Meet the feebles massacre at wounded

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meet the feebles massacre at wounded

Meet the Feebles is his second film, wedged between the incredibly low have the diva, Hiedi, a hippo married to Blech, who goes on a killing rampage with an . For more fun try Across the Wounded Galaxy by Rex Hurst. Meet the Feebles () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more After trying unsuccessfully to attempt suicide, Heidi goes on a shooting spree and kills His heroism costs the elephant two bloody knee wounds, and he accidentally. A page for describing YMMV: Meet the Feebles. This wouldn't be the last time Peter Jackson had a character sing while a battle goes on. An animal character.

The Show While the cast performs an opera number, Sebastian lambasts Robert for not failing his part as an extra on the stage. As punishment, he assigns Robert the task of replacing Wynyard's assistant, who has just been killed by Wynyard's knife throwing while going through drug withdrawal. Wynyard guilt-trips Robert into giving him money for drugs, after telling him a horror story about his time in Vietnam shown as a flashback parodying The Deer Hunter.

He eventually gets his fix from Trevor and injects himself into a deep slumber. The acts gradually disintegrate — Heidi nearly destroys the set by botching a swing, Abi the Indian mystic a humanoid incapacitates himself by contorting himself into a ball, and Sid's tribble -like pets are crushed by a barrel. Seeing his show in shambles, Sebastian tries to convince Bletch to feature his personal performance, the sexually explicit number " Sodomy " which he claims to have done before.

This is summarily rejected by Bletch, who physically throws Sebastian out of his office who curses Bletch for his inaction. Sebastian later decides to use the number anyway when the situation gets worse and performs it in front of the silent and unamused live audience, much to Bletch's horror who then schemes to have him eliminated when he gets the chance. The Elephant and the Chicken Sandy accuses Sid of being the father of their chicken-elephant child, to his dismay and denial.

During the live show, Sandy again accosts Sid on stage with the paternity suit, declaring she wants everyone to know. During a later tragic crossfire scene, Sid braves the crazed Heidi's automatic fire to save his son. His heroism costs the elephant two bloody knee wounds, and he accidentally crushes Sandy's shot-off head when she demanded the crazed Heidi to shoot Sid, but was shot by Heidi instead after it squawks out one final invective.

The Climax While the live show is proceeding elsewhere, Heidi attempts suicide by hanging, but her weight breaks the chandelier from the ceiling and she falls through the floor. She makes her way to Bletch's machine gun and tries to kill herself, but at the last moment, Samantha shows up and taunts her. Heidi, fed up with the cat's taunting and meddling with her life, drops all thoughts of suicide and responds by killing Samantha with the gun.

Rex Hurst Speaks : Meet the Feebles- A Deranged Tribute to the Muppets

Meanwhile, Wynyard, in a drugged stupor, tries to kill Robert before accidentally killing himself with his own knife and the cheering audience not knowing it is real. Sebastian does his "Sodomy" number before getting injured by a prop, while Heidi rampages over the entire set on a killing spree even shooting down any cameras near her. She finally finds Bletch and pumps many rounds into him as well. Bletch lies to Heidi about loving her having regret for all his actions, which distracts and brings her back to her senses and into dropping her gun and defenses before he then orders Trevor to kill her.

Trevor fires at Heidi and grazes her shoulder, but he then prepares to deal the finishing shot. However, Robert swings in just in the nick of time to kick Trevor, giving Heidi the chance to get her gun back first and shreds the rat.

meet the feebles massacre at wounded

Heidi then literally blows Bletch's brain out when he tries to escape. Realizing that she killed her love and ruined her career, she gives up her gun promising to turn herself over to the authorities and sadly sings "Garden of Love", leading into the epilogue and the credits. Epilogue Edit The epilogue reveals the fates of only six survivors: Sid gets extensive repair on his kneecaps after being shot by Heidi and works in an orchard as a struggling horticulturist with Seymour.

Arthur received an OBE for his lifelong service at the theater and retires to the country. Sebastian recovers from his injuries and achieved worldwide fame for his best seller The Feeble Variety Massacre: One Man's Act of Heroism! Robert, now an award-winning fashion photographer for a women's magazine, and Lucille are married with two children. Finally, Heidi, whose spree resulted in her imprisonment in a women's penitentiary for ten years implying that, although released inthe film's events occurred in the shas been rehabilitated under the community and now works under a new identity on the check-out counter of a large supermarket.

