For iframe elements in XML documents, the srcdoc attribute, if present, must have a value that matches the production labeled document in the. Dans votre application, utilisez une balise iframe> pour définir l’URL src. All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, .

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The scope of this specification is not to describe ifraem entire operating system. The user agent is required to determine the duration of the media resource and go through this step before playing. If a DOM object is said to be livethen the attributes and methods on that object must operate on the actual underlying data, not a snapshot of the data. Chapter titles can baliise provided to aid navigation, using the track element and a WebVTT file. The data attribute, if present, specifies the address of the resource.

Paramètres du lecteur

For example, with media formats that support the media fragment syntax the fragmentcan be used to indicate a start position. If the user agent can seek to anywhere balize the media resourcee. Unicode Security Considerations [UTR36] Because Unicode contains such a large number of characters and incorporates the varied writing systems of the world, incorrect usage can expose programs or systems to possible security attacks.

This is iframw referred to as viewport -based selection. The allow-same-origin keyword causes the content to ifra,e treated as being from its real origin instead of forcing it into a unique origin; the allow-top-navigation keyword allows the content to navigate its top-level browsing context ; and the allow-formsallow-pointer-lockallow-popupsallow-presentation and allow-scripts keywords re-enable forms, the pointer lock API, popups, the presentation API, and scripts respectively.

The rules to parse a global date and time string are as follows. If s is exactly two characters long, then:. Here is an example of a checkbox that is checked and disabled. If the collected sequence is not exactly two characters long, then fail. Steps running in parallel can themselves run ifrqme steps in in parallel. Increment N by fraction. The user agent will calculate the effective pixel density of each image from the specified w descriptors and the specified rendered size in the sizes attribute.


The former is the preferred mechanism for tools that author HTML, since the structure in the source information can be ballise to make informed choices regarding which HTML elements and attributes are most appropriate.

If value is zero, return an error. This would count as a plugin regardless of whether the party that implemented the PDF viewer component was the same as that which implemented the user agent itself. When jframe user agent is to update the image data of an img element, optionally with the restart animations flag set, it must run the following steps:. The defining instance of ifraame term is marked up like this. An image request is initially unavailable. The played balisf must return a new static normalized TimeRanges object that represents the ranges of points on the media timeline of the media resource reached through the usual monotonic increase of the current playback position during normal playback, if any, at the time the attribute is evaluated.

If the above algorithm exhausts unparsed sizes list without returning a size value, follow these steps:. If document is an iframe srcdoc documentthen return the document base URL of document ifrae browsing context ‘s browsing context container ‘s node document.

When the current playback position reaches the end of the media resource when the direction of playback is forwards, then the user agent must follow these steps:. Implementations may support WebVTT as a text track format for subtitles, captions, metadata, etc. If position is past the end of inputjump to the step labeled conversion. It must be admitted that many aspects of HTML appear at first glance to be nonsensical and inconsistent. When a media element is created, it has no assigned media provider object.

The attribute, if present, must contain a valid non-empty URL potentially surrounded by spaces. Thus, a time position included within a range of the objects return by the buffered attribute at one time can end up being not included in the range s of objects returned by the same attribute at later times.

Use an empty alt attribute when an icon is supplemental to text conveying the same meaning.

The embed element now represents this bapise instance. The srcset and sizes attributes can be used, using the w descriptor, to provide multiple images that only vary in their size the smaller image is a scaled-down version of the bigger image. The presence of a boolean attribute on an element represents the true value, and the absence of the attribute represents the false value.


Paramètres du lecteur | YouTube API iFrame | Google Developers

For each image source in source set:. The rules for parsing a hash-name reference to an element of type typegiven a context node scopeare as follows:. User agents may allow users to selectively block or slow media data downloads.

The rendered size of ifrqme image varies depending on which resource is chosen. Authors who reference resources from other origins that they do not trust are urged to use the typemustmatch attribute defined below. An icon is usually a simple picture representing a program, action, data file or a concept.

When HTML is used to create interactive sites, care needs to be taken to avoid introducing vulnerabilities through which attackers can compromise the integrity of the site itself or of the site’s users.

If the name attribute is present, the browsing context name must be set to the value of this attribute; otherwise, the browsing context name must be set to the empty string. Before this task is run, as part of the event loop mechanism, the rendering will have been updated to resize the video element if appropriate. It is an error if the QName has a prefix for which there is no namespace declaration in the expression context.

Except where otherwise explicitly specified, the task source for all the tasks queued in this section and its subsections is the media element event task source of the media element in question. Let that number be the timezone hours.

A conforming oframe agent will support the sizes attribute. Let that number be the year. However, the language described by this specification is biased towards CSS as the styling language, JavaScript as the scripting language, and HTTP as the network protocol, and several features assume that those languages and protocols are in use.