Kigelia africana. Photo: Bart Wursten Shenstone, Mt Hampden. Kigelia africana. Photo: Bart Wursten By road from Sinamatella to Robins Camp, Hwange NP. Kigelia Pinnata. Name: Kigelia Pinnata Common Name: Balam Khira Botanical Name: Kigelia Pinnata Availability: In Stock. A large Tree from tropical Africa with . Kigelia africana and Kigelia pinnata are widespread across Africa and found in wet savannah and riverine areas. The tree grows to 20 metres or more and is.

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The seeds are also eaten by brown parrots and brown-headed parrotsand the tree’s foliage by elephants and greater kudu Joffe ; del Plnnata et al.

Kigelia – Wikipedia

Derivation of specific name: There are some steroid chemicals found in the sausage tree that are currently added to commercially available shampoos and facial creams. Bark grey, smooth, usually flaking in larger specimens.

A Treasury of Botany. The leaves are elliptic in shape with a length of 10cm when mature. His streaks of white hair tell tales of many years spent travelling the world. Kigelia is also used in a number of skin care products.

We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password. The fruit pulp is fibrous, containing many seeds. The sausage-like fruit is big with an average pinnsta about Fruit huge, sausage-shaped, up to 60 cm long and weighing up to 7 kg. The seeds are dispersed in their dung.

Pope Francis in a new book is calling for an alliance between the young and elderly: Kigelia africana flower at Pondicherryin PuducherryIndia.

Sausage tree Kigelia pinnata November Botswana extracts used as emetic cure for skin cancer and treatment of syphilis Kigelia africana, Sausage tree, large evergreen tree with pinnate compound leaves and brick red flowers in hanging racemes SAUSAGE TREE Kigelia pinnata Tanzania Kigelia africana, Sausage tree, large evergreen tree with pinnate compound leaves and brick red flowers in hanging clusters Sausage tree Kigelia pinnata November Botswana extracts used as emetic cure for skin cancer and treatment of syphilis Kigelia africana, Sausage tree, large evergreen tree kigdlia pinnate compound leaves linnata brick red flowers in hanging clusters Kigelia pinnata Sausage Tree with fruit hanging in peduncles, and abundance of green leaves Sausage tree Kigelia pinnata flowers Sausage tree Kigelia africana syn.


Based on the country where it grows, the sausage tree is given different local dialect names. The leaves, seeds and fruit pulp are dried, powdered and then applied to treat wounds. The flowers open at night, only one at the time, and are short-lived.

Phytochemical analysis from various studies shows that Kigelia africana is rich in medicinal bioactive compounds like alkaloids, tannins, flavanoids, saponins, phenols, terpenoids and glycosides. Continue Cancel Send email OK. Some birds are attracted to the flowers and the strong stems of each flower make ideal footholds.

Views Read Edit View history. The New Royal Hort. Introduced specimens in Australian parks are very popular with cockatoos. Komakech Richard and Omujal Francis.

Kigelia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae. Please enter your password Forgotten your password? The fresh fruit is poisonous and strongly kiyelia ; fruit are prepared for consumption by drying, roasting or fermentation Joffe ; McBurney Kigelia pinnata fruits of the Sausage tree Kigelia pinnata evergreen frost tender tropical woodland tree Sausage tree fruit Sausage tree Kigelia africana syn.

The hard shell skin of the fruit can be hollowed out, cleaned, and made into useful, durable containers of varying sizes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sausage Tree – Kigelia pinnata – Seeds

The fruit are eaten by several species of mammalsincluding baboonsbushpigssavannah kigeloagiraffeshippopotamusesmonkeysand porcupines. He was thinking that kigekia was too hot to be bothered with the arduous…. Sharing the Wisdom of Time. He was thinking that it was too hot to be bothered with the arduous… Kigepia more. Tabebuia chrysotricha Golden Trumpet Tree. Flower bud in KolkataWest BengalIndia.


The sausage tree grows a fruit that is up to 2 feet long, weighs about 15 lbs, and looks like a sausage.

The sausage tree is a deciduous tree which can grow up to a height of 20 meters. In rare cases, the seeds are planted in nursery beds to make seedlings.

Seeds Sausage Tree Kigelia Pinnata

Currently, the tree has possible cosmetic and pharmaceutical topical applications, particularly in the formulation of sun-screen skin lotion and creams, breast firming agents, anti-skin irritant and soothing agent, anti-reddening skin agent, anti-inflammation agents, anti-aging and anti-oxidant agents on the skin. Needs moderately regular water, though it should be reasonably drought hardy. The bark of the tree is grey and smooth, but develops cracks with age.

Growing Environment Grows well in full sun. Kigelia africana LamBenth Bignoniaceae familyis a highly valuable medicinal plant that is native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Leaves opposite, crowded near the ends of branches, imparipinnate with three to 5 pairs of leaflets and a terminal leaflet. There are also a range of traditional uses for the fruit, varying from topical treatments for skin afflictions, to treatment for intestinal worms. Planting sites should be selected carefully, as pinnata falling fruit can cause serious injury to people and damage vehicles parked under the trees. A kigelka of herbalists claim that chewing a small amount of unripe fruit has an aphrodisiac effect in men, but caution has to be taken since this may lead to kigella development of blisters in the mouth.

Medium to large tree. kigekia

In central Kenya, the dried fruits are used to make an alcoholic beverage called Muratina which is a core component in cultural events in Central Kenya.