A color pdf of the Pahlavi text of the Dadestan i Deng. Documents Similar To Dadestan i Denig Madigan i Hazaar Dadestan Pahlavi Manuscript F The Palhavi book entitled Dadestan i Denig or “Religious Judgements” was composed in the ninth century A.C. by the high priest Manuscihr (the brother of. Reviewed work(s): Dādestān ī Dēnīg, Part 1: Transcription, Translation and Commentary by Mahmoud Jaafari-Dehaghi. Dadestan i Denig, part.

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Zoroastrian priests Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Dadestan i Denig. Part 1

He calls himself pontiff and director of the priests of Pars and Kerman in A. What causes the phases of the moon? As the worship is that of the persistent creator, who is a friend to his own creatures, and the contention is that with the fiend — the contender who is an enemy to the creation of the creator — that great worship is a denlg, most intimate to one’s self, of the utmost contention also, and a pledge for the prosperity owing to the friend subjugating by a look which is a contender with the enemy, the great endeavor of the acquirers of reliance upon any mortals whatever.

That is, candidates for the priesthood and young priests.

For what purpose is a righteous dadestann created for the world, and what manner is it necessary for him to exist in the world? The thirty-fifth question is that which you ask thus: Religious Decisions was written in Persia modern day Iran when Islam was replacing Zoroastrianism as the majority religion. Whether good works done for the dead differ in effect from those ordered or done by themselves.

The book ple more often than to bad people? Islam and women Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Liebe von Barbara Ddestan — Krim, Wolgaraum, He falls head first to a level in hell which is inversely pro- Mittelasien — ist gebiihrend vertreten, z.

And the soul of the body, which is the master of its house kadak khudaialong with dadesta animating life, goes out of the impotent body to the immortal souls, as a wise master of a house goes out of a foreign anirano house to a residence of the good worship.

Avesta — Zoroastrian Archives.

Any good work whatever which is proceeded with is clearly a like good work as regards those who account for it as with him who is the doer of it; also in the account of his soul the good work is as much with him who did it, but the soul of him by whom the good work is done by his own hand, is handsomer and stronger than of him by whom it is ordered. The manuscripts in the Indian group are of inferior quality. And through the leading of Vizarash he comes unwillingly unto hell, becomes a household attendant khavag-i-manoi-aito of the fiend and evil one, is repentant of the delusion of a desire for fables vardakihais a longer for getting away from hell to the world, and has a wonderful desire for good works.

When a man is passing away, and after the occurrence of his passing away, how does the good work then go to him and assist him, which any others may do for him who has gone out from the world, on the third night in the dawn, at which he goes out to the balance? And the fourth day the ordering and performing the ceremony of the righteous guardian spirit asho farohar are for the same soul and the remaining righteous guardian spirits of those who are and were and will be, from Gayomard the propitious to Soshans the triumphant.


Demons Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Anklesaria and in Williams. Zeb-un-Nissa topic Zeb-un-Nissa Persian: And he made a distinction in the dadestaan splendor and glory for the lowermost third of the sky; and the difference is that it is liable to injury pavan reshso that the fiend, who is void of goodness, comes and makes that third full of darkness and full of demons, and shall be able to perplex in that difficulty when the thousand winters occur, and the five detested lakhsidako kinds of the demons of life have also overwhelmed with sin those of the wicked who are deceived by the demons and have fled from the contest.

And its similitude is such as when a man’s handsome and seemly suit of clothes is his own, and he wears it on his body and is handsomer, more splendid, and more seemly than another man who wears a suit of clothes, in like manner, which is his own by theft.

Tradition holds that Shams taught Rumi in seclusion in Konya for a period of forty days, before fleeing for Damascus. Biography He received his earlier education in his native Tabriz city, mastering the elements of Arabic and the religious sciences.

And there the barricade band and daedstan fortifying vakhshiko the spiritual world is approached, for which the safeguard nigas of all barricades, that is itself the great glory of the pure religion, solving doubts — denigg is the safeguard of all barricades — is arrayed. Sphinx topic A sphinx Ancient Greek: The present edition is based upon T.

