Meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

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meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

Description:** Engie wears a mini dispenser backpack (is unable to I'm not sure if I agree but if you added the option to active/deactivate it This is seemingly getting a pretty positive reaction. all comments If multiple soldiers call in drops the plane will adjust its course to meet all the requests. If I'm unclear, or you'd like to read more about chemistry sets, please: .. Assumed you put all the ingredients and the item together and got I am interested in how the market will react when cheaper sets have been sold. . [ Meet the Stats lists] - I have seen very few chem sets up for trade. by the player, these speech lines only play in reaction to the player completing a specific task, Some response rules are common to all classes, while others may be specific to that class. certain conditions are met, some of which occur % of the time (such as "You've failed! Backpack

But even in pain, IF couldn't possibly miss that voice. After all, the distance between them didn't even reach 2 meters, her green eyes gave a quick glance and confirmed it. Gear was free and was frozen in shock right next to her. Heh… Well, now I feel stupid that you got to see me in such a sorry state.

The fact that IF wasn't thrashing around, screaming meant she thankfully didn't break anything. As if turned off by a switch, her awkward expression fell and was replaced with full seriousness.

IF looked back at the hovering titan, who seems to let them have their talk in peace. This creep is freakishly strong. Because of everything that happened, which was a lot to take in for Nepgear, the CPU Candidate failed to notice a goddamn giant with bloodthirstiness so thick he was basically emitting it. Is this the 'creep' that IF spoke of? Why is he here? What is he doing?

meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

Can she dismantle him? Is he an ally? No, he's obviously a foe, he attacked IF. They have to fight this thing!?

meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

The mere mention of fighting someone as tall as house threw the CPU Candidate into panic. Her legs froze to the ground, her weapon, a mix of a sword and a gun, a Gunblade, nearly fell from her shaky grip.

Her entire figure was uncontrollably shaking. They can't do it, she can't do it, there's no way she can win against him. We have to buy some time so everyone can wake up and regain their strength! Even in the face of certain death, Compa shown nothing but pure confidence. She believed that they can win this, she believed that they can rescue all other CPUs. With her weapon in hand, an oversized syringe full of questionable liquid.

Compa and IF charged together, leaving Nepgear alone to watch them with amazement… Or rather, as if she saw someone crazy. They were just humans, how can they be so convicted that they can win? Just by looking at him she can say that he's above them! And yet… They didn't stop.

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The machine brings his axe down and the girls split, IF rolled to the right while Compa dodged to the left. For the third time today, the robot's axe got stuck deep in the ground and the girls persistently attacked his hands with their weapons.

They stabbed, slashed, punched and kicked but nothing worked, nothing was leaving even a tinies mark on his forearms. In it's own right, it was an amusing sight to watch.

But even so they still attacked. Even when being outmatched, they were still fighting. Hell, this robot doesn't even look like he was taking this fight seriously!

But seeing their friends acting more bravely than she was… it was embarrassing. She's the CPU Candidate, she was supposed to protect them, not vice versa. Yes, she definitely should. But can she do it…? Can she accomplish what she failed to accomplish earlier? Tightening her grip on her Gunblade, Nepgear charged. Before anyone could react, she fired multiple shots towards his flying form, with each bullet hitting his body with perfect accuracy and sending him even higher.

The titan was basically juggled like a ball. As a finisher, the CPU Candidate charged up a giant-fuck-you laser and then fired it straight at him. The collision of the beam and the titan resulted in a gigantic explosion. Once the sky was clear, IF and Compa could see the robot crashing down with a trail of smoke. They had no words to describe it.

It was just… wow. With the deed done and the threat removed, the CPU Candidate slowly faced her friends. The awkward and lingering silence left the lilac-haired Candidate feeling rather embarrassed… "Um…? Ehehehe…" Her feet felt the force of the robot's mighty body hitting the ground, threatening to tumble her.

