Skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

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skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

Meet the Skylanders. .. Golden Queen: “As Good as Gold and a Lot More Evil!” .. .. You'll meet all of the new Trap Team characters in Chapter 3, “Meet the The introduction of trappable villains is the newest achievement in the. Golden Queen, from the video game Skylanders: Trap Team, Villains, same powers, scepter (the Golden Queen doesn't have it on the picture, you can . After redeeming herself by joining the Skylanders prior to Type of Villain As the Trap Team were fighting the Doom Raiders, the Golden Queen was about to turn them into gold until Wildfire used his Such a pleasure to meet you again.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

After redeeming herself by joining the Skylanders prior to Skylanders: Imaginators, she is now a Sensei of the Sorcerer Class.

Contents [ show ] Personality The Golden Queen is a cruel and cold-hearted ruler, caring of nothing besides herself, she deeply loves gold and puts it before anything even friendship. When it came to her fellow Doom Raiders she saw them as nothing more than a means to an end rather than her actual friends, she shows virtually no concern when they are captured by the Skylanders as long as they fulfilled their usefulness towards her.

She was shown to be ruthless, willing to use the Tower of Time and all of it's inhabitants just as an example if the Skylands disobeyed her rules. The Golden Queen did not accept failure, even the slightest inconvenience to her plans would set her off edge and cause her to glow. While fighting the Skylanders at her lair, she was overconfident and underestimated her enemy which probably led to her downfall.

After redeeming herself by joining the Skylanders, she lost much of her obsession with gold and considers herself mostly reformed. Abilities With her sorcery skills she can turn anyone or anything into gold, either with a touch of her finger or a blast from her magic staff.

Golden Queen

She can also create a golden forcefield that blocks all attacks, as well as create energy rings that damage her foes. She can conjure golden butterfly-like objects that shoot bladed gold projectiles, she can even regenerate herself by absorbing gold treasures.

She can even transform into a giant form when submerged in vast amounts of gold, she gains massive strength and durability in this form. In Imaginators she can create golden scarab beetles from her staff that attack her foes, as well as create powerful shockwaves of energy that turn anyone hit by it into gold, she can transform into her giant form from the waist up even without any nearby gold sources also gainin the ability to shoot eye lasers.

She can even grow scarab wings and summon a huge swarm of gold scarab Beetles. Biography A wicked queen made entirely of gold and rich beyond her wildest imagination, the aptly named Golden Queen would gladly trade her entire fortune for just a little more. But why trade when you can steal?

She stole, and stole, and stole! But no matter how much she took, it was never enough. She easily won the duel by simply turning Kaos into a golden statue and abandoned him in parts unknown, taking Glumshanks with her and the remaining Doom Raiders. When the green goo needed to supply the Ultimate Weapon was cut off by the Skylanders, the Golden Queen wasn't pleased by Dr.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

Krankcase's failure but heeded his alternate solution to the problem. To power up their machine, they could use a slice of cheese provided by Krankcase and bury it, then go to 10, years into the future when the cheese would become stinky enough to power the Ultimate Weapon. The Golden Queen then ordered both Wolfgang and Dr.

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Krankcase to find and capture Kaos, as a Portal Master was needed to travel through time. Despite Krankcase's and Wolfgang's defeat at the hands of the Skylanders, Wolfgang was able to send the stinky slice of cheese from 10, years in the future to the Golden Queen's doorstep.

With the Ultimate Weapon at full power, she sent a transmission to all of Skylands where she gave her demands like the surrender of the Skylanders, the freedom of the Doom Raiders, all gold in Skylands be delivered to her in tribute, and she reserved the royal right to make an infinite number of rules.

To prove a point to all of Skylands, she made an example of those who oppose her by transporting Time Town to the inside of a crystal globe that was held in the palm of her hand. While navigating through the desert with Calithe Golden Queen became infuriated by the intrusion and turned Cali into a gold statue. The Golden Queen sends a transmission to all of Skylands of her rule. They entered her lair to confront the Queen, who intended to turn the Skylander into a golden trophy.

During the heat of the battle, the Golden Queen plunged herself into a pool of gold and grew enormous in size.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

She soon began chasing after the Skylander and Cali down the stairs leading to her throne, only to be trapped under a stone arch. The Skylanders brought down the arch upon the Queen, defeating her and ending her reign of terror by capturing her. After her incarceration and Kaos revealing his true plan to the Portal Masters on Earthshe was brought by the heroes to the Great Machine itself for her Villain Questprovided by a familiar ally, Dr. He introduced the Skylanders to the Piggybank-o-matic He theorized that the missing ingredient is gold, and of course the rehabilitated queen knows all about the valuable element.

Noobry was grateful for her arrival, and she activated the swine gold dispenser, being rewarded by the Mabu with a new outfit and the ability to activate the Piggybank-o-matics throughout the level.

Krankcase, and The Gulperinfiltrated the Skylander Academy under the guise of a musical band named "The Evil Imposters" set for the school's graduation party.

When their equipment was unloaded, the Doom Raiders immediately revealed their true identities and the Golden Queen proceeded to turn all present school faculty into gold statues while her allies scared away the guests. The Golden Queen plotted to ambush the returning Skylanders and turn them to gold as well, leaving them to a golden fate.

Upon noticing that something wasn't right, the Golden Queen was caught by surprise when Pet-Vac swiped her golden egg and she chased after the Mini Sky Baron around the courtyard.

When The Gulper captured the other Minis, the Golden Queen was willing to spare them for the return of her golden egg. Pet-Vac gave the Golden Queen back the egg, but used his vacuum jet pack to suck in the Queen's staff into his grasp, allowing Pet-Vac to turn The Gulper to gold and freeing the other Minis.

Skylanders Golden Queen Character

Without her golden staff, the Golden Queen was forced to surrender. When bested in her Boss Pursuit, the player will be able to race as the Golden Queen. Ring of Heroes Golden Queen was hired by Kaos to help take over the Shattered Islands to plant down elemental obelisks, conquering a part of the Golden Desert once again. Possibly after her defeat in Trap Team, she has also retreated to a new home in the Cave of Gold to store her new ill-gotten treasure, defending it personally with the help of her armies.

skylanders trap team meet the villains golden queen

Imaginators During her rehabilitation, Master Eon gave the Golden Queen and other villains a choice — either remain imprisoned in the newly-rebuilt Cloudcracker Prison or become Skylander Senseis, teaching a new generation of Imaginators their formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime.

But this gave her an opportunity to rethink her insatiable desire for treasure and that maybe there is more to life than stealing.

Golden Queen – Villain

She now trains the Sorcerer Class and considers herself mostly reformed. Relationships The Golden Queen goes to the Dreamcatcher for relationship advice, but found it questionable.

  • Golden Queen

Wolfgang The Golden Queen is well aware of Wolfgang's rage and will put him in his place without hesitation if he is out of line or dares to question her authority. The two villains were in a heated argument when Wolfgang was concerned over his fellow Doom Raiders being captured by the Skylanders. Despite this, when she brought Skylands to its knees, the Golden Queen demanded to the Skylanders to free her fellow Doom Raiders, including Wolfgang.

However, now that the two former Doom Raiders are Skylanders themselves, they are on much friendlier terms with one another, and they follow King Pen 's orders without question, even though they can have disagreements from time to time.

The Gulper Golden Queen appears to treat Gulper with disinterest and like a child, mostly only ordering him around to attack others.

Gameplay Through evil sorcery, the Golden Queen learned how to turn anyone or anything into solid gold with a touch of her finger or with the power of her golden staff. Being made of gold and other riches, she can regenerate herself by absorbing golden treasures.