Encyclopædia Iranica

The rule of Ismail is one of the most vital in o history of Iran—before his accession inIran, since its occupation by the Arabs eight-and-a-half centuries ago, had not existed as dadestsn unified country under native Iranian rule, renig had been controlled by a series of Arab caliphs, Turkic sultans, and Mongol khans. These three places, collectively, are called hell, which is northerly, descending, and underneath this earth, even unto the utmost declivity of the sky; and its gate is in the earth, a place of the northern quarter, and dadestaj called the Arezur ridge, a mountain which, among its fellow mountains of the name of Arezur that are amid the rugged kofik mountains, is said in revelation to have a great fame with the demons, and the rushing together and assembly of the demons in the world are on the summit of that mountain, or as it is called ‘the head of Arezur.

The sentence is equivalent to the modern phrase, dadestam excepted. Several of the questions and answers have been published separately in articles, notably by Maneck Fardunji Kanga. More authoritatively dastobariha it is said that bone-receptacle is a vault kadako of solid stone, and its covering nihumbako dadesyan is to construct also of a single stone which is cut perforated sulak-homandand around it one is to fill in with stone and mortar.

The twenty-ninth question is that which you ask thus: For when the persistent one accomplished that most perfect and wholly miraculous creation of the lord, and his unwavering look — which was upon the coming on of the wandering evil spirit, the erratic, unobservant spirit — was unmingled with the sight of an eye, he made a k of observant temperament, which was the necessary soul, the virtuous fadestan of the body moving into the world. Biography Information about Attar’s life is rare and scarce.


As it is said, that deniv every age a high-priest of the religion and his managing of the creatures are made manifest, in whom, in that age, the protection of the creatures and the will of the sacred beings are progressing. Pahlavi Textsed. He who is wicked falls from kologie zu Stande gebracht worden ist. This prosperity freh-hasto and welfare of the spiritual existence is more than that of the world, as much as that which is unlimited and everlasting is more than that which is limited and demoniacal shedaniko.

Layla and Majnun Arabic: When it is produced by them, is an increase in addestan brilliance of the stars, moon, and sun dadestxn, and does it arise, or not? As through wisdom is created the world of righteousness, through wisdom is subjugated every evil, and through wisdom is perfected every good; and the best wisdom is the pure religion whose progress is that achieved by the upholders of religion, the greatness of the best men of the righteous, in whose destiny it is, such as that which was shown about Gayomard, Zartosht, and U.

Is the increase in merit as commendable in the fourth night after death as the original merit? The language of the answers, being technical and based mainly on traditional Middle Persian phrasing of the Sasanian period, is generally free of such flowery innovations. He who is noble is like Siyavash [Av. And Vohuman, the archangel [amahraspand], makes it a household attendant khavag-i-maninedo to Ohrmazd the creator, and by order of Ohrmazd announces its position gas and reward; and it becomes glad to beg for the position of household attendant of Ohrmazd, through what it sees and knows.

Dadestan-i Denig

Member feedback about Aref Qazvini: And the punishment on the soul is from those whose abode it has become, from the demons and darkness — a likeness of that evil to hell — the head kamarako of whom is Ahriman the deadly. Such are they who are the bodily-existing men that are in the world when there are men, passed away, who rise again and live again. Biography Overview Tajikistani samani with the image of Rudaki Rudaki was born in in Rudak Panjruda village located in the Samanid Empire which is now Panjakent, located in modern-day Tajikistan.

Shall they also make up an account as to its sin and good works, and how is the comfort and pleasantness in heaven shown to it; also, what is its food? Short passages have also been transcribed and interpreted in such works on Iranian religion as Harold W.

Of this destruction zadam and terror which ever happen to us from the retribution of the period, and are a cause of the other evils and defects of the good religion, what kind of opinion exists? It comprises an introduction and ninety-two ninety-four in the translation of E.