getAllChildren().get(0).getAllChildren(); StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer(); for (PdfOutline bookmark: bookmarks) { showTitle(bookmark, stringBuffer); }. Tags: iText 7building blocksChapter 6tutorialactionsdestinationsBookmarks drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations on top of the existing content. Interactivity within PDF documents is enabled though Anchors (links) and Bookmarks. Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this.

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Chapter 6: Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks | iText Developers iText 7

They can point to nowhere; they can also itextshadp used to trigger an action. The PdfNamedDestination class is offered should you need it, but it is recommended that you use the PdfStringDestination class. Adding bookmarks iText 5. This number indicates the actual page, not the label you may have given the page. The submit action could be the last action in a validation chain.

Creating annotations iText 5 Previous post: Add click ; doc. When we open the bookmark panel, we see an outline tree of which all first-level elements are titles of a movie, cartoon or video.

This code snippet is shorter iextsharp the previous one because we don’t have to create a name and we don’t have to set that name as a destination.

We loop over the different records line 8 – We expect it to be in the same directory as the bookmmark we refer from. While we were talking about actions, we mentioned the concept of destinations a couple of times.


Update after you updated the question: Add new Chunk “Click “. The second argument is the number of the Chapter – in this case 1. Opens the file so that the rectangle specified with the parameters is visible.

iTextSharp – Links and Bookmarks

The PdfOutline objects in an outline tree don’t need to be real bookmarks. We add a Paragraph saying “Table of Contents”.

The code sample above creates existinb external link, which when clicked will open a browser at this site. We create another PdfLinkAnnotation in line You can create this outline tree and add it to an existing document using PdfStamper.

String name, line.

Add Page bookmark to an existing PDF using iTextSharp in C#

Sets the zoom factor based on the page size. It will point to the first page of the first document in the concatenated PDF.

You can use the setOutlines method to add the bookmarks to the stamper object. If truethe method will read the whole document and create the outline tree. Sign up using Email and Password. We’ll discover another way to create named destinations once we discuss bookmarks, but first, we’ll create a couple of explicit destinations in the ExplicitDestinations example.

This method is defined in the ElementPropertyContainer and can be used on many building blocks see appendix. We use the key of each entry as well as the corresponding value to construct a Paragraph with the title and the page number as content.

We’ve used three different methods to create an explicit destination.


Bookmark examples

Add new Chunk “Local Goto Destination”. These links are added in lines, and respectively. The top-level object is a Chapter, which will always begin on a new page. The bookmarks consist of movie titles printed in bold; one of the movie titles is shown using Korean characters. We create a PdfDocument line 2 to which we add a single page line 3. I modified my code with the help of BookmarkedTimeTable.

I guess, you have not added the pages in your pdf because of which bookmark was not working. Because of this, you can use the createGoTo method passing that name as a parameter to create a link to that specific building block. We only see it when we open the bookmarks panel in our PDF viewer, and we can use it to easily navigate the document by collapsing items in a tree structure.

Here you use a similar object to extract the bookmarks from an existing PDF: It’s as if you didn’t even read the documentation. Color values for red, green, and blue ranging from 0 to 1, defining the color of the title.

In PDF language, we often use the terms outline tree or outlines as synonyms for bookmarks. In topic 2, you created bookmarks automatically by using topic and Section objects.