Andrei Bely’s novel Petersburg is considered one of the four greatest prose masterpieces of the 20th century. In this new edition of the. Petersburg (Penguin Classics) [Andrei Bely, David McDuff, Adam Thirlwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most important [. After enlisting in a revolutionary terrorist organization, the university student Nikolai Apollonovich Ableukhov is entrusted with a highly dangerous mission.

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Petersburg by Andrei Bely

Each symbol ancrei allegory, appearing and reappearing, essentially signposts the reader to something, be it a thought or a theme; or it is there as a descriptive device, a sprig of adjectival color decorating the fabric of the narrative, and one andrel can be relied on for the same purpose again and again.

Today we have something special for you What’s the best version? Views Read Edit View history. He describes the character Apollon Apollonovich, father of Nikolai, in mathematical terms. Paperbackpages.

Andrey Bely: Petersburg

Bloomington, IN iuporder indiana. Yet ultimately this is a very pessimistic portrait of personal and societal evisceration.

It appeared in English in and has stayed in print ever since. The bomb inherently creates tension, first in the reader discovering how it intends to be used and then in the reader wondering who will end up being damaged or killed by it. However, there is some human interest. The novelty of his sonic effects has also been compared to petersbkrg innovative music of Charles Ives. We follow the guilt-tormented revolutionary Nikolai Apollonovich Ableukov, a senator’s son, in his mad walks along the Neva, in his masquerading as a red domino to terrorize his abandoned love, Sofya, in his sub rosa dealings with belt spectors, Dudkin and Lippanchenko.


The shorter version is about pages in the Maguire, the longer is in the Pushkin and in the Penguin, and both have similar size type. Io ne ho visti.

As we would expect from an early modernist work, dissonance alternates regularly with andrel, and the novel is all the more exciting for it. Real darkness and artificial light conspire to make foreign his surroundings.

It is lyrical and it is unreal dare we say it is poetic nonsense? Instead of focusing on the immense task he has agreed to undertake he attends parties and gets himself into the newspaper’s gossip columns with his antics.

The Moving Tide of Abundance: Petersburg by Andrei Bely

View all 28 comments. This was and Nabokov was not the only writer to consider the city enigmatic.

Bely drew his characters from historical models: He came first, and he’s still the best. Vladimir Nabokov was half-right when he cited the top four greatest novelists of the 20th century. Exactly the same happened to the body of Dudkin as he emerged here: The creeping myriapod is terrible.


Here, along the Nevskii, it has been running for centuries. This book is almost perfect and should be read by everyone.

Aleksandr Ivanovich continued to drink cognac. Especially helpful since many of the characters have multiple aliases. Included in a group, in a family, in one’s own thoughts or in the thoughts of another?

View all 6 anxrei. Jun 20, David Lentz rated it really liked it. There are, however, certain symbols that are more prominent than others and some that suggest more obvious interpretations.