Her ears heard the loud sound of him crashing with the earth, it was painful to her ears but also so satisfying. Her eyes saw pieces of hardware and other trash rolling or falling into her vision.

meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

Nepgear would be lying if she said that she wasn't feeling proud right now. All on her own. Who wouldn't feel proud of this!? And why is Compa looking up? Or why is IF pointing behind her? He's right behind her, still alive, isn't he? Bracing herself, Nepgear turns around and Her short burst of confidence shatters apart in an instant. Surrounded by mountains of trash was the same enemy Nepgear has just cut down, perfectly fine, perfectly beautiful, not even a scratch ruined his black armor.

Is that seriously all the strength you possess!? Meanwhile his opponents were at the verge of panicking, if they weren't already. Moments after Nepgear used her ultimate attack, the crystal stopped shining as brightly as before, and the glow coming from CPUs ceased altogether.

She knew this wouldn't be enough and yet she still sent them away. The fairy wanted to say more, but IF stopped her before she could do so. Then… there's nothing else we can do here! I'll finish you off right now! At the same time, the lilac-haired girl was slowly succumbing to her own despair. I…I'm completely powerless…" The unsuccessful invasion of the Decoy left the streets littered with blood, oil, bullet shells and corpses, metallic ones of course. With nothing left to fight for today, the team returned the run-down shack where they set-up the Re: They were tired but there were plans to be made and wounds to be licked, not literally of course, that would be gross.

But even so they had to quickly pack up and get to their next destination. A young woman was already there, looking through the various maps of the area. Among the red-clothed mercenaries, her purple office dress stood up, with her black, transparent tights and black boots adoring her legs.

This ladies and gentleman was Miss Pauling, the Administrator's right hand and a woman to be feared. She swept away the annoying strand of her raven hair and raised her gaze towards the mercs, her brows couldn't be even more furrowed than they already are.

But-" She took time to adjust her glasses, looking at the frenchie with her green eyes. We don't have time to fight every patrol, nor we could afford the possible casualties while on the move. To this day, Sniper still can't understand why Mann Co. The Australian's words were ignored however, with Scout voicing his own idea from the floor in the corner. Ve vould just make zhe history repeat itself.

His van could possibly take 3 or 4 of them, that would be enough to slow down bots for the rest of them to catch up, but then one small detail occurred in his mind. Snipes' van prolly stinks full off pee-pee. And not because of Sniper's van. It should be fine to use right now, I tested it before and it worked fine. Speak up earlier, next time!

After losing enough ground, the robots had hard time pushing through the rest of their defenses, which resulted in a Gravel War-like stalemate. Knowing where Gray Mann's next target is a bit tricker, but with the Administrator they should be able to handle it. Her connections and the bugs hidden are enough to know where and who will be sent. The hardest part is getting there before the Carrier Tank.

Trains are an obvious no, too easy to ambush and losses are always severe. Cars were too slow and the planes can't land everywhere. But with Engineer's new teleporter, they'll have a chance… "Sorry, sorry ma'am.

Might need some help collectin' parts though. Heavy, go help out Engineer. Rest of you guys, pack up. I want everything to be ready as quickly as possible. It was a common sight, Miss Pauling orchestrating their work and priorities, and the mercenaries grunting in response and obeying diligently. The ravenette will need to question Engineer more on that thing he's creating, that could be their trump card in this war. Her ears caught the sound of quiet snores, Demoman was peacefully sleeping next to the doors, which irked Miss Pauling.

But then that was changed into surprise once Spy took a glass of water, and poured it on Demo's face. The drunk people always have the best reactions, don't they? She doesn't want to die… She truly doesn't want to die… Not like this… Their soon-to-be executioner got closer with each moment, and with him their death also neared.

He moved slowly, so agonizingly slowly, as if savoring this moment. The, once brave, Guild agent and Nurse were now shaking in fear. Time has seemed to slow down as the distressed Nepgear tried to find a way out from this predicament.

But, is there any? They were truly concerned. Behind and on their sides were piles of trash blocking the way, too tall for them to attempt climb with this machine chasing them, Nepgear wasn't confident that she could fly over them even on her own, as the EXE-Drive left her exhausted. Even now, the fatigue tried to overtake her, but the adrenaline was still in full effect.

