Hope we can meet in spanish

8 German words that are impossible to translate into English - The Local

hope we can meet in spanish

Find an English-Portuguese translation in the English to Portuguese dictionary by entering a word to translate in the field above. You can also enter a. Wow, you speak amazing Spanish, how long have you been here ¿me puedo casar con su hija? can I marry your daughter? We believe that independent journalism has the power to drive change and build hope. 1A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. 'he looked through her belongings in the hope of coming across some information' . 'Mark is recovering well and hopes to meet the man who saved his life one day. . informal Used to convey that there is very little chance that something will happen .

Trying to come up with an English word that conveys all the above left us stumped and overwhelmedtoo. If you work in a large office in Germany, you might have noticed colleagues saying Mahlzeit!

hope we can meet in spanish

An office canteen in Munich. Plus, can you think of an English word you say to your colleagues each day from around noon to 2. We didn't think so.

hope we can meet in spanish

While it's true that English words such as likeable, friendly and congenial can be used in its place, oftentimes none of these terms manage to truly say what a German speaker strives to communicate when they use it. One might describe rapper Sido's appearance here as sympathisch.

Here are some questions that might get the ball rolling, grouped by category: Deeper Conversations in Spanish: Once you've learned a little bit about the other person, how can you expand the discussion on the current topic? As well as offering your own insights and opinions, you can drill deeper and find out more of the other person's.

People do love to talk about themselves, after all. Changing the Subject in Spanish What if the well runs dry? In any long conversation, the topic will naturally change over time. Once again, it's the energy that matters, not the information being shared. Unless the other person has something that they're absolutely desperate to say on the current subject, they won't mind or perhaps even notice if you make a smooth transition to something else.

Eso me recuerda… — That reminds me… Hablando de eso… — Speaking of which… Por otra parte… — On another note… Estoy cambiando de tema, pero… — I'm changing the subject, but… Me preguntaba… — I was wondering… Te voy a decir una cosa… — Let me tell you something How to Sound Natural When You Speak Spanish You might be able to have a conversation, but are you conversational?

These little verbal sprinkles are a big part of the difference between speaking naturally and merely speaking correctly.

8 German words that are impossible to translate into English

Here are a few you can use in Spanish: This mildly rude exclamation is very common in Spain, but not so much in Latin America. Spanish has many such words. It varies massively from country to country, so be sure to find out what your local equivalent of these words is! Go Forth and Converse! And maybe I'm already doing!

Marilia If I didn't have family, I would travel around the world working as a volunteer. Cristina Albiach, Spain If money and time were not important, I would like to go to New Zealand, because I love unspoiled and wilderness places. If I was in New Zealand, I would hike through the mountains every morning to breathe pure air and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes. Furthermore, I would see strange species If I walked carefully.

To be honest, I think that if I had the opportunity to dive with sharks, I wouldn't do it because I'm extremely scared. If I had the chance, I would try to meet New Zealand citizens to ask them about their culture and taste their traditional food. Finally at night I would sleep under the stars if it weren't dangerous. I saw the pictures, it's amazing, with its landscape and rocks in the sea The reason why I prefer to go to the phi phi island is simple, I love sun, hot sand swimming, a lots of people around and getting sunbathe on the beach.

Chu, from Taiwan I was always thinking to do something for residents in Fukushima where was suffered tsunami and nuclear leaking accident 2 years ago in Japan. However, there were some obstacles which prevented me from my dream trip, such as money and language. If I had a lot of money and time, I would donate my efforts on clean the contaminated land, pay reasonable salary to hire local survived inhabitants for recreate the environment, design eco-tourism package for redevelop part of local economy, etc.

There were so many things I can do for them.

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If I got lots of money and time, I was happy to start my dream journey. Xiao Zhong, China I am a football fan. In this way, it is possible to see lots of well known super stars in the world, support my favourite teams directly and feel the dream atmosphere in the football kingdom. And I'd like to buy some souvenirs around the football field for my friends.

