.

My father would not let me walk out of the house without proper shine on the shoes. He would even make me sit down with the shoes of the visiting relative who happens to be wearing a shoe that had not seen polish for some time and shine the shoes for him. The lesson that they gave us with their clothing and shoes was that the cost and style of the shoe is not as important as how you keep it and take care of it.

They had a distinctive habit of thrift and conservation. They would not like to throw away the wrappers, shopping bags, boxes if they can find some use for it. They would always be thinking of reuse. Ahsan Hyder could be seen often cutting long strips from card boxes that could be used to light one oven burner from the other thereby saving a matchstick. If you wanted a shopping bag, you were bound to find one just the right size tucked under his bed. Osman Hyder would often give me small pen holders and writing pad holder made of used card boxes.

There would always be a regular supply of note pads available for use near the telephone for noting down numbers and addresses; note pads not bought from the store, but carefully cut from plain paper or hand bills that were about to be thrown away. Compare this with our present throwaway mentality and the waste with which we are polluting the environment. Most Effective Way of Cutting a Nation from its History and Ideals - Imposing a Foreign Language Come rain, hail or shine, you would see them praying in the mosque barring serious health reasons.

It appeared that all the daily chores, and the programs of life were scheduled in a way to enable the prayers with jamaah. Once when I was staying at Phuppa Rasheed's place, I noticed a very interesting phenomenon.

The routine changed during the last years of his life when it became difficult for him to walk.

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Taya Osman Hyder would pray in Masjid Ahbab regularly. One day, when he was quite old and frail, someone in his house who had offered him to drive him to the mosque got a bit late in coming out, he became agitated and irritated and started walking himself. I saw the person catching him on the way, cruising along in the car requesting him to come inside and take a ride but he kept on refusing. I was on my motorcycle, I requested him that he can come with me, and then he relented and went to the mosque on a motorcycle and not on car.

meet wali allah

Giving a message that prayers can not wait. When Ahsan Hyder left for the hereafter inimam of Masjid Ghausia where he used to pray announced after asar prayers that a regular namazi who would be present at the time of takbeere-oola had left for the hereafter. These were the people whose eating habits were regular with strict times for breakfast, lunch and dinner connected with the regularity of prayers.

It appeared that their life events were organized to occur around the set time for the prayers. They made sure that breakfast, lunch and dinner would be at proper times, properly served with all those in the house eating together.

It was inconceivable that someone visiting them around meal time would go back without eating from ma-haazir what's there. Today the tradition of regular meal times in many homes has vanished.

I know of so many children who come to school without a proper breakfast, and hence cranky and irritable.

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Parents do not have time to prepare and have breakfast. On the way to school, they buy and stick some junk food in the kids' bags hoping that this would substitute for a healthy meal.

meet wali allah

One Simple Rule Silah e rehami and care for the relatives was a consistent theme in their lives. They just love him for being Allah. They always want HIM to be pleased with them. In order words, their presence alone can make you increase in faith. They do not grief or fear The holy Quran says: For them are glad tidings, in the life of the present world i.

No change can there be in the Words of Allah, this is indeed the supreme success. It is they who are the believers in truth. For them are grades of dignity with their Lord, and Forgiveness and a generous provision Paradise.

They constantly make Tawbah The friends of Allah constantly repent for their sins. They do not underestimate any sin no matter how little it may seem, and they fear deeply when they feel they have done wrong. They remember Allah much The friends of Allah ponder much and are very conscious of their creator. The holy Quran says: They do not talk much We are accounted for every word we utter. That is why the people who are very close to Allah do not engage in talkativeness.

They only talk when necessary and they speak truth. In their silence, they are remembering Allah. They do not eat much For a person who constantly remembers Allah, death, day of resurrection, heaven and hell, food is the least of his priorities.

That is because they are too afraid of their creator to have appetite, and too eager for their meeting with HIM swt and paradise. They love for the sake of Allah The friends of Allah only love that which Allah loves and hate what Allah hates. Their friends are those who are pious and also fear Allah. They do not keep bad company at all. They are charitable The friends of Allah are very generous. They give and keep little for themselves but they are not extravagant.