In this series of modules, you will use IBM InfoSphere FastTrack to create an application that identifies customers with high value to your business. You will. InfoSphere FastTrack provides capabilities to automate the workflow of your data integration project. Users can track and automate multiple. IBM InfoSphere FastTrack accelerates the design time to create source-to-target mappings and to automatically generate jobs. Mappings and jobs are then.

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By automating the flow of information and increasing collaboration, development time is reduced. The specifications link the customer data fields to key business terms and transformation rules that are used to compute new data fields. InfoSphere FastTrack tasks You can use InfoSphere FastTrack to automate the workflow of data integration projects by maximizing team collaboration, facilitating automation, and ensuring that projects are completed successfully and on time.

Time required In the first module, you set up your environment, and the time required depends on your current environment. By using InfoSphere FastTrackthe IT team specified data relationships and transformations that the business analysts used to fasftrack specifications, which consist of source-to-target mappings.

BANK 1 Holds only checking accounts. For this tutorial, you will follow a fictional scenario about the First Midwest company. First Midwest has these subsidiaries: Scenario for mapping data This scenario shows how an organization used InfoSphere FastTrack to consolidate, map, and transform data to solve a business problem.

Tutorial: IBM InfoSphere FastTrack Facilitated mapping creation

You can specify fastttrack within report templates so that you can obtain specific mapping specification information tailored to your requirements. Creating reports These topics describe how to create reports that present data at the mapping specification level.

The standardized information is used to build information about platinum customers for the customer service department and information infospjere gold customers for marketing. InfoSphere FastTrack accelerates the design time to create source-to-target mappings and to automatically generate jobs. The IT team was faced with supporting disparate data environments for its core banking system, which made customer data difficult to manage.


Scenario for mapping data

You can also save the job in the metadata repository. Bank 2 also keeps track of demographic data about customers in a separate table, BANK2.

You can also view detailed properties information including an expandable view of the artifacts in the IBM InfoSphere Information Server metadata services repository. InfoSphere FastTrack assets You can use the -fasttrack option of the istool command in a command-line interface to move InfoSphere FastTrack projects and related assets across different installations of InfoSphere Information Server.

You can compose jobs that are inrosphere or sequential. You use a simple user interface to complete business requirements, track work, and fasttrrack translate the specifications directly into integration code for use by the InfoSphere Information Server data integration engine.

Customers might have checking and savings accounts. The relationships are then published to the InfoSphere Information Server metadata services common repository so that they can be shared across development teams. The issues documented in this section provide descriptions of the problems and steps to correct them. Troubleshooting These topics describe log files, administrative tools, and fasttgack to troubleshoot issues such as problems with authentication and configuration.

Creating specifications A financial institution recently acquired several companies.

Integrate data from Bank 3 While you resolved issues with data in the Bank 1 and Bank 2 subsidiaries, the executive board at First Midwest acquired a new bank, Bank 3. Therefore, account balances for both checking and savings accounts must be aggregated to compute the total account balance for a customer. Move gold customer data appropriate for marketing such as name, address, and gender from the bankdemo.

Infosohere then use the data infosphefe to create source-to-target mappings. You can also manage views and customize your environment. With the job generation wizard, you can generate multiple specifications into fasttrwck single job. Import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and. HTML Configuring InfoSphere FastTrack This topic lists the configuration tasks in the order that you perform them, specifies the access level that you must have in order to complete tasks, and directs you to information about how to complete configuration tasks.


InfoSphere FastTrack information roadmap

Working with mapping specifications. Learning objectives By completing the modules, you will learn about these functions: Through the modules, you create specifications and build an application to identify gold and platinum customers for marketing and customer service.

You can also delete metadata from the metadata repository. Where InfoSphere FastTrack fits in the suite architecture You can use InfoSphere FastTrack to track and automate efforts that span multiple data integration tasks from analysis to code generation, shortening the time from business requirements to solution implementation.

InfoSphere FastTrack offers the following capabilities: You can also use a discover function to find column matches and create relationships between columns. You also can generate reports that provide details about mapping specifications that you create as you create the application. Managing projects These topics describe how to create projects and modify project properties.

First Midwest wants to ensure that gold customers are offered new investment opportunities and that platinum customers are given premium customer service when they call in with issues. Modules in this tutorial Module 1: Importing metadata into the metadata repository You import metadata when you want to add metadata into the metadata repository for use in projects.