If she faints now, it's game over for all of them. She, IF and Compa will surely die here. She doesn't want any of them to die The only way for every of them to survive, is to take the path in front of them. The one that is guarded by the giant. Using brute force was impossible, nothing even scratched his armor… If they could do at least somehow immobilize him. Paralyze, stun, seal, anything, if they could distract him they could make a run for it.

Her blue eyes took a glance at the Sharicite Compa was holding, it still possessed some of the Share energy. All she needs to do is just steal it. But… will it be enough? It looks very weak, it may even not work at all. The sudden movement caught machine's attention, which made him accelerate.

At the same time, Compa yelped in surprise when Nepgear's body suddenly crashed into her. The lilac-haired girl clumsily took the Sharicite from Compa's palm, and then ran towards the machine, leaving the confused nurse on the ground. Filling the crystal with her own power, Nepgear hurled it above the titan. Luckily, the robot has bit the bait and raised his head, IF and Compa did it too. All three of them were unaware of Nepgear's plan, or that she was covering her eyes and muttering "Come On.

My eyes, my eyes, my eyes…! Hey eyelids were growing heavy but she beared with it, her duty as a CPU Candidate had the highest priority, she had to keep them safe. The titan swung his axe, his lack of vision completely his accuracy.

Piles of junk were knocked by his trashing which then littered the area around, Compa even tripped on them but Nepgear quickly help her get up.

They blinded him, they took away his ability to enjoy their fear. He will rip out their eyes so they'll be blind like him right now, except forever! The robot vowed to get a bloody revenge for this insult towards him.


But right now all he could do, was to swing his axe with hopes of hitting anything fleshy. By the time girls' vision fully returned, they were away from where the CPUs were captured. They were hidden inside a small cavity made out of old tires, completely hidden from sight.

Nepgear has found them a temporary sanctuary to hide and bide their time until it was safe to leave. Once her vision was clear, the brunette looked around and found her savior, a heavily-panting-feeling-sleepy lilac-haired girl. It was a struggle just to keep her eyes open. Compa had similar thoughts like IF, but the state of Ge-Ge concerned her.

Ugh…" Leaving this question hanging in the air, Nepgear closed her eyes and again went back to the deep slumber. She fell, but Compa caught her before she hit anything.

Th-This is no time to pass out again! The person who Compa was now carrying was different-yet-similar-looking girl. She had a less brighter and bit shorter hair than her predecessor, purple eyes and an outfit resembling a school uniform, consisting of a white jacket-dress with purple lining.

Did she seriously lose consciousness now, of all times!? She can hear him, he was close.

Meet The Team Reaction Part 1

Once my retinal system come back online, I'll kill you all! Maybe even right above them.

New Engie weapon idea. Mini Dispenser backpack : tf2

But they found out his weakness to remember for later, IF needs to make a mental note to take flashbangs in case they encounter him ever again. Nothing more can be done now. It's hard to admit it, but they were horribly unprepared for this kind of mission.

Their Sharicite has saved only 1 out of 5 goddesses, they had no information about someone guarding the captured CPUs, and the girls had no countermeasures or even Plan B. It's honestly a miracle that they even saved anybody. Let's hurry up and get Gear out of this place! On her left she could see the CPU Guardian running havoc on a pile of trash, but judging by his words, he was still blind.

Maybe if they moved fast enough they could get away from him before his vision came back online. After taking like… nineteen, maybe twenty alien parts from Robo-Engineers, Heavy began to wonder what kind of building their Engineer was creating. The texan ignored everything else but the Robo-Engineers, even scrap metal didn't catch his attention. Which was amazing on its own, the tiny man built everything out of scrap. Their weight wasn't any problem for the Russian, but when he had to hold so many of those itty-bitty things, it's a wonder none of them are slipping through his arms.

Looking at the small green circuits he's carrying. It's those that make Robo-Engies teleport anywhere, we're gonna use their tech against 'em. Those tiny things are why Robo-Engies are constant problem on the battlefield? Heavy wouldn't be able to guess, he always thought that they had a teleporter built somewhere. But now it all makes sense. The texan led his temporary assistant to his workshop, a shack built away from the road and the main robot's route.

Because of that it was far less affected by the invasion than the ones they used in their defense. They could see Miss Pauling standing there, looking through one of the windows.

