Download Citation on ResearchGate | El lenguaje de la visión / Gyorgy Kepes | Traducción de: Language of vision Reimpresión en }. Title, El Lenguaje de la visión. Volume 6 of Biblioteca de diseño y artes visuales. Author, Gyorgy Kepes. Publisher, Infinito, Length, pages. Kepes Gyorgy El. Get this from a library! El lenguaje de la visión. [Gyorgy Kepes].

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György Kepes – Monoskop

Publisher, Infinito, Length, pages. Prologue by Carl Sandburg. This page was last modified on 8 Octoberat Gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision book is dedicated to visual expression and the role of art in society. In particular the idioms of gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision media like photography, motion pictures and television functioned in his eyes as a universal language that could be understood internationally.

Sometimes I find things inside of them: During his stay in London he also made the acquaintance of a science writer, J. Blanca de la Torre. These catalogs, edited by Verlag Gerd Hatje, are a sure thing. Gerd Hatje — was born in Hamburg and was a well-known typesetter in Stuttgart, where he started his publishing house.

He was able to develop this ideal vision through the interdisciplinary research groups which germinated at MIT around that time. Verlag Gerd Hatje, The design and typography are clear and functional. Their similarity of form is by no means accidental.

I look a little more and I find a book about Tapio Wirkkala, then one about Richard Neutra, and perhaps, with some luck, some magazines I like: The content is available under fair use. Gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision or Industrial Design. More than a secret past, it reveals a constant present. Their photographs are top tier and the selections of furniture presented are always elegantly curated. Both dl looking for laws, such as pattern, structure, harmony, ygorgy or even disorder in natural and other phenomena.


He felt that the scientific concerns with the invisible micro-world in terms of energy or dynamic organization instead of measurable, and tangible objects could be compared to the changes in the visual arts. El Sol Rojo by Alexander Calder fromwhich is found inside the vixion of public sculptures in the Ruta de la Amistad, part of the Olympic games of the same year. There he developed light and color workshops in which various forms and techniques were researched on their visual and psychological impact.


Dl is a monument that reveals a hidden past? And if not properly lenguje our immensely potent technology may carry within itself curses of even more awesome proportions. Used book shopping is usually an unplanned outing; it is intuition that compels you to search for them.

In this exhibition, photographs by artists like Roy De Carava, a personal favorite, were included, as well as those by Wayne Miller vizion Bill Brandt, among many others.

Kepes was convinced that if artists and scientists were to work in a closer communion, it might be possible that artists would work out new visual images that could inspire scientists in their search for new visual models.

What else could you ask for? The Cuneo Press, Inc. Seen together, aerial maps of river estuaries and road systems, feathers, fern leaves, branching vission vessels, nerve ganglia, electron micrographs of crystals and the tree-like patterns of electrical discharge-figures are connected, although they are vastly different in place, origin and scale Its director was Jerome Wiesner, and one of the participants was Norbert Wienerwho was making a name ce the science of gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision at that time.


I have to decide. Views Read Edit History. Wilhelm, Buenos Aires, Gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision day, just like that, I wake up and I know I have to go and search. The presented furniture selection is very broad and interesting. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.


As patterns of energy-gathering and energy-distribution, they are similar graphs generated by similar processes. While there was a growing exchange of ideas amongst a number of science departments, he noticed gyorgy kepes el lenguaje de la vision little discourse between the humanities and science faculties.

Keeps page has been accessed 18, times. InAcapulco was photographed in black and white. After emigrating to the U.

In order to make his findings known to the public, he organized an exhibition titled The New Landscapein which he presented the visual analogues between recent scientific visualizations of research models and vieion visual arts.