Bare minerals meet the nuts

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bare minerals meet the nuts

Mineral constituents of roasted cashew nuts (Anacardium .. roasted cashew nut s are marketed in two different prices to meet the needs of. Description: A primer, tinted moisturizer, and lightweight foundation join together to create a creamy, moisturizing product with skin-safe SPF A nut is a fruit composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible. Some fruits and seeds that do not meet the botanical definition but are nuts in the culinary sense are: Many nuts are good sources of vitamin E, vitamin B2, folate, fiber, and the essential minerals magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.

Nut (fruit)

Amazing atmosphere, great company and I got a selfie with Holly Johnson. See you at the next one Butlins. My new guilty pleasure. They were there for my family when I lost my grandmother and my mother. Macmillan held a charity auction at the Sheraton Hotel in Piccadilly. It was a lovely evening with some incredible auction gifts donated, including a Maldives trip amongst so many others.

I lost count of how much money was raised, looking forward to finding out soon. Fair to say, it was bonkers amount when I lost count. Rufus Hound hosted, Sophie Ellis Bextor performed as did the gorgeous Sonique, who always makes me laugh and always brings her mum. I am training for the marathon for Macmillan. Rather nervous to say the least. This year I was working with London Air Ambulance.

It is a day of fancy dress, happiness, games, celebrities and we are allowed to trade. I have been doing this for 6 years now and I still have no clue what goes on in the trading world. All I know is that I made a few great deals.

bare minerals meet the nuts

Obviously the boys and girls on the floor just tell me what to say. This means that the London Air Ambulance, can now cover the cost of their response cars for the next 3 years. The fantastic Sarah Jane Froom did my make over. What a gorgeous lady. I love Bare Minerals and Sarah did a lovely natural look for me.

I loved it and it felt so light, it was though I had no makeup on at all. Lunch next week has been planned. Well, Christmas is coming! Dino runs a bespoke lifestyle company, CM Howles, for very busy professionals.

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He loves his job and I love hearing what he gets up to. A different life for some folk! I will give them a go at some point; never say never.

Covering all my private bits obviously!! It was to promote body confidence. I must admit, I was extremely nervous. My breasts became abnormally large after my pregnancy, my hair fell out I suffered from depression to name a few of my insecurities and problems. Recently I had my breasts reduced and it was one of the best things I have ever done.

Back to School Beauty Budget Picks: Bare Escentuals on a Budget – Musings of a Muse

My hair loss is something I have embraced and am used to but I still have days when I feel down about it. But recently, with my new body confidence, I wanted to show all women out there, that no matter what we look like, we are all beautiful in our own ways.

Be body confident ladies. Charleston - A deep plum-based brown shade, Charleston is like a glimpse cousin of the matte Fashionista liner shadow. City Lights - Gleaming satin flesh tone. Leslie says, "Pearl kissed by an angel. It is a very shimmery glimpse, which appears in the pot to be a little cooler and a little pinker than it really is on the skin.

The slightly cool pink undertone is overridden by a warm peach metallic glaze, like a strawberry cupcake iced with peachy frosting and then sprinkled with 24K rose gold dust. A very pale sage green with minimal glimmer. Elegance - Elegance may be called a glimpse, but there is a lot of shimmer to be had here! Elegance is smoky purple. When applied dry, it can be buffed down into a soft satiny gray. When applied wet, Elegance really comes alive and reveals the shimmer of pinks and purples in a whole new light.

Enchanting - Enchanting will mesmerize you as an eye color, and also as a blush and lip color. It is the boldest of the Watercolor glimpses, with it's cool medium pink. Though fairly sedate in the pot, the pink gets a one-two punch when applied. There is a matte pink base color which gets a real pop with the shimmering glaze of pink opalescence you see on top. This is definitely a cool, clear pink. Exotic Laura - Quite different than her Exotic collection mates, Laura is a rosy terra cotta tone.

She is quite shimmery for a glimpse. Imagine a pink glaze on a terra cotta pot to picture the earthy beauty of this color. Fascination - Copper canyon, like a brand new polished penny when foiled Festive - Rosemary green, turns shimmery eggplant purple when foiled, buffs down into bronze Finesse - Finesse has the amazing ability to look as though it's been foiled onto your lids, even though it's applied dry.

