Newt gingrich meet the press controversy

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newt gingrich meet the press controversy

Newt Gingrich turned partisan battles into bloodsport, wrecked A well-known animal fanatic, Gingrich was the one who suggested we meet at the Philadelphia Subscribe to The Atlantic and support years of independent journalism .. He reportedly circulated unsupported rumors about a scandal. Newt Gingrich hadn't been in the Republican presidential race a week before On Meet the Press, the former House speaker excoriated. Guests: John Podesta, Newt Gingrich, Bill McInturff, Fred Yang, Tom Brokaw, Joining me for this last Meet the Press before the election are NBC News . voters of every controversial thing Donald Trump has ever said.

But what's striking about this is this is saying to the country, "We're not going to dole all this money out, billions of dollars," which education secretaries don't normally have at their disposal. Go out there and compete. Show us reform, and then we'll give you money. We all have to take responsibility. And simply perpetuating the status quo is not going to get the kind of dramatically different results we want.

So where states, where districts, where nonprofits, where universities, parents, teachers, community leaders, where we all come together and say we want something dramatically different, we're willing to behave in different ways, we're willing to move outside our comfort zones, we're willing to collaborate, we want to put lots of money behind those places that will literally lead the country where we need to go.

Newt Gingrich--conservative Republican, former House speaker--why is this a vision that you support? Well, first of all, education is the number one factor in our future prosperity, it's the number one factor in national security and it's the number one factor in these young people having a decent future. I agree with Al Sharpton, this is the number one civil right of the 21st century.

So if you--if the president has shown real leadership--which he has. This is, a lot of places we fight. On this one he has said every parent should know whether the school's good. Every student should have transparency about a results.

Every parent should have the right to choose a charter school. Now, I, I would go further. I'd like to have a Pell Grant for K through But this is a huge step for this president to take. Can we just take a minute to explain how a charter school works? Well, Arne knows more than I do about this.

But basically, a charter school operates within a framework of direct public funding but is allowed to be more innovative, have its own work rules, have its own model of activity, very often has a specialized focus.

But do you want to expand on that for a second? Because you're the authority. I just want to say, as a country, we need more good schools. And good charter schools are a piece of the answer. Bad charter schools are a piece of the problem. But we've seen, in many historically underserved communities, charter schools being part of the answer, where students are getting great educations. But as a country, our best schools are world class.

We have a lot of schools in the middle. What we have, though, is we have schools at the bottom where we're perpetuating poverty, we're perpetuating social failure. We have to stop doing that and we have to create options and opportunities for children and communities that have been underserved for far too long.

You want to pick up, though, on your opening thought. I, I just want to give you one example that we all visited, because I think every American should understand there is no excuse for accepting failure. We visited the Mastery School in Philadelphia. Second most violent school in the city, 25th percentile in outcome. Three years ago the state became desperate, took over the school, turned it over to Mastery, which is a charter school system.

Same building, same students. Three years later, they're in the 86th percentile. And as one young man said to us, an 11th grader--everyone in the 11th grade plans to go to college in this inner city, poor neighborhood.

And one man said--young man said to us, in the old school he fought because he was expected to. Now he doesn't fight, because it's not tolerated. So there's no violence and real achievement. Every parent in the country should demand that their child be in a school of that caliber and that the change be now, not in five or 10 years. Al Sharpton, why is this a vision you support? You know, I, I was challenged by James Mtume, who's a music icon and talk show host, on why I and National Action Network, our group, was not dealing with education.

It was a civil rights issue. When he showed me the data percent of blacks get a diploma, 58 percent of Latinos, 78 percent of whites--I looked at this achievement gap, which was almost identical to a when I was born, the year of Brown vs. Board of Education, and I said, "How are we ignoring this? We are going backwards in a technological age as a country, and in my community we're getting inexperienced teachers, unequal education.

So if this means that we have to come together and make alliances to deal with the fact that almost half of the young people in my community are not even getting a high school diploma, I think the president is right.

And when the president challenged us, I think you've got to go beyond your comfort zone, because what we have been doing has not worked. Can you both concede that both political parties have, have stood in the way of reform through disagreement about education policy? I mean, inSpeaker Gingrich, you were an advocate of dismantling the Department of Education.

