Betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

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betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

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He and Veronica kissed and he heads out the door. He walks up Memory Lane and comes to the yellow wood and begins walking down the right fork in the road. Synopsis[ edit ] Archie, still in his winter coat from his walk during the first snow of the season, arriving back in time right before his college graduation. Archie then rushes home to get ready for graduation, and the ceremony proceeds much as it did in Part 1, with Dilton giving the valedictorian address.

Reggie comments on how unlikely marriage is after college. Jughead is relieved at this statistic, but Archie seems optimistic and announces that he has finally made his choice between Veronica and Bettybut wants to talk "to the girls first.

betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

Veronica, surrounded by a group of handsome young men, is telling about a graduation trip around the world in 80 days. Archie asks to speak with her privately and starts to reminisce about the day she moved to Riverdale, but she keeps interrupting him. Moose demands that The Archies play a few songs.

After the gang cleans up their mess, Archie attempts to resume his conversation with Veronica, but she interrupts him again to tell him she's moving to Paris after her trip to run her father's fashion holdings. After this news, Archie decides to stop talking with Veronica and decides to talk with Betty instead. Archie reminds Betty of how they first met and were always friends, and said he can never fit into Veronica's high society world.

Betty, in shock for a moment, jumps for joy and accepts. Archie and Betty kiss as Veronica watches in awe and disgust. Midge swoons at the romantic moment and prods her longtime boyfriend, Moose for a similar proposal, but he makes a joke instead.

She slams his mortarboard over his head. Meanwhile, Reggie tries to comfort her. Veronica screams at Archie, claiming he missed his chance, but Archie defends his engagement to Betty in turn claiming that "she" was the one who missed her chance with him.

Veronica leaves in anger and disbelief. Archie and Betty tell both their parents about the engagement. Betty then tells them that they plan to have a small, inexpensive wedding at Pop Tate's.

Meanwhile, Betty goes to the Lodge estate and asks Veronica to be her maid of honor, who promptly slams the door in her face.

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However, after seeing her so upset, Veronica agrees and tells Betty "she won Archie fair and square". Later that night, Archie and Betty go for a walk. Archie has been unable to find a job during the recession, and apologizes for not offering a better honeymoon for Betty. However, Betty says she is already satisfied with Archie.

Synopsis[ edit ] Archie has been unable to find a job. In desperation, he goes to meet with Mr. Lodge at his office. Lodge tells him that he cannot accept him, not for jilting his daughter he thinks Archie is a bright fellowbut that his company is not hiring anyone.

betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

In the midst of their wedding preparations, Betty reveals to Archie that she has received a job offer as a buyer for Saks 5th Avenue in New York City. She had applied before they became engaged because it was something she wanted to try, but plans to turn down the job in order to be a teacher and to be with Archie.

He is shocked at first, but tells her that instead of putting everyone else first, she needs to follow her dreams for once, and decides they should move up their wedding day to the following weekend and then move to New York, which makes Jughead and Pops faint. Everyone arrives to celebrate the party of the year. Veronica is about to reveal the dress she bought, hoping to draw attention away from the bride, but the wedding cake that Betty made herself collapses and is ruined.

Seeing this, Veronica decides to save the day by ordering the biggest most expensive wedding cake money can buy and changes into something she feels is more appropriate for the occasion; a waitress's uniform. Archie and Betty exchange their vows.

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The Bride and Groom then invite all the guests to join them in their first dance. The wedding cake Veronica ordered arrives and everyone is very proud of her, while Archie and Betty thank her for her very generous gift.

Veronica asks them where they plan to go for their honeymoon, but they tell her that they can't afford one yet. She takes Archie aside and offers to pay for a honeymoon for them in secret. He thanks her for the offer but turns her down, saying that he is responsible for Betty now, and wish not to hide anything from his wife. After the wedding, the two set off for New York City. Betty impresses Cassie, her new boss on her very first day on the job.

Archie's efforts to find a job continue to be unsuccessful until he encounters a club owner who is looking for someone who can play the guitar and sing. Several months pass and the Andrews attend Betty's first corporate dinner with Cassie and her boss, Mr. When they first meet him he makes a crack about Archie's clothes and talent.

