Meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

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meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

Meet the Robinsons () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sources of Inspiration – A Day With Wilbur Robinson, an American picture . Although the dynamic in their final scene feels a bit odd, with the older .. any details available on the technology behind the animation for this film and . a pre -existing song from written by Rube Bloom and Harry Ruby. Photo: Former commando Garry Robinson credits Prince Harry's Invictus was working behind the scenes to create the Invictus Games. . competitors arrived in London, HRH took time to meet with them and their families.

They shared a love of sport and a similar work ethic. Garry Robinson was involved in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in while serving in Afghanistan. Four soldiers were killed in the crash, including his best friend, Ben Chuck left. Garry Robinson During those first few months in hospital Garry wondered how the operation could have gone so wrong with such an elite crew. Long story short, pilot error.

Nothing ever goes perfectly. Unfortunately in this case it's a catastrophic event," Pete said.

meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

And so that comes down to me. Not a day goes by when I don't think about the guys that were in the back that lost their lives," he said. Garry's leg was amputated and he spent two years in rehabilitation learning to walk again.

meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

As he underwent operation after operation, the physical pain was often overwhelming. The idea of living with ongoing physical disabilities was particularly hard to bear.

Meet the Robinsons - Behind the scenes

He had been one of the fittest soldiers in his regiment and had been a member of the Australian triathlon team. Now, it would be almost two years before he could get out of a chair. Occupational therapist Kelly Gerrard worked with Garry during his first stint in rehab and said his brain injury meant he often had memory loss or confusion.

Goob apparently takes this to heart, and after remaining angrily fixated on the lost game he winds up never getting adopted and left to his fate in the randomly abandoned orphanage. The adult Bowler Hat Guy is hilariously inept at his villainy and Doris is clearly the one in charge. Presumably, this means the Bowler Hat Guy version of Goob never comes to exist.

meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

Her motivation feels too weak to be believable, and the fact that she is defeated by a quirk of time travel logic rather than a proper fight makes her even less memorable.

As far as Disney villains go, Doris is certainly not one of their best.

meet the robinsons behind scenes harry

One of my favourites is Dr. Lewis never figures out who she is during his time there, only working it out when he returns to the past to fix his memory scanner. Seeking a volunteer, he gets Lucille, and after using the device on her to recall memories of her wedding, Lewis and the audience realises who she is. One other character I liked here was that of Mildred, the woman who runs the orphanage Lewis lives at.

At the end of the film, she and Lewis also share a touching farewell after he finally finds a family of his own — you can see how happy she is for him and it makes for a lovely moment. Most of the credit goes to Angela Bassett for her gentle performance; she brings a lot of heart to this minor character and made her one of the highlights of the film for me.

Before I try to dissect the gigantic Robinson family, I feel I must state this one last time — there are far, far too many characters crammed into this film.

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Not counting Lewis, Wilbur or Lucille, there are still twelve more Robinsons to try and remember, but only Franny and Bud are given any real attention. The main one is that she is present as a child at the very science fair where Lewis meets Lucille, in a rather lazy coincidence.

Meet the Robinsons () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

Of course, this is often a problem in time-travel stories we all remember when Marty nearly slept with his own mother in Back to the Futurebut it feels especially weird here in a Disney film. Art, Gaston and Tallulah. Spike and Dmitri, Laszlo and Joe.

The remaining Robinsons are the following: He apparently makes the decision with his wife to adopt Lewis when they meet him at the science fair, showing him to be a caring man if not also a rash decision-maker.

The other brother, Joe, is the fat silent guy who married the Russian-accented Aunt Billie.

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Finally, we have the twins, Spike and Dmitri, whose precise relationship to the others is unknown and who are purely there as comic relief I totally forgot about them in the first draft. The Robinsons basically function as a collective character, working as a team to do things and engaging in all sorts of comic hijinks. Like all good futuristic families, the Robinsons also have a robot, in this case named Carl. Luckily for him, Lewis manages to restore the original timeline and Carl is thus resurrected for the finale, where he asks Lewis if he can beef up his design a bit in the future.

Meet The Robinsons – Animated Views

Carl fills the same basic role as B. Two golden, humanoid, robotic sidekicks in less than ten years seems a tad excessive, but what can I say? Physically, aside from B. On top of the already bulging main cast, we also have a slew of other minor characters to keep track of.