The assistant jumped in fright and faced the mercenary. The source of her momentary fright had to actively hold himself from laughing out loud, opting to let Heavy in so Miss Pauling won't see his face. Just watch for cables, don't trip on them. Being a curious and a bold person, Miss Pauling peeked through the opened doors.

Her eyes widened once she saw it. In the center of the room was a Control Point, even surrounded by the yellow-and-black striped tape that the assistant often saw on the battlefields. Surrounding it were many strange metal cylinders, each of them about only slightly bigger than Demoman's pipe grenades. Each of those was connected to a dispenser of varying levels standing next to a wall with a thick black cable.

Team Fortress 2 - th Update!

For what purpose, only Engineer could know. Protecting the cylinders and the Capture Point was Mann Co. It had no ceiling, and there was a huge raygun above the entire construction, aimed at the centre of the Control Point. There were more than few things that she needed to ask about it, like how did he get a Control Point here? Those things were strictly guarded by both Redmond and Blutarch. There's no way either of them would give out such an important object.

meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

Did the Administrator pulled some strings without telling her? It can transport everything at once, no exit needed. Y'all need to do is just put whatcha want moved into the chamber, put in some coordinates and you're good to go. If this works like he said, then they'll gain a significant edge against Gray Mann.

meet them all reaction tf2 backpack

They'll be able to instantly transport mercs anywhere they want, with no warning. Hell, with that they could even make an assault on Gray Gravel's HQ and end this war right here and now. But how he got the Control Point… Those were built to remotely control the facilities.

You can control doors, signs, and even the local Re: Then the music pauses as the scene cuts back to Soldier's drill where he unhooks two grenades from his belt. The soldier then sends out a crocket onto a defending BLU Heavy and Pyro, killing them both, as the Soldier captures the point, but a BLU spy uncloaks and attempts to backstab the Soldier, but the Soldier retaliated with a swift shovel to the face, knocking the cigarette out of the Spy's now bleeding mouth, giving a freeze frame of the moment.

It then cuts back to the Soldier's drill, where the Soldier was laughing about that particular moment before going back towards his recruits. It then shows that the recruits in question are actually the decapitated heads of the BLU team, perched on top of a gate, all wearing helmets. The Medic head then falls off before the end music plays and cuts back to where the Soldier is looking straight at the Medic's head.

Helmet is, then Goodwitch is more than strict enough to keep him out of Beacon. See ya in months, still not dead. So I decided to put down some really terrible extra content Not 'only a couple words bad', but it's simply fillerbecause 1: I put the effort of typing this and I feel I had to make use of this crap, 2: I had some ideas and wanted to know what you guys think you know, is it good, is it shitty, is it meh, I really just wanna know.

First is this argument I had between Weiss and Yang, that was actually part of a prank, because since Weiss wants to be the best teammate she could be, and after resolving issues with Ruby and Blake, she decided to do some team bonding with her polar opposite and surprisingly the only one she didn't have some major conflict with, Yang. And after the brawler learns of this, she wanted to do a prank, as she really wanted to the heiress to lighten up, and actually do something funny and stupid for once.

Then again you must have been born on a highway cause that's where most accidents happen. Demoman, seemed a bit much like filler once I was done with of. Though team SSSN did hear the redhead, and seeing as how she's the best fighter of Beacon's first-years, they put money on Soldier minus Scarlet, who put money on Demo as a safety measure for the team. Really, it's obvious who's going to win. A backpack filled to the brim with food, where it would provide backstab immunity and passive healing, but as a downside lowers your already terrible speed.

Basically a K helmet, with the Helmet providing reduce headshot damage received, while the visor reduces your minigun accuracy. It's not much but it's something to think about. Third, an inaccurate RWBY Theory that's completely unrealistic and would only be considered a joke for people with no sense of humor Not like Yang's sense of humor, just no humor in them at all.

And another theory that's probably stupider What if the acronym team names aren't just assign to show who is leader and to sound cool, but to show on how the order of leadership would go. Weiss is second in command, because while her initial nature might not work as well with others, she does know strategy.