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· 57 comments Paikuhan I've actually pulled 4 dupes for, making him rainbow if I so The TEQ units worth mentioning are LR Goku Frieza, TEQ Vegito Blue, I'd say TEQ Tien -> Tapion / Paikuhan, at least until GLB gets PHY # be consistently supering, as well as helping the LR reach his USA. ♥love you my furry babies until we meet again at rainbow bridge Dog Quotes,. More information . "We shall meet again my Beloved Dog @ Rainbow Bridge!. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Dragon ball z, Dragonball z and Dragons. meer-bezoekers.info x 07 dd 78 07ddedeacdfcecjpg.

Everybody comes running to find Goku unconscious on the ground, when all of a sudden, the real, benevolent Shenron appears without being summoned, which is something that has never been seen before.

Shenron then heals Goku, and informs him and the other Z Fighters that he will not be able to grant any wishes for a long time due to everything that has happened involving the Dragon Balls with its negative energy, but Goku asks him if he will grant just one for "old times' sake".

He asks Shenron if he can bring everyone that died at the hands of the Shadow Dragons and Super 17 back to life. Shenron grants the wish.

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Everyone begins to worry that Goku is leaving them again. Shenron asks Goku if he will come along and Goku climbs on Shenron's back. After Goku climbs on, a recovering Vegeta runs over and asks Goku where he is going. A moment later, Vegeta realizes that Goku is going to train with Shenron and help fulfill this wish. Before going, Goku tells Vegeta that he is now Earth 's protector, and tells him that everyone is in his hands now.

Goku and Shenron go flying, and the Dragon Balls begin circulating around Goku. Chi-Chi tells Goku to be home in time for dinner, but Goku and Shenron fly off.

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Bulma begins to remember her first time meeting Goku when she was only sixteen years old while she was searching for the Dragon Balls and thinks that she is going to miss him. GohanVideland Chi-Chi return to their homes. Goten and Gohan try to comfort Chi-Chi by telling her that Goku always comes back for dinner.

Until We Meet Again

Pan asks Trunks if the Dragon Balls will ever come back. Trunks talks to Pan about the Dragon Balls, and is confident that they will again come back one day. Then Pan looks worried, and she stumbles upon Goku's Gi. Vegeta tells her to take good care of it and then flies off, leaving Pan alone.

Pan, with tears in her eyes, wonders if Goku will ever come back during her lifetime. They start talking about the past and end up having a little play fight.

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Krillin wins and then Goku disappears. Goku also visits Piccolowho is now in Hell keeping watch over everyone there. Goku tells Piccolo that he will get out of Hell someday and then leaves without saying goodbye. Many people see Goku with Shenron, including Yamcha and Puar who seemed like they were fixing their caras well as Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzuwho are busy training. Goku leaves with Shenron Goku goes with the dragon and lays on his stomach. Shenron roars then vanishes.

Pan is the only one alive of the old Z Fighters as all of them have died of natural causes, and she is old. Everyone arrives at Kami's Lookout, and Dende asks to heal Gohan first. When he wakes up, he sees Dende's smiling face. Dende apologizes for Goku's death, but Gohan is unconcerned, having felt his spirit and heard his voice when he defeated Cell.

He was sure his father helped somehow. Piccolo remarks on how much Gohan has changed. Android 18 awakens, having been healed by Dende at Krillin's behest. Krillin tells her that Cell has been defeated. Yamcha is still afraid of her, but the others do not worry about it as much. Piccolo tells her that Krillin protected her after Cell threw her up. Gohan blurts out in realization that Krillin is in love with her. Android 18 shows no gratitude and flies off the platform, leaving Krillin fighting back tears.

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Piccolo says they should hurry and gather the Dragon Balls so they can resurrect Trunks and the other humans killed in the Cell Games. With the Dragon Balls assembled, Dende summons Shenron. Android 18 notices the sky getting dark, and returns to the platform and hides when she sees Shenron appear. Yamcha wishes for the humans killed by Cell to be brought back to life, and Shenron grants it.

Before their eyes, a restored Trunks breathes again, and rises; this shocks Android Piccolo notices that Goku has not returned, but Shenron says he can now grant a second wish. However, the limit on the number of times he can resurrect someone is still in effect.

He cannot revive Goku again. Krillin suggests trying to revert time, but Tien says that would bring Cell back as well. Dende then says that the Dragon Balls on New Namek can revive him, since Porunga does not have the same limits on resurrection. Yamcha suggests they wish to go to New Namek.

At this point, everyone at Kami's Lookout hears the voice of Goku. He tells them that he died the way he wanted to: He says that what Bulma said about him being a magnet for trouble was true, and the world might get some peace without his power attracting new threats. So he tells his friends and son that he wishes to remain dead, and help King Kai get resituated in the Other Worldsince he, Bubbles and Gregory were also revived by their wish to revive those killed by Cell. Goku is certain Gohan will someday take his place as Earth's defender.

With that, he bids his friends farewell, saying he will see them when they die. They notice that he is the same carefree person that he always was, even dead.

Shenron reminds them they still have a wish, but nobody else can think of one. Yamcha jokes about getting a necklace for a girlfriend. Krillin speaks up, wishing for Android 17 and Android 18 to be turned human. Android 18, still hiding, thinks that is a stupid idea. Shenron says that turning a machine into living flesh is beyond his power.

Yamcha wonders why Krillin included Android 17 in the wish because he thinks he's dead, but Piccolo reminds Yamcha that Android 17 was probably revived by the first wish as well, since he exploded on King Kai's planet along with Cell.

Thinking quick, Krillin then wishes for the bombs to be removed from their bodies instead. Shenron grants that wish, then takes his leave, and the Dragon Balls scatter around the world.