The Windflower by Laura London – book cover, description, publication history. By Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, , Historical When it was first released in , The Windflower was a revelation to me – a. The Windflower By Laura London – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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August passed like a dancer, graceful and sweating.

I call this Good Book Noise, and I think we’ve all made it while discussing a book we love. But what really makes the story is the secondary characters. They teach her how to sail, how to climb the rigging, and how to live like a p Now that I’m a “woman alura a certain age”, I tend to shy away from teen-aged heroines, too-handsome-to-live heroes, and – for Pete’s sake- pirates, of all things!

But along the way, he discovers her beautifully unbreakable spirit. Devon is very mysterious for a major part of the book and that quality is what makes his character so intriguing.

The daughter of a petroleum geologist father and historian and magazine editor mother, Sharon was raised overseas and lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Canary Islands, Turkey and Lonxon, and attended high school in London. There is also a shipload of misfit pirates for some adventures on the high seas, complete with a “Murtagh”-like shipper captaining the ship the entire way.


I loved that character and always wanted him to somehow have a happy ending. Return to Book Page.

The Windflower by Laura London – FictionDB

It is all about the relationship between the two protagonists – and how they attract and don’t want the attraction.

Never Desire a Duke. The romance world lost giants when the Curtises decided to stop writing. I loved the characters in this book. She’ll just bide her time and wait for the perfect chance to escape the ship.

The plot is intriguing. The most compelling thing about the book wasn’t the romance between Merry and Devon, the golden-haired Adonis pirate with an aristocratic backstory. So I immediately started listening to this book and with each hour I grew more and more hooked on this spell binding story that captivated me. There were a lot of interesting characters and they really added to the story.


The Windflower by Laura London

Jun 30, October rated it it was ok. But we won’t have to hunt for copies anymore: But The Windflower is not your typical shipboard romance, nor are the pirates standard issue. Married more than forty years, Tom and Sharon published ten historical and contemporary romance novels from tomany of which have come to be regarded as classics in the genre.


The protagonist is weak but I think she was realistically written.

But now they work together and fight together. Jul 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Lomdon Every element is subverted or twisted. I’ve never wished harder for a character to get his happily ever after. I felt no desire to race through the description; instead, I wanted to sink into the worlds that the authors created. It’s a product of its time: The First Time at Firelight Falls. The Luckiest Lady in London.

Return Of A Classic Romance: ‘The Windflower’ Sails Again

I waffle between giving this four stars and 3. Fairfield, VirginiaUnited States.

It took me–hm–probably at least hours to read, possibly longer. Sensual rating is no sex till marriage but the author is very talented in giving the reader the hot sizzling passion one expects in a romance.

This was the product of the husband-wife writing team of Sharon and Tom Curtis windflowed some believe it was their best. April 29, Imprint: