Meet friends in netherlands

How to Make Friends With the Dutch Essential Tips For Expats

meet friends in netherlands

Friendship site Netherlands Female penpals male pen pal find friends in Netherlands meet new penpals and friends online friendship site in Netherlands or. A non-extensive, probably rubbish guide to making friends. Where to go to make friends in Amsterdam? And how are the Dutch towards the foreigners? I have heard that it is quite difficult to find Dutch.

Following my wandering in the wilderness, I have returned with advice on how to become friends with the Dutch.

Tips For Making Friends In The Netherlands

When asked this question, always reply how much you love this country compared to your own, and how much better the quality of life is here; that will immediately score you some despite being a bloody foreigner knows his or her place brownie points. How to Make Friends with the Dutch? If you want to get on, dress as if you are going to pick up some plants from the local garden center.

This will make you less suspicious to the locals who will relax and might even involve you in a conversation. Wear jeans with holes in the knees to make friends with the Dutch The Language Death Spiral when trying to make friends with the Dutch Here is an interesting conundrum.

If your Dutch is good enough, then politely insist on speaking Dutch as you wish to improve your skills. Be persistent and, even if they respond in English, continue speaking Dutch.

How to Make Friends and Feel at Home in the Netherlands

This should hopefully wear them down and have them speaking with you in their language. The effort you make in speaking Dutch should, with most reasonable people, play in your favor. This will often go down well and give them a warm feeling of superiority and a chance to show off their English skills.

Getting the Dutch to speak English with expats is like banging your head against a….

meet friends in netherlands

Transparency In most countries in the world, the invention commonly known as curtains is still widely used. Here in the Netherlands, with its open society, such things are not regarded as necessary. When in conversation with the locals, compliment them on the financial astuteness of not having to waste money on unnecessary dry cleaning. As much bonding and friendship often starts with drinks after work, this often excludes local Dutch colleagues who have to rush off home to their demanding partners or to collect children from childcare.

What then transpires is that the only people who tend to socialize regularly outside work are the expats who often, at least, to begin with, are on their own. The view is often: This is a slightly surreal experience.

Tips For Making Friends In The Netherlands – DutchReview

This is quite common and a possible explanation why adults tend to be less open than youngsters. How expats can make friends Although meeting friends as an expat may be challenging, it does not mean that it is impossible to develop a close circle of friends. Below are five tips to help you take those first steps towards doing just that: There are several expat social groups in the Netherlands designed for all types of internationals from all sorts of nationalities. From family groups to sports clubsthere is bound to be something that fits in with your personality and preference.

If you have been putting yourself and your need for friends aside because you are busy taking care of everyone else, stop treating yourself this way.

meet friends in netherlands

Everyone deserves to have a healthy social life, especially the "stay-at-home" moms with young children and the corporate giants working more than 60 hours a week.

It means that by changing your view on whom or what an ideal friend should look like or believe in, you can allow more people into your life who could become friends. Friends serve many purposes in our lives and the more potential friends we welcome in, the greater the chances of meeting someone who may become a friend for life.

meet friends in netherlands

Maybe you tend to compare new potential friends with your current ones or even that you will not be able to fit in. Discovering what holds you back will allow you to consider the possibility that new friends may be around you. Hear what people say and share what you are going through. Nothing brings people closer than sharing similar experiences. If you still find meeting people or making friends difficult and in fact, that affects your daily life, it may be wise to seek professional guidance.

Feeling alone in a world full of potential friends is not a situation you deserve to experience. Believe me, there are plenty of expats who are in your shoes when it comes to meeting new people abroad, and they are waiting to become your friend! Author Debby Poort Debby is a registered integrative therapist and offers individual therapy and couples counseling to expats living in Holland.