Meet the Feebles

Production Edit The film was originally conceived as part of a television series, and only belatedly became a feature after Japanese investors proposed expanding it; as such, the script was hastily re-written. The dialogue was recorded before shooting began.

Meet The Feebles: ' Nam Flashback

Made on an extremely low budget considering the time-consuming process of working with puppets, the film went over budget and schedule. Some scenes, including the Vietnam flashback, were funded by members of the film crew, and filmed secretly under the title The Frogs of War.

An initial application for Film Commission money was rejected, ironically by executive director Jim Boothwho a short time later became Jackson's producer. It is often mistakenly stated that there are no human characters in the film; the character Abi is a human. However, there are no real-life human characters in the film.

meet the feebles massacre at wounded

Director Jackson has a cameo as an audience member dressed as an alien from Bad Taste. Every vehicle seen in the film is a variation on the Morris Minorincluding a specially constructed limousine. By presumed coincidence, one of the characters, Harry the Hare, shares a name with the title character of James B.

The site's consensus reads "Dark and vulgar, Meet the Feebles is a backstage comedy featuring puppets that offers proof of Peter Jackson's taste for sheer outrageousness, even if it often lapses into pure juvenilia.

Meet the Feebles is for those with a strong stomach and a seriously warped sense of humor. The film is so off the beaten track that it makes Monty Python seem mainstream.

The Masochist was a weta a type of insect. Sidney and Sandy — an elephant and a chicken, respectively — managed to have a kid, for all Sidney's protests that he's not the father. Of all the lines this film happily crosses, killing off baby Seymour is not one of them. Sebastian, especially since a lot of much less Jerkassy characters get slaughtered in the finale.

However Sebastian is seen in an eyepatch which implies he lost an eye while trying to escape the rampage. Ironically after Sebastian performed "that song", Bletch orders Trevor to "eliminate the fudgepacker" but Heidi's rampage managed to prevent this. Also Sebastian "enjoys the act of sodomy" but claims God doesn't like the very act yet manages to survive the rampage. Sebastian surviving Heidi's massacre was a Bait-and-Switch because we see him hiding out in a Rocket launcher carrot used in the act but then the carrot goes off, crashes and explodes, so we're left to assume Sebastian died until The "Where Are They Now?

Bletch and Trevor murder the Fly in the Sky in a brutal, sadistic manner, ripping his wings off one after the other before flushing him down the toilet. If the Fly hadn't been such a pesky, invasive Jerk Assthe audience might have felt sorry for him.

Bletch and Trevor's murder of F. Harry makes a few attempts to kill The Tabloid Reporter but fails. He had nothing to do with what Bletch and Trevor did and he has no clue about it either, but he would be perfectly happy with it just the same. The climax, courtesy of Heidi. There are some survivors, though. Wynyard has a knife-throwing act, but has a terrible case of the shakes.

meet the feebles massacre at wounded

The result is just as bad as you think. Abi over his bed of nails when Sebastian starts yelling at him to get on stage. He falls and hurts himself a bit kind of foreshadowing his later death on the nails when threatened with firing.

Large and in Charge: Bletch manages the Feebles acting troupe, and is one of the biggest characters in the film. Furthermore, there's the aptly-named crime boss Mr.

Big, who is some kind of whale. Harry, whose obsession with sex is what leads to his disease. Love at First Sight: Robert is smitten with Lucille as soon as he first lays eyes on her. He's a Violent Glaswegian drug-trafficking punk boar, so any business you have with him is bound to be messy.

Robert, predicting Walter by a whopping 22 years. The only German in the movie sells cakes and pastries, and Abi, an Indian, is into mysticism and contortion. Let's not get into the Vietnamese No Celebrities Were Harmed: Trevor's voice is an obvious Peter Lorre parody.

And a good one, at that! It's also worth noting that, intentional or otherwise, Trevor is much closer to the menacing villains Lorre often played than most Peter Lorre parodies.

meet the feebles massacre at wounded

While he still has some cartoony features on top of being a Funny AnimalTrevor is much more realistic looking than most of the other puppets, which makes him even creepier.

And then there's F. Fly, whose mouth is the only cartoonish thing about him - he looks just like a real fly, only larger and somehow even more disgusting. Off with His Head! Barry gets his head bitten off by the giant spider.

