Meet the challenge of courage

How to Meet Change, Challenge and Uncertainty with Courage and Grace - Diane Bolden

meet the challenge of courage

Finding Courage to Meet Life's Challenges. Why is there so much evil in this world? Why is it that we're at the mercy of the elements, and the elements do so. I arm myself with courage, and I move forward in confidence to 'meet and greet' all experiences and challenges that come my way.”. Life is full of challenges. Some people seem to meet every challenge with confidence, while others struggle to overcome them. Learn how to turn your.

Have her give oral presentations as part of her schoolwork.

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Does your son have trouble sitting still and paying attention? Give him activities, like building blocks and puzzles that build concentration.

Let him start with short periods of schoolwork, but add ten minutes every couple of weeks until he can apply himself for longer periods. Advertisement Are your children uncoordinated?

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Have them practice throwing and catching, or dribbling a basketball. Shut off the TV and give them extra chores. Are they terrified of needles? Bring them to the doctor every time someone gets a vaccination or blood test, so they see needles are nothing more than a tiny sting. Years ago, when my three-year old daughter was afraid of dogs, my husband brought one home from a shelter.

meet the challenge of courage

She overcame her fear in a matter of days. Practice and familiarity will help your children gain confidence in overcoming their fears and struggles. Until fairly recent times, physical pain was a common occurrence during childhood.

In spring and fall, farms kids worked until their muscles ached. Students walked miles to school, in all weather. Mostly these children stood up, dusted themselves off, and realized that the pain was not that big a deal.

By adulthood, they had learned to take lots of discomfort in their stride. In our own time, novice ice skaters may throw themselves into the air and smash on the cold ice one hundred times before they land their first axel jump. They stand up and try again.

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Water skiers fall in the lake and swallow water all the time. They get back on their skis. Others players will urge them to ignore the pain, and take the base.

meet the challenge of courage

All of these exemplify the correct attitude to foster grit and determination. Children need to learn to take discomfort, even real pain, in their stride. It is a fact of life, and no one can hope to escape it. They build the virtue of fortitude or courage. When the courageous are knocked flat by an obstacle or illness, they stand right back up, dust themselves off, and get back in the race.

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Why Must Students be Courageous? We have all seen it. A mom posts that her seven-year-old son dawdles over schoolwork, gives her a hard time, and even throws tantrums.

meet the challenge of courage

Other moms will advise her that seven is way too young for school work, Mom should let him have fun all day. It replaces doubt and negativity with optimism and possibility. And it sees beyond limitations to recognize possibilities. It utilizes challenge as opportunity to become stronger, to rise up and discover that you have within you all that you need to prevail. This part of you is the essence of Real Leadership — which brings out the very best in everyone and everything and channels it into something that serves a greater good.

Real leadership is what is required in times of great change, challenge and uncertainty. And it is something that can be exercised by anyone, at any level of an organization at any time.

Cognitive science tells us that confirmation bias leads us to take in information that aligns with our current beliefs and screen anything that contradicts them out. Confirmation bias would lead you to take in information that confirms those beliefs and overlook or disregard information that contradicts them — even though that information is the very thing that could potentially turn everything around.

You could very well act in a manner that makes your worst stories which are likely based on conjecture become true. But even in the most daunting of circumstances, you can find something within yourself that has the potential to change the way you are seeing things. What are you not seeing? What are you believing about what is happening? And how much of that are you certain is actually true?

meet the challenge of courage

If you are willing to see things differently, your whole world could change in an instant. The thing about change is that nothing is certain. And when nothing is certain, anything is possible. If it is possible that we tend to act in ways that make our stories true — and bring about more of what we are focusing on, then the most powerful thing we can do is allow our stories and our focus to shift to something more empowering. When you notice you are fixated on obstacles, see if you can look beyond them to discern opportunities.

When feeling threatened about all there is to lose, consider what there is to gain. Instead of thinking of what you need to get, ask yourself what you have to give.