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how to meet the lucky stars vostfr films

Contact Us / FAQs. At Virgin Unite we don't just tackle one cause; we look at many pressing issues, taking our resources and expertise wherever we feel we can. How to Meet the Lucky Stars is a Hong Kong action comedy film and the final film in the Lucky Stars film series. Featuring the "Lucky Stars" Sammo Hung . Hell's Heroes: Warner Archive (Z0, VO) High Voltage: Alpha Home Entertainment (Z0, VO) In Old Arizona: Fox US (A, VO) - Fox US (Z2, VO) Lucky Star.

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The Lucky Stars Series - with Pom Poms thrown in for the hell of it

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Jackie Chan My Lucky Stars Rare Ending HD 1080p

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how to meet the lucky stars vostfr films

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The Lucky Stars Series - with Pom Poms thrown in for the hell of it

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how to meet the lucky stars vostfr films

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how to meet the lucky stars vostfr films

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These occurred for thought bewitched them. Charlie's wife thinks he has a lover; Ambrose's believes he has an illegitimate child. He rescues a hot dog man from a thug, but takes a few with his walking stick. When the thief tries to take some of Charlie's sausages, Charlie gets the handbag. The handbag makes its way from person to person to its owner, who is angry with her boyfriend who didn't protect her in the first place.

The boyfriend decides to throw himself in the lake in despair, so Charlie helps him out. Mabel's Busy Day - Free - "A hotdog girl gives one to a policeman who then allows her into a race track.

While other customers swipe her hotdogs, Charlie runs off with the whole box, pretending to sell them while actually giving them away. She calls her policeman who battles Charlie. They confuse the addresses. The difficulties of delivering the piano by mule cart, and most of the specific gags, appeared later in Laurel and Hardy's 'The Music Box'. It was made at the Majestic Studio in Los Angeles.

Charlie playing an ex-convict finds life on the outside not to his liking and leads him to breaking into a home with another thief Wesley Ruggles. Edna Purviance plays the girl living in the home who tries to change him. He gets his food on the run milking a cow into his coffee, holding an chicken over the frying pan to get fried eggs. He loves the neighbor's daughter Edna but is disliked by her father. He rides a cow into a stream and is kicked off.

Unconscious, he dreams of a nymph dance. Back in reality a city slicker is hurt in a car crash and is being cared for by Edna. When Charlie is rejected after attempting to imitate the slicker, the result is ambiguous--either tragic or a happy ending.

Critics have long argued as to whether the final scene is real or a dream. Edna buys her fiance, the cashier, a birthday present. Charlie thinks "To Charles with Love" is for him. He presents her a rose which she throws in the garbage. Depressed, Charlie dreams of a bank robbery and his heroic role in saving he manager and Edna Liberty Bonds during World War I.

The trainer prepares Charlie to fight the world champion. A gambler wants Charlie to throw the fight. He and the trainer's daughter fall in love. Co-starring Eric Campbell and Edna Purviance, it is a story about Charlie and his boss finding an invitation to a party from a real Count.

Charlie will play dirty, throwing bricks to his contender, and using a huge hammer to hurt one of them. But a precocious kid will be the fourth suitor in discord. It starred Chaplin as a customer in a department store who finds out the manager is stealing money from the store.

It was noted for the first 'running staircase' used in films.

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Chung Fat also appears once again in another humorous cameo, this time as famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. The film, even though it has a flimsy plot, does move the characters along, and there is development in their relationships since the first movie. Unlike The Lucky Stars films, the characters and relationships carry on throughout the series. Philip Chan is also an actor. This time the action, what there is, was left to actor Lam Ching Ying to choreograph, a role he has carried out in a number of Hung produced films.

My Lucky Stars — My Lucky Stars has the same framework as the first in the series, but there are considerable differences to the plot and characters. The film is not a direct sequel to the first film as the cast play different characters, even if they are only slight variations on what they had played in the previous film.

They travel to Tokyo to capture a corrupt police officer played by Lam Ching Ying, who has joined up with gangsters. The action is terrific and an improvement on the already impressive action of the first film. This is where the film begins to differ from the original. The character names are also different than the first. Sibelle Hu was also added to the cast as Barbara Woo, a rookie police officer assigned to The Lucky Stars to keep them in line. This really amounts to the same situation of them all vying for her attention and trying to get her into bed.

