Hi, I have been researching the SEG for many years and I have the original transcripts of the SEG that was available at the start of the internet. John Searl, at that. John Roy Robert Searl (Wantage (Engeland), 2 mei ) is een omstreden te hebben geconstrueerd dat bekendstaat als de Searl Effect Generator (SEG). John Searl is the very stuff of myth and legend, at least, in the arcane circles of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), suddenly “sprouted wings,” as it were, and.

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You see, in trying to ground his unexpectedly levitating SEG, the cure—successively adding mass—only made the problem worse.

Each roller set consists of 8 segments constructed from 32 components. These redial currents though the rollers makes for mechnical motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic fields.

Verbelli of Searl Magnetics, Inc. The SEG is defined as a device constructed of 2, component parts that make up 3 plates and 66 roller sets.

Roschin, engineer, experimental physics at IHT, and S.

After cars, Professor Searl intends to address trucks and trains. Each segment cannot be less than 34 grams in weight, as the law of the squares defines that value as the lowest value suitable for the reasonable generation of electricity.

John Searl

Also, there were reports that certain items had been spirited away by U. Er is geen bewijs voor het bestaan van dit seeg en ook de bekende natuurwetten sluiten de theoretische mogelijkheid van sarl dergelijk apparaat uit. John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy.


John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable. It was for this reason that two videos were made and posted to YouTube, as described and shown videos included in Sterling D. Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. Pure Energy systems – PESwiki. John Searl, the inventor of the SEG. Clarke -Clarke’s first law. And with the Mars expedition and later colonization very much alive in the awareness of the space exploration supporters, Professor Searl estimates, based on an IGV launch with Mars at perigee closest point in its orbit relative to usthat the outbound leg would take only about two months.

Volgens zijn eigen website heeft Searl na zijn 14de jaar geen vervolgonderwijs meer gehad, laat staan een universitaire studie.

This process is assisted by. If that seems steep, remember that this is going seral be amortized over the lifetime of your home. These, it is said, would be 15 KW kilowatt units capable of powering a home and everything in it, with power to spare.

Nor is he concerned with making a killing in the process.

The SEG configuration of rollers in motion, cuts through the magnetic flux with a unique cycloid pattern that is superimposed over an orbit around the circumference of the stator.


Hij hoorde wel van een zoon van Searl dat deze modellen aan draadjes ophing, zodat ze gefotografeerd konden worden als ‘bewijs’.

The Institute of Infinity Sciences. Over the years, we have heard of the dangers and biological consequences of using 60 Hz volt AC power. Simply put, it sucks energy right out of your being, degrades brain performance, and is basically devitalizing by its very nature. For those discussions, please see: The SEG redevelopment project will expand for Nine months in protective custody!

Previous article The End of Invisible Breakthroughs. Surrounding each of the Plates is rotors called rollers constructed with the same materials but are free to rotate around the Plates. Learn why the SEG is the global energy solution and the future paradigm shift. The Sunday, April 7, lecture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

John Searl Makes a Comeback | Atlantis Rising Magazine Library

Init became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set manner and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material. The Free Press interviews F. Shades of Wilhelm Reich!