Yvette and jody relationship poems

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yvette and jody relationship poems

Yvette and Jody in 'Baby Boy' Movie Couples, Relationship Goals, Movie Tv . Fav movie! via GIPHY Poetic Justice Quotes, 2pac Quotes, Music Quotes, Tupac. Jody, the main character, is in love with his girlfriend, Yvette, who he another baby outside of his relationship, flirt with Yvette's coworkers. Yvette and Jody in 'Baby Boy' Movie Couples, Dior, Fries, Baby quotes from Girl interrupted lisa - Google Search Girl Interrupted Movie, Tv Quotes, Girl Goals, Bae Goals, Good Relationships, Adorable Couples, Cute Relationship Goals.

Why were fitted sheets made without real corners? Most importantly why did Moesha ever go off the air? I was thinking of the movie Baby Boy. A hood classic, no doubt, but every time I watch it, I feel just a bit appalled.

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The movie is very entertaining and I can appreciate its depiction of real life people going through everyday struggles. However, the men and women that went on to somewhat idolize the relationship between the two main characters frighten me. Jody, the main character, is in love with his girlfriend, Yvette, who he also shares a child with.

After Yvette receives advice from her friend, who happens to be in an abusive relationship, she finally gathers the courage to leave Jody. This propels her back into the arms of Jody who then recruits his best friend to help him murder the man.


Of course, Jody and Yvette live happily ever after because they are later seen playing cards in a park. Yvette is pregnant again and wearing an engagement ring. Now, what part of the game is that, ladies?! Jody is a bum! What is this man doing for a living? How is he supporting all these kids he keeps having?

Yvette knew of his cheating but still stuck around in hopes that he would change.

Baby Boy (BET Version)-Jody and Yvette fight full scene

She was the sole breadwinner of the house. He used her car, ate her food, and soaked up the free living arrangements.

yvette and jody relationship poems

Rightfully so, she wanted to be his one and only. In one of the most notable scenes in the movie, Jody hits Yvette after she questions his whereabouts. This scene made me question a lot. A man who truly loves you will not want to ever be attached to anyone else. Jody realizes this towards the end of the movie. Yvette and Jody get married and await the arrival of their new born baby. Baby boy finally grew up.

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl.

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

Hell, I even re-watched them and read all the books. The drunken rich boy with issues who falls in love with a preppy, wise control freak. There was never an easy road to love for the two.

So from jump, shit was a mess. Were Chuck and Blair passionate lovers? But when does passion become unhealthy?

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making of “Baby Boy”

Here is a clip from season four of the show. Chuck could never tell Blair that he loved her.

yvette and jody relationship poems

She belonged to Him. How dare she marry a good man and not continue to play cat and mouse with me? Literally throughout the GG series Chuck and Blair were never on the same page. Chuck and Blair eventually got married and had kids. I mean what the hell happened to reality TV? Everything is so scripted nowadays but on the Jersey Shore it was real and raw. Sam and Ron began their love tryst during season one of the popular reality show.

Starting a relationship in an environment with booze, wild girls, and partying is tempting for any relationship. With that being said, Ron ended up cheating on Sammi at the club one night which caused tensions in the house to run high. But in my opinion, their relationship would have been dramatic whether Ron cheated or not. The fighting between the pair became a normal part of living in the Jersey Shore house.

I actually visited the house once!