extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. in aspirin induced ulcer in rats. . The aim of the study was to determine anti ulcer activity of stem bark of. Anti-ulcer activity was evaluated by measuring the ulcer index, gastric content, total Keywords: Anti-ulcer, Cold-restraint, Glycyrrhiza glabra, GutGardTM. The present research has been carried out to investigate antiulcer activity of ethanolic extract of Cynodon dactylon, Ocimum sanctum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Ficus.

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Endogenous prostaglandins regulate mucosal blood flow, epithelial cell proliferation, epithelial restitution, mucosal immunocyte function, mucus and bicarbonate secretion, and basal acid secretion. Activith and safety assessment on the consumption of licorice root Glycyrrhiza sp. Stress is initiated by in cooperation of physiological and psychological factors. The HEGG protected the stomachs of the mice from induced acute ulceration in various models and did not present acute anhiulcer effects, providing scientific support to the traditional use of this plant.

HEGG reduced the ulcer index in hypothermic stress induced gastric ulcers in mice and the antiulcer effect was comparable to that of cimetidine. Anti-ulcer properties of saponins have been reported One hour after the treatments, all animals received 0.

The experiment was performed by the method of Sairam et al. A depletion of stomach activty mucus after oral ethanol administration has also been reported The possibility of HEGG exerting a cytoprotective effect is indicated because it successfully prevents the formation of gastric lesions in the indomethacin and ethanol induced ulcer models.

Glycyrrhizz was evaluated for antiulcerogenic activity and acute toxicity profile in mice. This has resulted in a decline in duodenal ulcers almost always associated with H pylori infection and an increase in gastric ulcers the main site of ulcers caused by NSAIDs.


All chemicals and extract doses were prepared immediately before use. Introduction The genus glycyrrhiza consists of approximately 30 species, in which six species produce a sweet saponin glycyrrhizic acid GAthat is widely used in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries in various countries 1.

A possible anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer drug. Thirty minutes after the administration of ethanol, the mice were killed by cervical dislocation, and the stomach was removed and opened along the greater curvature. Synthesis and anti-ulcer activity of new derivatives of glycyrrhetic,oleanolic and ursolic acids. Omeprazole was most effective; it reduced the ulcer index to Microscopic examination was carried out with a stereomicroscope. Open in a separate window.

Gastroduodenal ulcer protective activity of Asparagus racemosus: Therefore the antiulcer activity of hydroalcoholic extract of G. Glabridin, an isoflavan from licorice root, inhibits inducible nitric-oxide synthase expression and improves survival of mice in experimental model of septic shock.

Consequently, the objective of the present study was to validate the antiulcer effect attributed to G. The animals were kept under 12 h light-dark cycle and received water and commercial food ad libitum. In addition, the acute toxicity and LD 50 were evaluated. HEGG has antiulcer properties and significantly reduced the damage of gastric mucosa induced by indomethacin, suggesting that its gastroprotective effect involves the increase in the prostaglandin synthesis.

The study was conducted using Omeprazole as the standard.

Anti-ulcer activity of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. in rats.

Hence, it is assumed that flavonoids may contribute at least in part to the antiulcer effect of the plants. Recently it was shown that licorice in a combination product could heal ulcers effectively 33 that strongly confirm results of this study. He has completed B. Two mechanisms have been suggested includeing inhibition of glucocorticoid metabolism and potentiating their effects, and inhibition of classical complement pathway activation.


Anti ulcer activity of Aloevera and glycyrrhiza glabra in swiss albino rats.

Anti Ulcer Activity Of Aloevera And Glycyrrhiza Glabra In Swiss Albino Rats |

Flavonoids liquritin, glabrolisoflavones glabrene, glabridinchalcones isoliquiritincoumarines liquocoumarin and stilbenoides besides minor amounts of essential oil and polysaccharides are compounds detected in liquorice root 3. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Hypothermic restraint stress ulcer The experiment was performed by the method of Sairam et al. The aim of present study was to determine the anti ulcer activity of polyherbal formulation including Aloe actigity and Glycyrrhiza glabra against aspirin and ethanol induced gastric ulceration in Swiss albino rats.

Anti-ulcer effects of antioxidants, quercetin, alpha-tocopherol, nifedipine and tetracycline in rats. Several flavonoids, present in different plants are known to reduce gastric ulcer formation The preventive effect was calculated by the method of Basile et al.

Statistical analysis The experimental data were tested for statistical significance by activitj of analysis of variance with one-way classification. Please leave a message, we will get back you shortly.

The HEGG was effective in this model and this effect may be due to increased mucus secretion that protects gastric mucosa from corrosive effects of ethanol. Stomach was opened along the greater curvature then ulceration index was determined examining the inner lining of stomach.

Iran J Pharm Res. Effects of hecogenin and its possible mechanism of action on experimental models of gastric ulcer in mice.

Therefore, search for natural active and better alternative for the treatment of flycyrrhiza ulcer with fewer side effects is an emergency need. Memory enhancing activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra in mice.