Watanuki and yuko relationship help

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watanuki and yuko relationship help

With the exception of these two and Yūko, Watanuki tends to address .. Yuko does agree to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari by giving him an . Kimihiro Watanuki is a fictional character created by the group of manga artists Clamp. He is introduced in the manga xxxHolic as a high school student plagued by his ability to see spirits. In order to lose such powers, Watanuki starts working for the witch Yūko He works with help from Domeki who brings him materials from outside. So I've been curious for awhile now how other's view their relationship. I've always thought their was something more to their relationship other.

This shows that Yuko had met and ate at Kitsune's oden shop a few times. Also, in the anime Kitsune invites Yuko and Watanuki to a small feast at his oden stand. Yuko and Watanuki go, inviting Himawari and Shizuka also.

During the feast, Watanuki and his friends stray from the oden shop a bit to look at the stars and talk while Yuko stays and converses with Kitsune. Sprite Cat Akari Akarai once jumped out of a picture when Watanuki was cleaning and when Yuko sees her, she talks to her like good friends.

Akari even said that she traveled a lot but in her opinion, Yuko was the best hostess. The two are good friends and they have sake together. Yuko then tells Akari that it is a shame that they only get to see each other once every year, and Akari agrees.

Every year, Akari gives Yuko a type of seed where "the best sake" in Yuko's opinion is collected. This is also an invitation to the Monster Procession.

He was then sent to Clow Country and met Princess Tsubasa. He then realized that the princess was marked by a seal of death and made a vow to protect or remove the princess' seal of death. He made a wish to return to Clow Country to fulfill his promise, with a payment of him unable to meet his parents ever again.

You can't get more or give more. You can't get less or give less. It must be in balance, or else there will be chaos.

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A need to be conscious of it, and if a person does not want to get rid of it, then it cannot be rid of. No matter how close your blood relationship is…no matter what your relationship may be…anyone other than you is not you!

And so you have to think it over and decide for yourself! It may cause hardships to others…but you want it. No one could succeed that way! With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? But the opposite way…there are risks there, too, of course.

Other than being related by blood, is there any other relation? Aside from yourself, everyone else will always be other people. It doesn't matter whether it's living or not. Once you have given something a name, you have embodied it with that same amount of power. To do only what the masses do? What is the benefit of that? And what is the problem with adopting a custom that is abnormal if it has no negative effect on the world at large?

watanuki and yuko relationship help

Trivia Her true name is not yet revealed. She had a past relationship with Clow Reed. She is the one Fei Wang Reed wanted to revive completely to prove he was superior to Clow Reed who could only freeze her time, eventually causing the events of both xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa.

She has a specific outfit that she always wears whenever she shows up in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

watanuki and yuko relationship help

In Horitsuba Gakuen, she is a chairwoman and a Literature teacher who always climbs through the window. She has the longest hair in the whole series. Yuko is an alcoholic. This however, is pretty obvious as she is most of the time seen drinking wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages. The most is that she is seen drinking sake with fish as she called it really delicious. Interestingly, all of Yuko's customers in the story are all female - with the exception of the old man that received the cage filled with "Illusion Birds", birds that can only be seen its shadow in the full moon.

Watanuki and Doumeki are not included as they are employee and friend respectively. Yuko is hardly seen wearing the same outfit all the time, since she only wear them once she never wears the same outfits twice, except for the black dress that she used to sent the Tsubasa gang to another dimensions which she is seen in anytime there's a plot point related to Tsubasa, and a kimono with butterfly wings attached to the obi that is seen mostly in Watanuki's dreams.

Her real eye colour is not known as she changes it most of the time to fit with her outfits. However, the most consistently used color for her eyes is a wine red.

Her recurring theme is the butterfly. Almost all of her outfits have a butterfly design to it. This was later corrected by Yuko, who mentions that when "Syaoran" battled the Clone in Tokyo, he sensed it.

He is revealed to be "Syaoran's" alternate existence. He was born when Syaoran made his wish of rewinding time, in order to fill his void left to his parents. This is also explained in xxxHOLiC Fei Wong told him at the time of his creation, that his existence would cause pain to his parents, since he's a being not originally meant to exist. He's also told him that his existence was a distortion which would "bring misery to those around him", as Yuko covers his ears and "Syaoran" pleads to him, "Don't disappear" while he's taken away by Fei Wong.

Just like the true nature that surrounds him, his parents are covered in mystery. Nothing was known about them, except that they had died in an "accident".

It was implied that they died trying to protect him, but it was later corrected by the same Old Lady when she spoke to Yuuko, telling her that they had just moved to another world and that they would definitely wait for their sons to come back to them. Watanuki makes another appearance in the Clow's Future arc, when "Syaoran"'s parents are freed from Yuko's tube, and seems to recognize them a bit. She states that, once she's gone she'll finally be able to grant him his wish.

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Watanuki still wishes to grant her wish, but she tells him that her wish is simply for him to keep on living. They agree to stay only friends, and she chooses to stay away as often as possible, only visiting the shop on rare occasions. In order to make her feel better, Watanuki gives her Tanpopo, a small yellow bird that is immune to her bad luck curse. The bird was born from an egg received from Yuuko, who wanted to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari.

It is also hinted that in the end, Himawari actually falls in love with him, but marries some unknown businessman instead.

Kimihiro Watanuki

They remain good friends and she visits the shop once a year. Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuuko Ichihara At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously more powerful than him.

Because Yuuko seemed very childish and immature, he did not genuinely care about her and thought of her only as someone who was selfish and got him into trouble. However, as the story progresses, Watanuki matures and as he slowly reaches adulthood, his relationship with Yuuko becomes more serious. He starts seeing through her mask of immaturity and cheerfulness and realizes that she is more than a powerful and bored witch who owns a shop for granting wishes.

He slowly starts confiding in her and talking to her about serious topics. By the end of the anime, Yuuko and Watanuki become true friends, deeply caring for each other, even though Yuuko's role was more of a caretaker and guardian than romantic partner. By the time Yuuko dies, they already share a deep and understanding bond that is quite ambiguous to most fans. Even though it becomes obvious that they love each other, it is not explicitly shown whether it is the love of two friends or that of lovers.