As glimpses go, Finesse is very reflective, with a light neutral-to-warm peach undercolor and a golden opalescent overlayer. Very pretty for lips as well as a decollete or body glimmer. Flamenco - Flamenco is a nicely mid-toned true orchid with a silvery sort of satin sheen.

It is opaque enough to provide good coverage and represent the color well on the skin. This is definitely a color for those who can wear cool tones.

More sheer than opaque and very spring-like. Foliage - description pending Gal Pal - Misty mauve Giggle - Giggle has a satiny sheen and resembles the color of fine rose gold. This is neutral enough for many to wear as a great all over lid color and will make a great "your lips but better" color when applied to the lips.

The pink in this color is muted and soft, like a soft little giggle. Great on the cheeks too. Gold Dipped - Golden peach, sheer and shimmery, like deeper version of City Lights Gracious - Dusty dark sage green with multi-colored shimmer and gray undertones. Halo - A lighter version of Angel, and with a gleam.

Foiling will bring out a shimmering glaze of candy pink. BE called this color "magic lilac" for its holographic quality. Hot Spot - Deceitful. It appears to be an innocuous pale peachy yellow gleam in the pot, but when you brush it on, the first thing you see is the irridescent gold, silver, and lilac sheen of gasoline floating on top of water.

When you foil it, the illusion intensifies and more of the lilac is noticeable. Beware, though, because when you try to capture it in a photo, it changes again before your eyes, and manages to reflect only the soft yellow gleam. Depending upon how you turn your face, you'll be casting off opalescent flashes of pure glam with this color. Impression - Your first glimpse of Impression will leave you thinking this is just a plain old silvery blue gray color.

But once applied, your first impression is proven wrong as you see a very faint lilac shimmer over the surface of the pale icy blue. This color is very pale and cool, fairly sheer, subtly gleaming, and just barely there.

Jasmine Tea - An icy pale mint green, appearing at first to be much like Reveal, Jasmine Tea is another shade that has a kaleidoscope of colors hidden inside. Depending upon the angle of view, Jasmine Tea will cast off sparks of pink ice and, when foiled, she turns into hypnotic shades of green and pink sheen.

BE called this "pink pearl" for its multi-toned luster. Kiko - Golden nugget, very shiny sheer gold, similar to Montana but with more yellow Lemonade - Icy buttercream, like sugar crystals in a glass of lemonade, from Vintage Beauty collection Loyalty - Loyalty is a soft brown with a pinkish undertone to it.

If you have Coconut Palm, it is similar in depth with much more of a pink cast and a lot less sparkle.

Charity Events, Sushi Samba and Bare Minerals! - Gail Porter

It applies to the skin more neutral in tone. Mai Tai - Creamsicle orange, yellow-peach tone Mambo - In the pot, Mambo shows as a nice yellow green.

On the skin, it is very sheer and maintains it's pale yellow-green characterisctics, but adds a little spark from the slight bit of shimmery flecks in it.

bare minerals meet the nuts

Warm skins will like this color when a sheer pale green is what is needed. The color has a definite dimensional quality. Peacock - Shimmery teal green, the color of a peacock plume. Despite its deep emerald appearance in the pot, Peacock will reveal many colors of sparkle as you move and light reflects off this iridescent wonder. This color is quite sheer when applied dry and can be buffed down into just a sheer veil of color.

Paradise - Tangerine, like a fuzzy navel cocktail, similar to Sangria eyeshadow Pink Posey - A color like glazed pink carnations. It is dusty periwinkle in the pot with some flashes of pink. Dry, it shows an underbase of blue-gray overlaid with a lilac-y pink opalescent sheen. Foiled the perwinkle underbase is ever more evident and the top glaze of pinkish lilac is even more pronounced.

Each movement reveals a different reflection of color, from plain jane periwinkle all the way to high-glaze lilac foil.

Surprise your eyes with this cool toned chameleon-like glimpse.