Archie tries to defend himself, but Betty tries to pass it off as a joke. However, when he tries to insult Archie again, Betty loses it and tells him she would punch him if she wasn't as classy as her husband, and quits her job on the spot. The two decide to move back to Riverdale, and Archie willingly gives up his thriving music career.

The next day, while packing their bags, Cassie shows up at their apartment and tries convincing her to stay on in her job. However, Betty thanks her and says she already has a great future with Archie back in their hometown.

One of the running gags of the book is that The Archies, who are never referred to by anyone in the scene as anything other than The Starchies, are awful. Archie gets about one and a half lines into a song in that scene where young Master Weatherbee is hassling them before he gets hit in the egg with a face and they're booed off the stage. The Ramones take the stage immediately after the Archies are forced from it, and they play "Blitzkreig Bop. While Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg's script is somewhat hagiographic of The Ramones, as one would likely expect it to be, it's consistent in its dismissal of The Archies.

Jeff Shultz and Jim Amash 3.

betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

Archie Comics had permission to use Lady Gaga's name and likeness for her appearance in Betty and Veronica, but not her lyrics I know very, very little about Lady Gaga and her body of work, but one thing I do know is that she has a song called "Poker Face. There are some other bits of lyrics that are slightly changed, or at least appear to be she doesn't sing about salami in any of her songs, does she?

The best I can figure is that there is some legal issue I don't understand, like maybe Lady Gaga signed off on what she could, but the rights to her lyrics are tied to another entity, and that entity didn't want to participate, or Archie didn't want to approach them because it wasn't worth it for two or three panels or Anyway, the most memorable part of this crossover for me was trying to figure out that aspect. Dan Parent and Amash 4. The background action is where it's really at in these older, pre-reboot Archie Comics.

This is from the Mark Zuckerberg issue When I told my year-old niece, a huge Riverdale fan, about this book, she asks who Mark Zuckerberg was.

The main action is the dialogue between Archie and Dilton Doiley, but man, check out the background! There's a generically pretty girl who could be Betty for all the detail she's drawn with, and she's seemingly ecstatic to catch a glimpse of that hunky Archie Andrews, and then around the corner Man, what's going on there?

Did that girl cut off the giant, and he's angry? Did she step on his foot, and that's why he's glowering at her? Was he just standing there, fuming about something, and she's walking quickly and gingerly by, terrified?

betty and veronica meet the punisher shirt

No offense to Mark Zuckerberg, but I'm really much more interested in what's going on in that hallway than I am with his competition with Dilton. Parent and Amash 5. By one measure, this first panel was the funniest part of the book.

Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher

The Ramones issue and the Michael Strahan issue Confession: I had to ask a friend who Strahan was were the two best-written of five stories included in here, and both are full of pretty effective gags. I also kind of love how angry Reggie looks, as he furiously eats that apple. I am tempted to watch Riverdale just to see if the guy who plays Reggie is portrayed like that, and if he always looks like he's pissed-off.

I understand that the series has a murder mystery aspect to it, and Reggie's not a major suspect, but man, if anyone killed anyone in Riverdale, I would just kinda assume it must have been Reggie Mantle who pulled the trigger. Also humorous, but in the accidental way, is the fact that Archie is feeling down because all the girls in his school are suddenly madly in love with Mark Zuckerberg, international sexy symbol.

Supe now had a temperamental girlfriend Uwanna, a rival Dapper, a bratty nephew Fauntleroy sometimes called Fluke or Faunt, sometimes identified as his younger brotherand a burly derelict friend named Mushnoggin. Stories from this period of Super Duck's run involved Supe getting into hapless situations, such as: Supe then accidentally falls off a cruise ship and, in short order, gets swallowed by a whale, meets someone living inside it, gets tossed around inside the whale, and manages to get out and land back on the ship after the whale throws him up in the air with his water spout.

When Faunt sees that he's all wet and tells him so, Supe takes Faunt's book on Jonah and says, "Faunt, I'm all wet about a lot of things. He is forced to spend money to pay for damages, pays exorbitantly when he and Faunt hitch a ride home in what turns out to be a taxiand ends up with the worst case of poison ivy his doctor has ever seen.

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