Here you are as a champion for a vision from the Department of Education about school reform. Look, I mean, if you ask me, in an ideal world, would I re-empower local school boards? Would I re-empower people to have a range of choices how to spend their money? I'd give every child a Pell Grant and allow every child and their parent to pick where to go.

But in a, in a time when we have liberal, Democratic president who has the courage to take on the establishment in education and who's prepared to say every state should adopt dramatic, bold reforms, I think as, as--if politics are the art of the possible, our children deserve a chance to see us come together, to put their future above partisanship and to find a way to take on the, the establishment in both parties and try to get this solved. I think that both parties have failed, but I think others have failed; I think unions have failed, I think parents have failed, I think communities have failed.

I would not agree with Pell Grant, but I agree with him that we've got to find the common ground. And what President Obama said to us in the meeting in the Oval Office in May is if we agree on 70 percent, can't we achieve that? We've got to move forward. The problem is that we've all stayed within our battle lines, and the kids have suffered. When we have gone out in these cities so far, Dave, the kids don't care that he's a Republican, I'm a Democrat; he was the speaker, I'm a civil rights leader.

They care that they say, "The teachers seem to have not cared about me, now I have teachers that do. The new racism, to me, is low expectations, where these kids are being told you can't be anything, you can't achieve something. They can, and we must make that happen. Let me--all right, I want to talk specifically about Race to the Top, this effort and some specific challenges that you face.

One of which is a disagreement with the unions on some issues, on the core issue of accountability. Accountability for this results problem. We know that the teachers union does not agree with the idea of standardized testing being an indicator of student performance.

We've sought out some points of view from educators around the country that I want to be part of this discussion, interviews that we did. One of them was with Randi Weingarten, of course, who's the head of the American Federation of Teachers.

She spoke to this accountability issue for teachers. This is what she said. A part of why the union keeps fighting against the demonization and scapegoating of teachers who are really trying to do their utmost to help kids is because we know we have to create a culture of shared responsibility. Let's create systems that better support teachers, that mentor teachers, that help us do our jobs.

And if there are people that are not making the grade, let's figure out ways, which we've tried to do now with peer review and other kinds of programs, to counsel them out and to remove them from the profession, but in a humane way.

That's what we mean by us stepping up more. She talks about shared responsibility. But educators are saying where is the shared responsibility, the accountability among the unions? Michelle Rhee, who I mentioned, head of D. The one topic that is most important to address in public education today, in my opinion, is how we are going to implement a system of accountability. For far too long, we have had children in our districts who are failing academically, and all of the adults have been able to keep their jobs and keep their contracts and that sort of thing.

And that really, that dynamic has to change. So here's my question, Secretary Duncan. Why should anybody believe that a Democratic president, who relies on interests like the unions who are out there organizing and who vote, why should somebody believe that he's really going to take them on, that you are really going to take them on to force accountability?

We all have to move--at the end of the day, we have to have dramatically better results for children. What makes great education is the adults. In every high performing school in this country, you have great principals and you have great teachers. Student achievement is the purpose of education. We need to evaluate whether students are learning or not. We need to start to focus on outcomes, not inputs. And as both these two gentlemen said, we all have to move outside our comfort zones.

These old, tired fights of the past just don't get us where we need to go. Everybody's moving, everybody's willing to move. At the end of the day, we want dramatically better outcomes for students. That's the only reason we all work every single day. But so how you--how do you hold teachers accountable, and while at the same time hold the unions' feet to the fire?

What we have said, which is a fundamental breakthrough, is we will only invest in those states and districts where student achievement is part of the evaluation. We've drawn, we have drawn a line in the sand.

Newt Gingrich

But what, but what if, but what if states lie to you? Because I've talked to educators who say But not really gather the data on student performance based on test results and still get the money. David, it's very simple, we simply won't fund them. This is--we're talking about everyone moving outside their comfort zone.

Department of Education has been part of the problem. Let me be very, very clear. We have been this big, historical, compliance-driven bureaucracy. We are trying to move from that to being this engine of innovation and in--to invest it and scale up what works. Jul Big Government is a 20th century idea; let it die. Jul Monthly "Corrections Day" to remove destructive rules.

