The mile Baekdu Daegan trail traverses North and South Korea. Daniel Adamson treks a short southern section and takes refuge in a. Great Korean Mountain Trails – Baekdu-daegan Trail – An online hiking guide for the mountains of South Korea, and a window to their culture and history. The Baekdu-daegan chain of mountains forms the backbone of the Korean Peninsula. It has always occupied a very special place in the hearts of Koreans.

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Hiking in South Korea: trails and tribulations on the Baekdu Daegan | Travel | The Guardian

Some parts were very steep and our progress was slow, climbing up and down small cliffs with the aid of old ropes really slows you down. It is deeply ingrained in traditional Korean culture, however, and widely accepted in current society.

Tril of us had two Korean word applications on a smartphone Learn Korean phrasebook by Coderent and Learn Korean by AccelaStudy which have been useful to learn the pronunciation. My hiking partner and I wrote a day-to-day blog while on trail. Although I was not traveling alone I would baekdu-daegn Korea for solo female travelers.

The distance we hiked everyday and the campsites we chose were influenced a lot by the distance from which they were to water sources. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When I cook, I sing. We hiked along remains of fortresses more than a thousand years old as well as war memorials dedicated to the Korean War Inclusion of Baekdu-daegan in a National Geographic article on greatest global spiritual pilgrimage trails, T he climb from the baedku-daegan had taken two days, a steady, breath-by-breath progression up through the woods under full packs.

Notify me of new comments via email. You can find the gpx files on the Facebook group. We read on another blog that you should bow to cars when hitchhiking and we have done this. March 17, at Authors of the guidebook and past hikers are members of it and will certainly be happy to answer your questions. Offering and praying here is very much a part of Korean culture and beautiful to watch. March 11, at 5: There are few large grocery stores on trail and hikers mostly resupply in small stores at mountain pass.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We encountered between snakes on the whole trail. To encounter your physical and mental boundaries and push through them?

We stayed at Umoni Minbak for three days, pottering around in our flipflops or sitting in the courtyard to help sort the chillies that had been dried in the sun to a dark, lacquered red. However here are our top five words that you must learn before hitting the trail: We have decided to skip most of the closed sections, either by walking around them or by hitchhiking.

And we came across many sansin-gaksshrines dedicated to the mountain spirit.

This site uses cookies. Very easy, no hassle whatsoever, it simply ended up in the mailbox as it should. We also spent some nights in guesthouses and hotels, as well as two nights where we were invited in local’s houses.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here On that note, let me share some of the magic moments during the last stage of our journey. So I opened Umoni Minbak. Along the length of the Baekdu Daegan there were groves and altars like this: Conversations on and off trail could have been more interesting and a lot of situations made easier had we known the language a little more. Koreans have long believed that a current of life-energy, or giruns between these two peaks, flowing along the spine of the nation, pouring from the ridge to bring fertility to Korea’s fields and prosperity to its people.


It’s unimpeded clear flow is considered necessary for the birth and raising of heroic and virtuous citizens, and thus for the health, strength and prosperity of the Korean Nation.

Resupply locations are listed in the guidebook. Korean language skills One of our regrets regarding this baekdu-daegaj is not to have studied Korean language more extensively. And then, about seven years ago, Umoni’s husband died. September 4, July 12, magoma Baekdu DaeganhikingKoreathru hiking.

Blog we wrote while on trail. I had read most of the information in the guidebook and had a general idea of what my options were, but still needed help from staff of the hostel to figure out which bus to take to Jiri-San national park, the southern terminus of the trail.

I’ll put the hot water on for you, and start the dinner. General information from past hikers. Even though rice is not always for sale, we were always able to obtain some by asking and if was often given to us for free. Too much baekd-udaegan and plastic surgery, too many LCDs scrolling and blinking for attention.

Baekdu Daegan Hike – 2015

The trail can be done without any GPS device but it makes it easier to have one. Word of Umoni’s cooking spread quickly.

The trip on the Baekdu Daegan in South Korea encompassed a lot of things: Suddenly, the path broke from the trees and we were on the exposed granite summit of mainland South Korea’s highest peak, Cheonwangbong.

It might have barkdu-daegan at the top of that first big climb that Somi began to look at me accusingly.