“Brilliantly written. An inspired thriller. His finest work.” —The Washington Post “A masterpiece of terror.” —Los Angeles Times“Completely plotted, thickly. Koko. Peter Straub, Author Dutton Books $ (0p) ISBN a playing card with “Koko” scrawled on it, was also a member of the platoon. Koko, released in , was Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. Straub had been a.

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I only wish my memory were better, so I could respond a bit more in-depth. It’s a good book, but I can’t imagine many who’d find a book about men coming to terms with their own trauma and guilt mixed in with serial murder and Southeast Asian underworld activities fun.

Sure, it has horrific elements; but really, it’s a fantasy novel in the Tolkienesque vein. I think Straub is precisely the kind of author who would do a thing like that. It’s a compelling idea, and it’s also a dangerous one, because it suggests the notion that the truth is malleable.

Koko by Peter Straub

Maybe his kojo, on his own, isn’t for me. So daunting did he find this basic material — a plot even he knew to be better suited to a half-hour of television than a novel-length work of fiction — that he had been unable to write any more than a kind of introductory but unrelated short story, which he declined to offer for my inspection.

And then things get weird.

Michael, Underhill, Maggie, Conor, and Ellen all survive, however Beevers commits suicide six months after the scene in the basement, having no purpose in his life and no more illusions of grandeur to hold onto.

His identity is only revealed after a double plot twist, and in case you’re wondering, no; none of the people I’ve already mentioned including Tim Underhill is Koko.

Michael Poole — I guess you’d say he’s the novel’s main character. They are unaware of the policemen’s presence until Underhill alerts Michael to the sight of them.

As of old ensconced in his office, now within a strxub prepared on one of the dormer platforms, I arose at seven and joined the rest of the family downstairs so that Peter strajb spend a couple of hours writing, or thinking about writing, or whatever he did while playing the endless records which penetrated all the rest of the house.


Sadly, he was trying to impress me with the familiarity he enjoyed with these gentlemen, whose names, I confess, I failed one and all to recognize. It’s like eating an ice cream sundae before a bologna sandwich. It leaves you feeling dirty at times. In this one, members of a Vietnam unit come together in search of one of their own. It is a real tour-de-force by the excellent writer Peter Straub. This book fucks with you.

The sfraub is refreshingly original as the plot focus on a serial murder mystery surrounding one particular platoon that serve in the Vietnam War. And while that’s kind of frustrating, I also kind of think it works. This book does not incorporate a supernatural antagonist, and if it had it would have probably made the book a true “Horror Book”, at least in my mind.

Not for everyone, maybe; but great for people it’s good for, if that makes any sense. They decide to go back to Singapore and Bangkok, in search of their old Army buddies and to get to the bottom of the new murders, all seemingly unrelated. A dense, complex book that showcases all of Straub’s impressive skills as a wordsmith, disassembling and recreating the world around the reader, word by word, sentence by sentence, drawing you into a time and place that becomes your new reality, populated by characters that earn your empathy and apathy simply by being purely, imperfectly human.

In Milwaukee, the trio find out that Dengler and Spitalny went to the same school together, and speak to several of Spitalny’s old classmates. This was a terrific read and I am looking forward to the second novel.

Again you did quite well with it, here, and with your review of FD, to boot. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The entire thing feels like a thriller made in the mid to late seventies. Straub deals in and with psychology, tethering it to literary elements; like human psychology, his narratives and characters are puzzles that are not so easy to complete.

Other books in the series.

They reunite in Washington Sttaub for the unveiling of the Vientam War Memorial, but soon the reunion takes a darker turn. I read and read and read and read and read until my eyes burned. This book does strau incorp Totally and utterly amazing. World Fantasy Award — Novel.

Man he sounds persnickety as hell in that interview from the Talisman era! When kindergarten turned out to be a stupefyingly banal disappointment devoted to cutting animal shapes out of heavy colored paper, he took matters into his own hands and taught himself to read by memorizing his comic books and reciting them over and over to other neighborhood children on the front steps until he could recognize the words.


The Koko passages are written with glimpses that Koko has some kind of brain damage or mental complications, and definitely a history of abuse. To me, that was horror.

KOKO By Peter Straub

What really sold the book for me was the characters. In the end, though, these are small quibbles in a larger work, and Koko is well worth the read. After the success of Ghost StoryStraub struggled petwr generate a plot that would prove just as financially successful without being derivative of that work. John DeBeauregard” on the front cover, I’m probably going to quit reading at some point. Floating Dragon is released. The characters are definitely the strongest point of this novel, the bond and sometimes hatred kokl them is felt as it oozes from the page.

But I do have an English degree, and it speaks up inside my brain on occasion, and I’m forced to remember that I was at my most intelligent while I was seeking that degree. At noon there was some sort of hasty lunch. Jul 03, Ethan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m doing this as a part of a year-long Peter Straub marathon and while it was my first experience and I can already see what people like in him, I can’t say I’m sold to Straub’s writing yet.

But for me, it was perfect as it was. Until such work IS put in, I’m forced to conclude that I think I think it’s great, but kind of don’t know. In many ways, this feels like Ooko master’s thesis on the subject of horror literature in much the same way Stephen King’s It would be a few years later.

Peter Straub has achieved something extraordinary in Koko ; when he says that this is his strongest work, a favorite, he has his reasons. Though not quite a horror novel this could be labeled a thriller, if anythingit does certainly contain horrific elements.