Jul year term limits ok; 6-year limits empower bureaucrats. Jul I believe in lean bureaucracy, not in no bureaucracy. Jan Allow unlimited campaign contributions to anybody. May CFR protects incumbents by limiting free speech. Oct Increase federal limits on individual campaign contributions. Nov End judicial supremacy; preserve our Godly heritage.

Dec Insist on judges who understand our rights come from God. Dec Our rights come from God, not from government. Dec Americans want public officials to live a Christian life. Jan First days: Nov Identify constitutionality in every new congressional bill.

Jul Audit federal agencies, to reform or eliminate them. Jul Moratorium on all earmarks until budget is balanced. Jul Limit punitive damages; term limits on Congress. Sep Government is too big, too intrusive, too easy with money.

Omarosa: 'I Had A Blind Spot Where It Came To Donald Trump' (Full) - Meet The Press - NBC News

Oct Gun rights to opposing oppression; not for hunting. Jul Federal enforcement options for state gun crimes. I am for an individual health insurance requirement. Dec HillaryCare mandate ok; ObamaCare mandate unconstitutional. Dec No mandatory premium support model; give people choices.

Nov If you mandate healthcare, you mandate everything in life. Jun Tort Reform: Impose "loser pays" rules; cap punitive damages. May Repeal ObamaCare; sign tort reform instead. May Focus on Availability, Affordability, and Appropriateness.

May 21st-century personalized intelligent health system. Dec Focus on health as a moral issue. Dec Market competition yields more health choice at lower prices.

Dec Health Savings Accounts: Nov Save dollars and save lives--so transform urgently. Sep Tax credits for developing technology for disabilities. Sep Market dynamics can save healthcare, not government control.

Jul Ongoing battle against liberals nationalizing healthcare. Jul Decentralizing power will reduce health costs. Jun Replace expensive, red-tape-ridden, litigious system. Dec Medicare pays crooks; contract it out to private companies.

Jun Medicare opt-in to private health savings accounts. Dec Re-focus Medicare on preventive health instead of sickness. Let Medicare wither on the vine. Jan Socialized medicine designed to seize control of system. Jan Rick Santorum's healthcare stances compared to Newt's.

Jan Snowden should be tried as a felon for releasing secrets. Jan Train women for combat, even if not formally in combat. Jan All of us will be in danger for the rest of our lives.

Nov It's nonsense to disarm America to balance the budget. Oct Real danger of Iran getting nukes from Pakistan. Sep We have enemies that want disasters on an enormous scale. Jul Gitmo lawyers threaten to identify our CIA officers. May Enemy combatants not entitled to Miranda rights. Sep Be prepared in a very militant and aggressive way. Dec Contain nuclear threats: China, Russia, Pakistan, North Korea. Supported squadron of B-2 stealth bombers. May Military tribunals to lock people up the way Lincoln did.

Dec Defeat al Qaeda; contain N. Oct System that can smuggle slaves can also smuggle terrorists. Oct Biological threat bigger than nuclear threat. Sep Downsize the Pentagon to a triangle; decentralize decisions.

Jul Peace through strength, to lead the world. Jul Wishes he volunteered for Vietnam; exempt due to young kids. Jun Women not suitable for combat due to infections.

Newt Gingrich on the Issues

Jun Co-founded Military Reform Caucus as "cheap hawk solution". Mar Byfinish job of constructing a double border fence. Jan Romney's "self-deportation" is an Obama-level fantasy. Jan Not speaking English traps people into not getting jobs. Jan Santorum's immigration stances compared to Newt's. Nov Illegal aliens born in the US should not be deported.

Nov Sue the federal government for every cent spent on illegals. Nov Employers should use e-verify for all hires. Sep Require official English plus American history.

Sep I voted for Reagan's legal guest worker program. Sep Citizen Boards to decide which immigrants stay and go. Jun Deport 55, illegal aliens with multiple arrest records. Dec Elite immigration solution incompatible with American values.

newt gingrich meet the press controversy

Dec Lax border security lets in terrorists. Dec Immigrants must learn key values of American history. Dec Make it harder to sneak in, but easier for guest workers. Let Tiananmen students overstay visas. Jun Irish and Chinese immigrants overcame bigotry; so can blacks.

Jun No welfare for non-citizens. Dec Newt Gingrich on Jobs Auto bailout was unprecedented capitulation to unions. Feb Bigger government lead to more food stamps, not more jobs. Jan Go to college instead of 99 weeks of unemployment. Nov Fundamentally wrong to give unemployment pay for 99 weeks. Sep The American people create jobs; not government. Jun Number one job today is to create jobs.

Feb Jobs plan: May Card Check strips workers of right to secret ballot. May Union power games the system to minimize work. May Unions want to take away right to secret-ballot elections. Dec Union leaders prefer protection over competition. Sep Unions good early on, but now they block competition. Oct Unions focus on politics; corporations on doing business. Jan Lower lifetime earning level if you go to Job Corps. Sep Tea Party prevents mistake of electing conservative Dems. Jul If you're not loyal to U.

newt gingrich meet the press controversy

Jun Start speaking out in favor of American Exceptionalism. Jun American Exceptionalism is central to our nation's survival. Jun Five habits of liberty sustain American Exceptionalism.

Great revolutionary but less adept at governing. Sep America is now facing a mortal threat. May Saul Alinsky is clear: Left needs to be dishonest. May GOP regained majority after Watergate; and we'll do it again. Jan Creator as source of liberty is literally written in stone. Dec Media-academic-legal elite imposes radical secularist vision. Dec Focus on 5 major challenges for the 21st century. Dec Forced change from minority mentality to majority mentality.

Sep Winning the future requires a movement for real change. Oct Politics is war without blood. Feb GOP represents people, but Dems communicate better. Jul Baby Boomers becoming Republicans while Dems become outdated. Jul Liberals exploit weakness; conservatives offer strength. Jul We must choose between a future of freedom or decline.

Jul Culture of irresponsibility began in Jul Our civilization is a shared opportunity to pursue happiness.

newt gingrich meet the press controversy

Jul Search for progress in successful lessons of the past. Jun Many newspaper editorial boards contain socialists. Jun If you're afraid or broke or uneducated, you're not free. Resigned after election loss of House seats. Nov goal of durable conservative majority lasted until Aug AfterRepublicans failed to govern successfully. Dec 21st century Contract With America: Proceeded with unpopular impeachment "because we can". Jun Cooperate on Contract, but no compromise.

Jun Authored Conservative Opportunity Society manifesto.

'Meet the Press' transcript for Nov. 15, 2009

Jun Great Republican tradition of progressivism from Jan Parents married only a few months; named after stepfather. Jun Dated his geometry teacher in high-school; married her later. Jun As an army brat, I know how exciting military life can be. Jan Grew up on military bases during Vietnam War.

Jan Mother married to biological father for only 3 days. Jan Declaration assumes God created man. Dec Supreme Court hostile to religion, but building based on it. Oct Leaders of the American Revolution were committed to God. Apr Judeo-Christian traditions and rules work. Dec Polls are biased left; GOP wins on the issues. Jul Contract with America: Jan Take Social Security off federal budget; give young a choice.

Nov Get social security out of budget; make personal accounts. Sep Capital markets return more that Social Security promises. Dec Move retirement plans to personal savings plans. Dec Modernize via personal social security savings accounts.

Dec Transform Social Security into personal savings accounts. Jul Convert to IRA-based system. Jul Change how we pay for retirement but don't abolish system. Jan Reduce taxes on Social Security earnings. Oct Obama's "balanced approach" is code for raise taxes.

Jul Death tax is a direct assault on civil society. Feb Match the Chinese and have zero capital gains tax. Feb Flat tax proposal criticized for losing popular tax breaks. Dec Tax hikes retard growth and depress revenues. Dec Change tax policies to make US companies competitive abroad.

Sep Eliminate the capital gains tax to encourage investing. Sep Opposing taxes is a key conservative value. Jul Input of public judgement for any major tax reform. Jul EITC is an invitation to fraud. Jul Taxes are too complicated and IRS is too intimidating. Jul Adopt a single-rate tax system.