1d meet and greet experience

Storytellers of 1D, Steph's Experience of Meeting One Direction

1d meet and greet experience

Justin Bieber has cancelled all future meet-and-greets, and who can blame him? One Direction fans are popularly perceived to be obsessive and . with the experience recorded in a hilarious article for The Boston Phoenix. One Direction are gearing up for the release of their new album Made In The A.M. 'The London Session' will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the band to 'The London Session'; two passes to meet and greet with One Direction;. I'm going to tell you all about my experience of meeting One Direction last June during their UAN tour. My friends and I have been planning this.

Storytellers of 1D, Kat's experience meeting Harry and Niall

Finally the doors opened so we could wait inside the building. Like you could barely move. We had to wait until 6: She was so nice! Like all bouncy and british and cool and yeah, she was the best. Of course, it was a private meet and greet and no one knew about it so all the girls were like screaming: Where are they going??? Sally led us into hallways, we took two escalators and just so you know backstage MSG is really classy and pretty.

Steph’s Experience of Meeting One Direction

Prepare to say that to the boys! She stopped us in some kind of hallway that led to a ton of doors and told us to wait there. I was with Javier, who was meeting them too and his mom mary who was coming to take pictures. We waited about 15 minutes and I was soooo nervous: I assumed it was for us but noooo After what seemed like three years, we were told to go on and we were brought in front of one of the rooms at the end of the hallway.

Then, we were lined up: A security guard explained we were going to meet them in groups, a group being the people you came with so our group was Javier, Mary and I.

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We were third in line. So I just stared ahead waiting for someone to come out. And guess who did??? Once they did, I could see clearly into the room and there they were: Standing in a semi circle all smiley and real. I literally stopped in front of Niall and Harry they were the closest and was incapable to walk any farther, or talk, or think, or breathe. All I could really do was stare at Harry. Let me just say, that boy is perfect: I just gaped at his perfect curls, his cross necklace, the bird tattoo peeking in from under his white shirt, his really long skinny legs, his hand and asajbdejwbjfkawef lk.

So she pulled my tmh album out of my hand and passed it to the boys so they could sign it. He then passed it to Niall and looked down at me. Now to the best moment of my entire life: Harry Edward Styles smiled at me, held out his hand, and said: I just shook his hand really slowly and for a really long time.

Redefined — My 1D experience

Now can we just discuss how SOFT his hands are? Like the same texture as japanese cheesecake. On Thursday, the boys arrived in Tampa and I had heard from Twitter that the boys were at Universal so I called my bestfriend and we planned on going to Universal after she finished work.

  • Kat’s experience meeting Harry and Niall

They were walking pretty fast and at this time everyone is leaving the park so not alot of people noticed him. We left Universal around 7 ish cause they had left anyway. The next day was Friday and the boys had their concert in Tampa. So after my best friend got off of work, me and her drove to Tampa.

1d meet and greet experience

So we get to the concert and we went up to the box office to ask if they had any tickets left. We went until the show started before asking again.

1d meet and greet experience

So we went up to a different lady and asked again and she was kind of sketchy like in a drug deal way about it. So we flipped out and I was shaking at this point because I had loved the boys for only 6 months and I never thought this would happen.

The concert was amazing! I cried when Na Na Na came on cause I was they are real! This is a picture of how close I was to the boys with no zoom!

1d meet and greet experience

I still reblog pictures of Tampa and I still cry when I watch videos from Tampa cause it was the first time I ever saw them! So after the concert, me and my bestfriend tried following the bus but we relizaed that we were ahead of them soo we just decieded to go home because we were going to try and meet them in Orlando.