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Over the Line? | The Redrawn Political Landscape in Pennsylvania

pennlive meet the candidates

Meet the 10 candidates running for seats on the D.C. State Board of Education - By Jana Benscoter | [email protected] Pennsylvania's Republican Party on Saturday endorsed candidates who are The endorsements at the Republican State Committee's winter meeting were expected after Mike Stack's re-election bid, reports. Candidates seeking their party's nomination for governor were invited to submit information for PennLive's Voters Guide.

However, neither Sites nor the mayor were able to attend Wednesday's meeting. The committee meeting had been reportedly legally advertised in advance.

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The committee action was also a legal vote, in that two of three members were present and made up a quorum. Besides Bey and Thickstun, the third of the three finalists was Stephen Mazzeo, a former police chief of Sunbury.

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Curry was quoted in PennLive. The mayor said the committee could have advertised a special meeting before the Aug. Curry is not a voting member of the committee, but the committee had allowed Curry to participate in the process of interviewing the candidates for chief, including the mayor in closed-door interviews that were held with the three finalists.

pennlive meet the candidates

As mayor, Curry oversees the police department. Moreover, if council were to deadlock Monday on choosing a new chief, it could be up to the mayor to break the tie.

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Thickstun confirmed on Thursday, Aug. Captain Bey must have the community's steadfast support if he is to be effective as Middletown's new Chief of Police. McGuire May 14, Congressman Brendan Boyle has represented Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District since and now, due to the redrawing of the state's congressional map earlier this year, he is running against Michele Lawrence for the 2nd District, which includes neighborhoods in North and Northeast Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania primary election takes place on Tuesday, May His father emigrated from Ireland at the age of In DecemberBoyle co-founded the Blue Collar Caucus with the goal of facilitating legislative ideas focused on addressing wage stagnation, job insecurity, reduced career opportunities and other issues related to the manufacturing and building trades.

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He was also appointed by the Democratic Caucus as the co-chair of the Jobs with Dignity task force. If re-elected, Boyle hopes to continue work with Congress to pass both a major infrastructure bill to create jobs and improve quality of life, as well as legislation for immigration reform, which he said has "real potential" if the Democrats take back the House.

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Prior to beginning his first term in U. Congress, Brendan served for six years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

pennlive meet the candidates

He lives in Northeast Philly with his wife and daughter. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. What made you want to run for U. Congress in the first place? What motivated me to run for Congress is similar to what motivated me to run for state legislature, and that is to get involved and try to make a serious impact in improving my community and my country.

And also representing a perspective that I thought too often is not very well represented.

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I grew up in a row home in Philadelphia in a very blue collar, working class community, and I tend to think that the perspective of America's working class, middle class, is not that well represented today either in Harrisburg or in Washington. Beyond that, I was always, from a very early age, interested in public policy: I tend to be a generalist, whether it's education, healthcare, labor laws, environment, immigration, and then all the issues affecting foreign policy, that's just what I've been interested in from a very early age.

What work are you proudest of since first entering U.

pennlive meet the candidates

Well, I've only been in Congress for three years and three months. Just recently, a couple months ago, I was able to get a bill passed despite being a Democrat serving in the minority. With a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, Democratic President, was able to get a bill passed on cybersecurity, so that's something that I'm very excited about.