During Heidi's rampage at the end, both Sandy and Harry get their heads blown off.

No one has a last name, except for maybe F. The reporter fly that is constantly harassing Harry because of his disease. Although there are porn titles mentioned, none of them spoof actual movie titles. There is a genuine example, although not with a movie title: Bletch hopes to win the "Hooker Prize", a takeoff on the Booker Prize. Sidney and Sandy's baby, Seymour, has an elephant's head and a chicken's body.

When Arthur sees Seymour for the first time, he comments to Sidney that " it's got [Sidney's] eyes ". Bletch mistreats Heidi, he treats Arthur with a fair amount of respect and even offers him a seat next to him and a cigar during the premiere of the show.

Sebastian, who is very demanding and difficult to please, especially with the stress of all of the goings-on combined with the fact that they'll be going on-air that night piling up on him. Subverted to hell and back. Aside from Robert, Lucille, Arthur and — arguably — Seymour, nearly all the animals in this movie are or eventually become ugly, disease ridden, rotten or just generally unpleasant. The opening number contains nothing that would be objectable to any parents who mistakenly rented this for their kids, other than the line "Samantha the pussy will show you some action" Samantha's a cat, but the audience doesn't know this yetwhich is easily missed anyway.

But as soon as it's over, Trevor who is smoking a cigarette, at that tells Heidi "Alright, you fat slag, move yer ass! Bletch and Samantha having sex.

What reference to The Deer Hunter would be complete without it? Wynyard and his commander were forced to play it in 'Nam when they were captured by the VC beavers. At Arthur's suggestion, Robert confesses his feelings for Lucille by singing her a song with her name in the lyrics. It's one of the sweetest and least disturbing moments in the film.

Wynyard really didn't deal well with his experiences in 'Nam. The Jesus on a crucifix in this movie looks like Kermit the Frog. Since the whole thing is a Muppets parody, it might as well have been intentional.

Wynyard's Vietnam flashback begins with a scene spoofing Full Metal Jacket 's urban combat and then has a scene where they are forced to play Russian Roulette, as a reference for The Deer Hunter. Fly is being tortured by Mr. Bletch, he cries out "Heeeelp meeeee! Show Within a Show: Much of the film is dedicated to what goes on behind the scenes of The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour, and we see quite a bit of the show itself.

The fly reporter's name is F. What do his initials stand for? Well, consider that he's a literal fly on the wall. After all the deaths and injuries during the rehearsal, Sebastian's only concern is that the show is now low on actors so he now has a chance to reinstate his own musical number. Fly, on top of being pesky and invasive, is also very smug and snide. When he finds out that Harry has caught "The Big One", he's beyond excited at the chance of getting a great scoop and is positively giddy and completely unsympathetic as he prods Harry for info, even mocking his impending death.

Bletch and Trevor find out, it winds up costing him his life. Sebastian's hilarious "Sodomy" number plays as we see Heidi gun nearly the entire cast and crew of the show. And the film ends with Heidi performing "Garden of Love" on stage one last time, with the set in shambles and Bletch's and Trevor's mutilated corpses surrounding her.

The audience's reaction to the above. Sebastian takes a bow anyway. Most animals are anthro, but several, such as the fish, are basically talking animals. Abi, the only human character in a cast of animals. He's still a puppet, though. Too Dumb to Live: When she walks in on a desperate, emotionally broken Heidi about to blow her brains out with Bletch's light machinegun, she taunts her and tells her she should take the safety off first.

Heidi follows her advice Then promptly turns Samantha into swiss cheese before going on a rampage. The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour is this, with knife-throwing, opera, musical numbers, skits, and more.

Bletch and Trevor are the film's main antagonists, and a lot of screen time is dedicated to their drug deal and later conflict with a rival gang, making them protagonists too in their own way. Cedric has this kind of accent, and is a thuggish drug dealer. Harry puking over the stage when he tries to perform regardless of his illness.

Right before the end credits, we see a montage of what became of the remaining cast members. Bletch the Walrus is a slippery drug dealer and an abusive boyfriend. Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: With all the bullying she receives from Trevor and even her "lover" Mr.

meet the feebles massacre at wounded

Bletch, it's hard not to feel sorry for Heidi, even if her massacre at the end is wrong and ends up killing some characters who didn't deserve it so much.