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meet julie the book

American Girl's new line of books is about Julie, a girl growing up in the s. Julie Albright doesn't want to move, even just a few miles away. Moving means leaving her best friend, Ivy, and her pet rabbit, Nutmeg. Worst of all, it means. The Paperback of the Meet Julie (American Girl Collection Series: Julie #1) by Megan McDonald, Susan Julie Mini Doll and Book.

Title 9 was still a pretty big and new thing. As much as I hear parents outraged that Julie didn't just demand to play because it was federal law to allow her, that's not exactly how things worked.

Meet Julie: An American Girl

From my own research there were a lot of girls that wanted to play and weren't allowed to because the schools didn't really care about Title 9. Unless a complaint was made or someone made a fuss, it often got ignored.

meet julie the book

In today's level of equality that's something hard to understand. It helps for girls to know exactly how hard of a fight women had to gain equality so they appreciate the rights they've been granted. Not only is Julie's story about a period of history, but it's also just like all the other American Girl stories. Julie has a huge challenge in her life, even if it is something we take for granted in modern America. She has to fight to overcome that challenge in the face of everyone looking down on her.

Playing basketball on the boys' team means going against a coach who doesn't want her to play. It means her father's disapproval. The girls in school call her a tomboy. She ends up losing her friendship with her best friend.

meet julie the book

On top of that, she's already got it rough because her parents are divorced. This has meant moving across town for starters.

meet julie the book

As if that wasn't enough, the girls in school whisper behind her back and she's completely embarrassed by the business her mother started to support them, even though the other kids unexpectedly find it cool. What I like best about this book is how well you can almost feel the changes going on in the country.

Meet Julie (American Girls : Julie) by Megan McDonald

It's right in the middle of women gaining more acceptance. As Julie's mom pointed out, it was only 40 years prior that women were finally granted the right to vote. Now women are starting to fight to gain their independence from men to the point where they can be self-sufficient creatures. Then Mom and Julie clear up the table, and Tracy pretends to play tennis against one of the walls. She asks Mom and Julie if they knew that when people didn't have rackets, they played tennis with their hands.

meet julie the book

Mom says no, and Tracy says that she can't wait for school and is going out for tennis. She keeps talking, and Julie says that her sister is a hair-freak and a tennis freak. Then, when Julie is in bed and Mom comes to tuck her in, Julie says that she doesn't know how she will start a new school.

Julie can't even find a pencil or her binder. She worries that know one will talk to her and she won't be able to find a friend. Mom says that once, Julie's Grandpa moved Mom and her family to France for a year.

meet julie the book

Mom could barely speak French. At school, a girl tried to tell Mom that her dress was pretty, but Mom didn't understand. When Mom figured out what the girl was saying, they had a laugh and eventually became best friends. Julie says she didn't know this, and she asks if the stickers on Mom's old footlocker are real, and if she saw the Eiffel Tower in person.

Mom says yes, and tells Julie that she knows that starting over is scary and it is scary for her, too. And every time she walks down the hall, she keeps a look out for Principal Sanchez, who was strict. He had a demerit system, which Julie soon knew all about. If you got three demerits, you had to stay after school to scrub desks or wash blackboards.

When Julie's teacher, Ms. Hunter, writes her name on the blackboard, a boy says that she had forgotten the "r" in Mrs. Hunter says that it's just Ms. Hunter, and she draws out the "zzz" sound, like a buzzing bee. She says that it's not Miss or Mrs. The students didn't understand. Hunter says to think of it like "Mr. A girl named Allison asks what is wrong with Miss or Mrs.

Hunter says that whether a woman is married or not is her business, and that Ms. Jump Shots and Rebounds Chapter Four: Career Day Chapter Five: Dumpster and Hoopsters Looking Back: America in the s Discusses life in America in the s. The ideology many people held about boys being more superior than girls in the fields of athletics.

Edith Greena Congresswomen who added a new section in the Educational Amendments of that forbid sex discrimination at any school that received money from the federal government - this section soon became Title IX.