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Arkells take on politics in their new album ‘Rally Cry’

MEET THE CONTENDERS The auditorium will turn green at lunchtime Friday as Berardelli leads his students in team rallying cries. The Bulldogs will cheer him on in a pep rally Friday. Cheerleaders are ready for the pep rally. N.J., wait in line to meet Eagles players Zach Ertz and Jake Elliot at a. Pep Rally. Production Guide. Page 2 – Production Team Info. Page 3 – Pep Rally Schematics ALL MEMBERS OF THE PRODUCTION TEAM MEET DURING THE SUMMER TO pm Football Video and Chant– all players move to center court . *Hardy – “NOW ITS THAT TIME AGAIN FOR THE BATTLE CRY!!!. "You just lost half your players for the game tonight and you're in "Anyone who thinks we're having a pep rally today, we're not now," she.

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