Leyla If a had time and money I would go with all my family on a trip around the world. Jurate, Lithuania Hi, What would my dream holiday be like?

hope we can meet in spanish

If I had enough time, determination, endurance and a strong adventurous vibe I'd travel by bike along the Mediterranean coastline. It would be wonderful to go through all the European southern countries with no hurry, following my own guidelines, interacting with local people, getting to know better their lifestyle, visiting historical and cultural sites on the way and enjoying the famous Mediterranean food!

I imagine this travel would be quite a challenge and I'd reach my destination tired, dirty and with no money, but if I accomplished it, I'd be very proud of myself.

Dear Tutor, how should I reply to a person telling me "nice to meet you...

Vicky If money did not matter, I would spend two or more years travelling from one side of the planet to the other, whith no plans, no direction at all, and no worries. First of allI would go to EEUU, Hawai islands exactly; to swim into the blue water sea, sunbath on the white sand and do trekking onthe high and green mountains.

I would love to learn some words in their language, taste the tipical food, and let my body moves with the well-known Hula dancing. Secondly, I would want fly to New York and stay there a few months if possible, cause I find awsome how many different nationality-people live there, together. That would inspire me a lot for getting to know how I really want my future to be. To sum up, I would do all that so as to learn more about cultures around the Earth, but definitely not as a way to relax, but a way to live unique experiences I won't have if I stay at home; because I can't stand going somewhere and waste the time without visiting anymore than the hotel enclosure.

I would like to visit diferents countries in Asia, Africa and South America and learn about their culture. I love travelling by train because you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and meet a lot of people who could help me in my trip.

I would like to go to Peru and visit Machu Picchu, people say that is very hard to arrive on the top but at the same time is a beautiful experience. Jose Well, unfortunately at this moment I'm unemployed so I can't think on holidays but I can dream with them, so if I had enough money and time, I would like to go on holidays to Hawaii, I like its environment, its way of life, its lovely becahes, its volcanoes, and I can't forget the link between that marvellous land and Elvis Presley.

I wish I could find a job in Hawaii, I'm sure that my family and me would be happy living and working in Hawaii. If I could go on holidays to UK for 6 months, I would like to go with my family, traveling around and trying to improve our english skills, that would be fantastic.

If I had more time, I would spend more time walking in forests and hills, discovering news landscapes in different countries. If I had more time, I would like to walk from Greece to Norway but it would last so long that I would really need a lot of money. And if this could be possible, I would like to learn the language of the country I am walking in. If it was possible, I would like teachers to come and walk with me, and trying to teach me how to speak their language. That would definitely be wonderful.

If people could learn more languages, the world wouldn't have so many problems. If we could all be walking from time to time in a different countries, we could learn a lot about cultural and social diversities, and so be more tolerant. Tarask I'd like to go to UK and visit London in particular. I'm a football fan so I'd visit some British stadiums and even might attend a match of the English Premier League. Also if I was in Britain I would go to Edinburgh and visit sightseeing of this city.

Ewa If I had enough courage, I'd travel through the endless steppes of Mongolia. I'd take trans siberian train if I bought a ticket. If somebody went with me we would ride the mongolian horses. I know that is blue-sky thinking but well, I love it. I'd take them to the castles of England we'd visit the littles villages of France trying the fantastic food they prepared and we'd go around the coast of Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Hopefully I could do it one day.

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Dang, Vietnam I had never gone anywhere. My family were very poor, and my parents hadn't enough money for relaxing.

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I want to go to jungle in Amazon. There are many interesting animals that I have seen on Discovery Channel. Also I would go to the sea in Philippines in summer. I would walk by the sea side and swim at night.

Giuseppe, Italy I'd like to spend a some of time together my wife and my sons in a tropical island such as the Maldives, Seychelles or Polynesia.

I'd like swimming and to eat fish every day, I love the sea and the sunsets