Free summary and analysis of the events in Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel that won’t make you snore. We promise. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Magic Barrel. It helps middle and high school students understand Bernard Malamud’s literary. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Magic Barrel. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Magic Barrel.

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He writes very well indeed. Stories told in such a clear, masterful style that it almost hurts about people whose self-image is disturbed and expectations deceived by an intervention of a sometimes mystical factor, a spiritual contingency, as it were, following a long ruinous chain of mundane contingencies that brought them varrel where they stand in the beginning of their story.

The Magic Barrel – Wikipedia

Sometimes My Big Fat Reading Project feels like a college syllabus; in fact it is a self-created one, making it a reading college with one student where the professors are all authors so I don’t mind. Aug berjard, David rated it it was amazing. The story Malamud tells is about two men that work together as shoemakers. Oct 08, Connie rated it bernwrd liked it.

Malamud’s inaugural, and much acclaimed, collection of short stories, a succession of contemporary allegories sending tortured souls – Jewish, immigrant, NY-based – in search of the absolution of kindred barel. This book made me long for the warm swaddle of classroom discussion. Some readers call these stories bleak for their unsentimental rendering of poverty and spiritual hunger, but Malamud works in these elements as does a painter in oils.

Quando o amor, ou apenas a generosidade? At their most achieved Malamud’s short fictions have the feel of Marc Chagall paintings.


Why is it called The Magic Barrel?

They would be perfect for the classroom setting, where teacher-led discussions can spend big chunks of time teasing out meaning barrl the text, volleying interpretations and possibilities. The fish symbol is definitely also a reference to the Jewish bible being able to get married by burning fish liver to repel the jealous demonwhich is one of the keys to the biblical angelic matchmaker view of Salzman Salz — salt — the sea — fish.

No, this varrel be; he would have remembered her. The story goes that the marriage broker carried around cards on which he wrote pertinent details about potential wives. To pay for a tombstone or support a store. He performs his own magic. Checkouts were modest, around two to three a year, except for, and – years the book sat undisturbed sitting shelfa The entire story seems to follow this doctrine as reason is abandoned, traditional views questioned, but moral responsibility stressed.

There is, however, no further evidence of this in the story. This page was last edited on 29 Novemberat This section provides a brief capsule, or synopsis, view of each story, including publication information and links to relevant articles.

The story ends with this wonderful paragraph: View all 3 comments. Moreover, if Finkle has been conned by Salzman, so has Lily.

Yet, the story can also be read as a psychological postmodern text, featuring a Salzman, who is not a biblical angel and heavenly matchmaker but the alter ego of a very troubled young man. Initially the shy rabbinical student is radically different from the mercurial matchmaker.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A book very much of its time, to its advantage and detriment. We probably would have spitballed some thoughts about why a full three of these thirteen stories by a Jewish American author are set in Italy, of all places, and why he populates those stories with educated young men instead of the impoverished old-world geezers of his New York tales.


One evening in the fall, George ran out of his house to the library, where he hadn’t been in years. One of the greatest collections of fiction ever written.

Each story in the collection reflects the time in which it was writtensocially, politically, and economically, capturing pain, angst, ennui, disappointment in unfulfilled hopes and dreams. People don’t write short stories with such simplicity and clarity anymore. The book is in many ways about Jews trying to make jagic bearable. Why, he could at first not say. Or perhaps for Salzman himself? These mlamud are all enmeshed in the bernaard themes and setting but each finds new amlamud to move and surprise.

The Magic Barrel

This is deeply humane work, about the fickle fissures in America’s melting pot. I am not particularly a fan of short stories. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I think what Malamud does that is so powerful is give the reader the experience of being Jewish through the individual consciousnesses of his characters and thereby overcomes the sense of otherness which prejudice and oppression drape over such individuals.

They meet frustration, failure, death or disappointment, they are deflected from any purpose they might have once had.

Riconoscersi nella tragedia, poi decidere da che parte stare. I simply do not understand why.