Although these scenes are humorous, they can become repetitive, as they are in almost every entry of the series. As in the first movie, this is primarily a Sammo Hung film, with the rest of the Lucky Stars in support. Hung also once again directs but handed over writing duties to Barry Wong, who he co-wrote the first film with.

Unfortunately Yuen Biao is absent for the majority of the film, as he gets kidnapped in the opening scenes and only shows intermittingly throughout. Japanese actress Michiko Nishiwaki makes an appearance as a gang fighter who takes on Kid-stuff in the finale. This scene is played more for laughs, and those expecting a lengthy fight between these two will be disappointed.

As mentioned before, the action scenes are excellent, as had come to be expected from a film directed by Sammo Hung. Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying were once again on action choreography duties, which earned them a nomination for best action choreography at the Hong Film Awards. Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom — The third in the Pom Pom series changes things up a little, with the main focus of the film being split between the original stars of the series and comedy superstar Michael Hui.

Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom should have proved to be the best of the series. The plot involves Mr Boo teaming up with Chau and Beethoven to uncover and capture a diamond smuggler.

This is pretty much it for the plot. Just an excuse as usual for the characters to get involved in various comedy sketches. Taking the trio to Japan, this looks to be one of the more expensive entries in the series. Although still successful as a Hong Kong comedy, and as even part of the Pom Pom series, the main problem with Mr Boo Meets Pom Pom is the different styles of acting incorporated by its stars. Due to this the film can feel disjointed, and proves to be the weakest of the series.

There are some very funny scenes however including a hilarious dinner scene and a fight scene between Hui and a Sumo wrestler being two of the highlights. The usual faces are also present. Like Chan, he was much more successful as an actor than as a director. Ma acted in over films in his career. The best of his films as a director would be The Dead and the Deadly which he also co starred in with Sammo Hung, Picture of a Nymphwhich he also co starred in with Yuen Biao and the John Woo movie Just Heroes which he co-directed and once again co-starred in.

Action once again is limited to a few scenes throughout the movie. Although still essentially a comedy, there seems to be a stronger focus on action this time, with a number of excellent action scenes throughout. The Lucky Stars this time are assigned a job by the police. They are to let an actress, played by Rosamund Kwan, stay with them for her protection. This is due to her having information on a crime syndicate, who have sent three assassins after her.

At the same time Ricky Yuen Biao and Barbara Sibelle Hu stay at her home in order to capture the assassins that are sent after her. To be honest she may have been safer with the assassins, as the Lucky Stars do their usual and chase the poor women about the house, whilst she has to spur their sexual advances.

Sibelle Hu must have been glad though, as the same thing happened to her in the previous film. Sammo Hung once again does double duties, starring as lead character Kid-stuff and also working behind the camera as director. Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao also return from the previous movie. One of his most memorable scenes in the film is his first appearance alongside Jackie Chan and a very youthful Andy Lau. All three of them take part in an excellent fight scene.

As well as having the main cast from the previous movie, John Shum, who starred in the first entry Winners and Sinners, also returns. Each of them gets to take part in the films action and show off their skills, especially during the action packed finale. The end fight scene is between Richard Norton and Sammo Hung. Apparently the fight was originally to be between Norton and Jackie Chan, but due to Chan having injured himself previously, the film had to be reworked and Hung replaced him.

The excellent Richard Norton has had a varied career as an actor, stuntman and fight choreographer. As well as working in Hollywood, he has appeared in a number of Hong Kong action movies. Yasuaki Kurata should be well known to fans of Hong Kong cinema. Although hailing from Japan, he has appeared in numerous Hong Kong action movies.

A lot of people may not remember his name, but he always brightens up a film when he appears. Haigh credited in the film as Barry Huigh seems to have worked more as a voice over actor, with this being his only movie as a credited writer.

Kin Lo is somewhat more prolific working as both a director and writer. He worked again with Sammo Hung, having had a hand in the writing of Pedicab Driver He also directed the lesser known films Into the Fire and the supernatural comedy Banana Spiritstarring a pre stardom Francis Ng. Series regular Philip Chan also returns as their boss, Inspector Chan.

Add in Chau being mistakenly diagnosed with cancer, and all matter of mayhem ensues. Although having the plot concerning cancer, this is probably the best of the series, and a major improvement on the previous entry.