In Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents have been divorced for the last two years. She loves both of them but has a special soft spot. Places I Never Meant to Be: Original Stories by Censored Writers by Judy Blume – Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer summary and analysis. When people change, they become better as a person or their thinking worsens. In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t.

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I like your introduction sentences in each paragraph; they are worded really well.

Eli’s Ela Blog Blog: Reading Response on Ashes by Susan Beth Pfeffer

In your second paragraph you should ask yourself “Is this worded correctly and does it make sense? The very first sentence in the introduction makes no sense, maybe you should reword it. When people change, they become better as a person or their thinking worsens.

In the short story Ashes, Susan Beth Pfeffer shows that it isn’t always true. Ashes is a young yb whose parents are divorced.


Without realizing, she feels safe with her mother but when she’s with her father she tries to make everything seem perfect and go the way she would like it to go. Throughout the story, it shows how her father is the one who is less reliable and manipulative.

One of the symbols that is introduced in the story is the star necklace. It portrays the real personality of her father when it says how he never keeps his promises. The second tremendous symbol that Pfeffer uses is the weather.

Ashes By Susan Beth Pfeffer Read Download PDF/Audiobook id:vqm6zys dkel

The weather plays an important part by moving the story along. Ashes uses the weather to portray her feeling towards her father. Ashes visits her dad every Tuesday and at first, Ashes describes the weather as making it feel special and different than zshes days.

Ashes felt special when her dad said it to her. She felt like her dad was still with her and loved her as much as she loved him.

Towards the end of the story, Ashes is faced with a hard decision, if she should achieve her father’s desire which is to steal the money from her mother or not. Throughout the story, Ashes is learning from her emotions and evolving her emotions.


She realizes that not all people can be molded into the people that you wish they were and she sort of loses the hope she had for her father when he mocked her mother and asked her to steal the money. When her father mentions this, she tries to find an alternate way to fix ssusan problem.

After realizing what her father is really capable of, she came to the awareness that he father isn’t reliable. Short Stories for Strong Gi rls. Posted by Unknown at 5: Iris Santiago November 16, at 7: Fin B November 16, at 7: Newer Post Older Post Home.